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August 2007
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Archive for August 4th, 2007


News paper report can be a good open lead to an even bigger story.
“Mayor in error” in Van Sun Aug.2, 2007 on page B2 is one of them.

If true, then Corrigan will be in hot water from now on.
And election next year will not be kind to him.
And the statement was done by his city department head.

It all started from his statement at oil pipe spill site.
He was too fast to point to a conclusion.
And he is a very seasoned politician.
That was out of character.

What concerns me now is.
What if city truly was at fault?
The proud city treasure will face a huge blow.
The loss can be deadly.

And no one will be accounted for.
Our system is very good to bad guys.
You can tell by the report on Aug.1, 2007 Van Sun page B5.

“Costs worry politicians” it said.
And contingency fund will come handy.
You see, they are covered.
Taxpayers always pick up the tab.

My thought is.
What if we can come up with accountability measures?
It will be time worth spending.
And next year’s election will be moment of truth.


When I was in Beijing, I read a good article.
The writer is a columnist contracted by Beijing Olympics.
He wrote how Sidney facilities are field of body high weeds now.
And Athens is tearing off field metal to sell off as scraps.
He saw them in person.

His conclusion is.
It is urgent to make sure Beijing will not have the same fate.

He is happy with the Beijing new buildings.
They are world famous now.
And the use afterward will be so multi-purposed.
The city’s population is another plus.
That, in his opinion, is insurance with lasting value after the game.

And China’s economy helps.
They can afford it.
And the city has a new look.

At least, they can call it a big national publicity expense.
And remember.
They do put death to those corrupted ones.

Now back in BC, it is public knowledge that cost are up.
It is at a point.
There is not much we can do.

But we are not at total loss.
Luckily time on accountability is still here.
It is up to us to set up and make sure.
They will pay for the wrong at end.

Security cost is a black hole.
Whatever the number is a lie.
But, even without transparency, we can enable us to get them after event.
Justice has to be done.

We have municipal election in 08.
And provincial is in 09.
Federal will be there in between.

Voters will have to be their best ever this time.
Or we will live in debt for long time to come.