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August 2007
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Ok, it is an election-oriented reshuffle.
But to put MacKay to defense is not really smart.
I do believe Emerson as a good business man can be a better choice.
And he already set the tone and direction at Trade.
He can make a difference in defense.
At least to be self sufficiency in new century is vital.
Symbolic appointment here is a waste.


My son wants to go out with friends on weekend night.
They call it clubbing.
At 22, he still minds my opinion.
Gang war, police shooting and aggressive panhandler are my concern.
And we will have Olympics.
I just told him.
Economy is bad in last two days.
We seem are heading to a cross road.
To play it safe and to save the money is my suggestion.
And with trash piling up, rats and other things concern me too.


Debit card is not safe again.
Do we have to buy insurance to safeguard our bank account too?
That will be incredible.
Government and banks are not helping.
Are they lazy?
Or the crook is too smart?
But we want to know.
Where the bucks stop?


August stars are volatile.
Stock market and earthquake are all destructive.
Fire and flood are plenty to go around.
It is important.
We have to remember.
The ring of fire is right outside our BC seashore.
A sense of emergency is necessary.
It is better prepared rather than sorry later.
Government needs to set priority.
Hope they are all back from summer vacation.


It really is a cover-up job.
The truth is.
China never put a gun on any buyer’s head.
Wasn’t buyer supposed to have own QC process?
And isn’t our government custom officer ought to safeguard us with rules and regulations?
Cheap never is quality.
We have to ask.
Who looked the other way?
And a factory owner committed suicide.
He let the death to say he is sorry.
He even paid all workers in full before hand.
No wonder one worker told the press.
He will work for the man again even in next life.


Lifeguard says.
I watch the pool not the people.


How time changes.
So is people’s perception.

In my younger day, American at end regretted the boycott of Moscow Olympics.
American athletes were the biggest losers.
So were the American sport lovers.

I was there.
The pain and agony were deep and real.
Now we are looking at it again.
This time, it is Beijing.

I can’t help but to think.
There you go again.
What we see now is a gesture.
15 minutes fame is all there is.
Didn’t we keep insisting to keep politics out of sport?

Our local Canadian citizens’ display at Great Wall is another example.
It is good they are back safe.
But one can not help but to think the demonstrating nanny with Campbell’s office.

She gets jail time as result.
And our young are back claiming success on calculated risk.
It sounds like.
It is ok to violate law in other country but not here.
And yes, it is the law.

Senior was beaten and rubbed in local church.
And the face is on video.
Where are those courageous young people now?
You don’t have to fly so far away to do the right thing.
Or it is dangerous to be courageous at home?

87 years old was attacked on public bus.
Bus driver and passengers ran after the 40 years old.
The person was sent to police.
Guess what?
Police released him claiming lack of evidence.

And gang style execution had 2 killed and 6 injured.
“Police race to head off gang war.”
Front page says
And police is trying to ease “any tensions out there”.
That does not sound like things are under control.

Now we know “CSIS suspected what US had in store for Arar”.
And elected officials were kept in the dark.
That is the best example of government corruption of absolute power.

We are in serious trouble if situation still exists.
Let’s hope not.
But it is important to make sure.
Drastic measure must be in place on accountability and consequences now.
Olympic has to be the one.

It will put us to shame if we can’t.
That is if comparing to a recent story of US military decision.
The general loses a star and amount of retirement pension.
The reason is his bad leadership in a US hero’s “friendly fire” death.
That is accountability and consequences.

Strangely there is no demonstration on our Canadian soldier’s death by American’s friendly fire.
Oh, yes, I forgot.
May be the US wrath can be immediate and dangerous.
Or we simply don’t give a damn.

Ok, enough being negative, let’s get constructive.
That is to pay attention to our own Olympics.
Again, we must have real accountability and consequence.
And this is not Olympic politics.

We notice.
Some top guys recently left VANOC office.
But it is never clear if any was due to wrong doing.

It is to our interest to set the condition now.
That is.
Law definitely will be in full force at any time if there was any wrong doing.
Or we will never get anyone if there was wrong doing.

Money is too big for not having tight control now.
If we leave any loose end, debt will be deadly.
And debts will kill the region’s future.

2009 provincial election will be critical.
Buck must stop there.
That will be election first priority.

Then we have to demand on our law enforcement.
If incompetent with pity crimes, then safety of the city is a joke.
And they have to be in control of the gang situation.
A total clean up is a must.
And each city has to stand up to be counted.
If not, we are no where to deal with the terrorist.
All criminals will be in heaven here.

And there is VANOC organization.
They ought to be the best of all professionals.
But so far public perception is not on their side.
Their action doesn’t reflect their professionalism.

Good professional creatively puts action in motion.
The goal is to get calculated public reaction.
Once it is done.
Press as public affair animal will eagerly follow up.
There is no need for public response budget.

The budget can be a sign of too much money on hand.
They have to be sent around to all connected interest for digestion.
Or worse, it is a situation of amateur playing in big league.

Remember the famous words of movie “God Father”.
That is.
I make a deal you can’t refuse.
That, in a way, is a real professional mark in real world.


US still are the one to watch.
No doubt, Bush’s war is damaging.
But everyone is seeing 2008 as turning point.

Republic candidates just had their debate.
Unfortunately not much sparks occurred.
Luckily, poll says.
American public still have more confidence in them with national security.

Candidates except one still emphasize the importance of winning the war.
But they fail to distinguish the war against Islamic extreme from Muslins.
They have to do better than that. 
And they need to show how.

Democrats did a good job on CNN debate.
The host was the difference.
Public did have better chance to look at candidates.

Hillary apparently benefited the most.
And Obama’s ambition was in the mix of vanity.
It is not good to emphasize change at all cost.

He is too smart for his own good.
His judgment and decision on nuclear weapon can’t balance with what is at stake.
Seasoned voters can’t be comfortable with his approach.

If he continues the route, then Edwards will be a better choice as running mate.
Taking inspiration and change to the extreme can be dangerous.
Reality and practicality are not felt in him.

Democrats are clueless with the war too.
Hillary made demand on military’s plan to get out.
That tips us off.
She doesn’t have one either.

It rings the old memories in my heart.
Past records already told us the outcome.
Again, US will let down many believing in them in Iraq.
I saw that in my parents’ generation leaving Mainland China and later in Taiwan.
And Vietnam was another perfect example.
It is Iraq’s turn now.
Die-hard loyal and faithful to US policy never pay.

Simply put.
US no longer can afford the kind power and control like the past.
And it was by gone glory.
History proves it as real as can be.
And Iraq conflict will be a curse to US for years to come.

And domestically, New Olean is not recovering.
Now a falling bridge shows.
The country is old now.
And more troubles will follow for sure.

One can not help but to think.
US need help on many domestic fronts.
And new Congress with Democratic leading is not helping.
Public see the moral corruptions the same.
Pork barrel mentality said it all.
Still, US will have to elect a new leader next year.
Americans must make a choice.
On this account, we have to appreciate the “Meet the Press” on TV.
They do provide the comparisons with past great leaders.
That is truly educational to any voter in any country.
In that spirit, American can still be great in a new way.
I have my expectation.

Back in Canada, Russian’s claim in Artic is top on the list.
This is not Afghanistan.
A real determination and national unity are needed.
It is time for us to see what Canadians are made of.

And speak of Afghan.
It is depressing to read such news.
Afghan grow opium is in Canada market.
Our military may be totally clean in the deal.
But they have to be incompetent to let this happen under their nose.

Globally, weather is really taking control of our life.
Fire and flood are at extreme.
People really suffer.
So, global warming is real.
But we still are verbal only.

Here is a perfect example.
Burnaby is strong on ecology and environment.
But now I am having doubt.

A lot at Gilmore and Canada Way just chopped all trees there.
And they are big ones.
It took years to grow them big.
But now they are just pieces of log being taken away.

Are we truly environmental and ecological?
If so, then why didn’t we have rules to request the re-location of those trees?
I am saying this because of my experience in my younger days.

We did make cutting a tree without permit a crime in California.
I was only a student visitor then.
We made sure you are not allowed to cut the tree.
You can only re-locate.

What I saw in Burnaby disappointed me.
I have to wonder.
Are people in city hall aware of the difference?
Or, they are indifferent because they are on the job too long.
They no longer can see the changes needed as time goes by.

And here is another.
People in city management position told me.
He considers it immoral to peek through his window blinds to observe his staff.
He is a gentle man.

But that is what bothers me.
I have to think.
Isn’t it his job to make sure everyone is doing the job?
Even by spying, it is his responsibility.

On this account, I consider his moral principle crippling his job obligation.
And this is the kind city hall we are having.
It is cover-up without knowing.

Election will be in next year.
Voters will have a chance to decide if change is necessary.

Then, there is this new and Chinese oriented political party.
So far, tons of negative attacks were in the open.
That really bothered me.

Isn’t Canada constantly crying tolerance?
And are we told we are entitled to our opinion?
After all, government approved the registration.
So, they are legal by law, isn’t it?

I often wonder.
Why no one ever stood up to Hell’s Angels?
Fear of a tougher target?

This group may be inconsiderate in doing so.
But don’t they have the right to make a mistake at their first democratic try?.
We don’t have to join or support them.
Isn’t to leave them alone the civilized way here?

Chinese in mainstream party pointedly attacked them.
Party line politics is obvious.
What humanity that is.
Or really, a friendly educational reminder is better than the abuse.
I can’t help but to think.
It is fear of losing voter base.
Sad it has to be by such mind and experience.
Sharp tone proves he is corrupted by power already.

And there is the issue like law enforcer breaking the law.
It is such arrogance and bad taste.
And I had to be the witness of it when lecturing my son to obey the law.
That was a RCMP car.
I remember the plate number.
It made a no left turn on Willingdon at 3:15 pm.


News paper report can be a good open lead to an even bigger story.
“Mayor in error” in Van Sun Aug.2, 2007 on page B2 is one of them.

If true, then Corrigan will be in hot water from now on.
And election next year will not be kind to him.
And the statement was done by his city department head.

It all started from his statement at oil pipe spill site.
He was too fast to point to a conclusion.
And he is a very seasoned politician.
That was out of character.

What concerns me now is.
What if city truly was at fault?
The proud city treasure will face a huge blow.
The loss can be deadly.

And no one will be accounted for.
Our system is very good to bad guys.
You can tell by the report on Aug.1, 2007 Van Sun page B5.

“Costs worry politicians” it said.
And contingency fund will come handy.
You see, they are covered.
Taxpayers always pick up the tab.

My thought is.
What if we can come up with accountability measures?
It will be time worth spending.
And next year’s election will be moment of truth.


When I was in Beijing, I read a good article.
The writer is a columnist contracted by Beijing Olympics.
He wrote how Sidney facilities are field of body high weeds now.
And Athens is tearing off field metal to sell off as scraps.
He saw them in person.

His conclusion is.
It is urgent to make sure Beijing will not have the same fate.

He is happy with the Beijing new buildings.
They are world famous now.
And the use afterward will be so multi-purposed.
The city’s population is another plus.
That, in his opinion, is insurance with lasting value after the game.

And China’s economy helps.
They can afford it.
And the city has a new look.

At least, they can call it a big national publicity expense.
And remember.
They do put death to those corrupted ones.

Now back in BC, it is public knowledge that cost are up.
It is at a point.
There is not much we can do.

But we are not at total loss.
Luckily time on accountability is still here.
It is up to us to set up and make sure.
They will pay for the wrong at end.

Security cost is a black hole.
Whatever the number is a lie.
But, even without transparency, we can enable us to get them after event.
Justice has to be done.

We have municipal election in 08.
And provincial is in 09.
Federal will be there in between.

Voters will have to be their best ever this time.
Or we will live in debt for long time to come.