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August 2007
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It was a very good one.
Party line distinguished the moment.
Transportation was the topic.
Councilman Rankin made us believe city was boycotting the province.
Councilman Volkow responded with heart and soul.
He, for the first time, impressed me.
But it was the Mayor gave the best closing.
I was convinced mass transit is better than highway.
My Taipei transit experience has much to do with the conclusion.

But after a night’s sleep, I suddenly realize.
This is a different situation.
The key is population.
Taipei has the number and density.
Mass transportation saves.
But we are too big in Greater Van.

We are not New York not even LA.
One is big apple.
And the other is land of opportunity.
Both are not on the livable city list.

But people can’t wait to get there.
Same can be said on businessmen rushing to China.
That is where you have chance to be the best.

Still, I have to say.
Thank you, Mayor Corrigan.
You did make a clear picture to us.
The provincial government is not transparent.
And they are not accountable.

But it also shows.
We do need independent voice more than ever.
Council Bagin missed his golden opportunity.

He certainly is not the voice for people voted him in.
And he is not anchoring any independent quality.
What a waste it is for the seat.

Oh, by the way, Steve Nash did a great job to be interviewed by Charlie Rose.
He truly is making us proud.

And it is Chinese Halloween month now.
It is not fun and game.
It truly is holiday for all dead.


This was an early morning.
I finally decided to go to Burnaby library.
The goal was to look up those older persons exercise there.

I was shocked to see legs stick out at edge of library building.
A second look, then I realized people sleeping there.
The scene stays in my mind.

And it bothers me for days.
First, it was so out of place.
Second, does city knows about it?
Third, why nothing was done either way?

The irony is.
Police station is just cross the street.

I am frequent customer at Station Square Save on Food.
Monday to Friday I ate at MacDonald about 7:15 am.
Since I read there until 8:30 am, I got to see drifters came in.
I saw them so often.
Naturally I remember their faces.

Recently I see more fresh faces.
And by my observation, they are forming groups.
They look more aggressive with plans.
Before, they could sit quietly waiting for hand out.
Now they are added with youth and mobility.
In a way, they look organized now.

From my observation, they are casing people passing by.
Their faces are more alive than ever.
I can’t help but think they have plans in their head.

In the afternoon, often you can see them at table outside the A&W in the Square.
They were counting loaded grocery.
That certainly was a large quantity.
And the wicked smile on the face bothered me.

Weather is chilling down.
Their life style will need to change.
But I don’t see much option for them.
And bad decision by them will be headache to us all.

Preventative measure is in my mind.
But I will wait to see if paid government people will step up.
I hope they will soon.


It is a good human quality.
I like it and proud to be full of it.
Unfortunately, many see it as weakness.
It is too bad.
To be inhuman is fashionable.
No wonder society reflected the sad results.

Two of my son’s co-workers were laid off last Friday.
Another one was rid of a week ago.
The 4 are very close with each other.

The reason for the leaving is.
They talked too much on the job.
And they seemed not quite following orders.
Even they did produced quality products with speed.

The truth is.
It is the inexperience of the new man bored the young.
It all started with this new supervisor.

The man came into the job related with one of the management.
They worked together before.
He has no experience of items in production in this company.
Yet he is replacing the most experienced supervisor on the job.

The reason he left his last job was.
The company is no longer in business.
And in his new job, to bring in his former workers seems to be his priority.

Many feel.
The former supervisor is definitely more knowledgeable on all things.
That is why.
True respect to new man’s ability is a hard sale.

But that is not his concern.
To find way to get his people in is the priority.
So, you don’t kiss ass, you go.

The first one to go had a big fall out with new supervisor.
He was fired then later ended up to let go.
Now new sup succeeded to let go two others.
That is 3 safe spots for his people.
And he let out the word hinting my son is next.

My son was very emotional in tear when the two were let go.
He feels they are more experienced than him.
In fact, he asked my opinion in talking to company to switch place.
How admirable is the young.

I told him.
I t would make no difference.
The real target is the former supervisor.
That guy is too capable.
In fact, he is a threat.

A friend suggested.
The team spirit at work place is finished.
It is a nasty power maneuver.
But it is legal.

The company allows this to happen will not have long to prosper.
With new workers’ production quality, they probably will finish this place like their former one soon.
And my son ought to consider him lucky to leave soon.

The owner sold his share for cash.
His heart no longer is with his creation.
That is understandable for his near retired mentality.
And any loss will not affect him at all.

My son can take his time.
Just make sure he put in honest work each day.
He can’t quit, not now like this.

My son asks me if I think him weak.
I said no way.
In fact I am proud he has the human quality and decency.
That is what to make the real world more livable and worthy.
Then call us sentimental fool and be it.
















I read a lot every day.
If not, I feel lost.

USA Today, Global Mail, Van Sun, Province and 3 local Chinese newspapers were my minimum daily.
That was quite a bit in cost.
Some noticed.
Kindly they told me why not go to library.

But they didn’t know.
I like to read my paper fresh.
So I hate to share.
And I have a habit for record keeping.
That means cutting the page.
I can’t do that in the library.

When I first came to Burnaby, I was uncomfortable to see certain things.
Some people sneaked paper to the back row to read.
They did put it back.
They were some older Chinese.
That was 10 years ago.
I could tell.
Money was tight.
I didn’t like it but understood.

I always read my paper while having early breakfast.
Very often, I ripped the part I wanted to keep.
Some older people tried to stop me.
They thought I was damaging restaurant’s paper.
They were embarrassed when learned it was my paid paper.

How time flies.
I am older guy now.
I learn the important of saving.

To cut cost, I now breakfast at Station Sq. Save on Food.
There I can read Van Sun and Province provided by breakfast chain.  .
Then later, I will buy the rest Chinese ones to read at pool.

USA Today and all others are on line only now.
Computer world really help.
It is good saving both on food and papers.

Maybe it is too much time on hand.
I start notice the behavior of many regulars there.
The well-off people steal too.

For last few months, I saw the suited guy with all financial papers.
The way he was messing with financial papers gave me the impression he would pay for them later.
How wrong I was.
And he never did.

Sometime he took them with him.
It took me a week to be sure he never went to casher counter.

Then, by accident, I realize two other regular Chinese are not buying the paper either.
They are there at 7 am.
Store was under-staffed then.
They took Chinese paper to read with breakfast.
And no one realize they never paid it.
Half the time, they took paper back to rack.

But there were times.
I saw them went back to pick up fresh ones and then left with new one without paying.

Really, they definitely can afford it.
But they acted so nature.
One gets the impression they already paid.

Really, that was stealing.
But Save on Food acted as if they could care less.
No wonder homeless “raided” other things right in front of my eyes.
How encouraging.

I learn their professions last week.
I am mad.
I can’t keep my silence anymore.

They are shop owners or working at high priced shop.
What if people are “taking” things in their establishments?
I am sure they would call police.

I can’t help but to think.
We need a moral shake-up at least in Burnaby.


Japan just reported with a gang war.
People are shocked there.
And Italian mob executed 6 people in Germany.
We have our own shooting and death in Great Vancouver.
It seems kills are going global.
They can’t be related.
So it has to be something in the air.
Or the greed and profit are in all time high.
Yes, it is a US $30 billion dollars business.
And that brought out the worst in human nature.
We better watch out here.
The Olympic in 2010 is spending big money.
That is a huge incentive for anything.
Let’s hope law enforcement can meet the challenge.   


I was glad to see the old movie “Judgment in Nuremburg” again.
It was my high school year movie.
And it opened my eyes in reality in life.
I learned to seek the truth in life.
But last night, the line of Tracy at end got to me again.
He commented that the young lawyer was so good to demonstrate the use of logic.
He even admitted that by logic war criminals would be out in 5 years.
But then he said.
Logic didn’t make it right.
Now 50 years later, I have to say.
How right it is.


I know I am late to honor this day.
It ought to be on 15th.
But like the saying goes, it is better late than never.
And this is a big 60th anniversary.
Our local paper unfortunately was more focused on Pakistan.
Both really are on same day.
What united India?
That is the topic of India Today magazine.

The magazine printed.
Unity in diversity and co-existence is the spirit.
There is shared sense of identity.
Tolerance is in the card too.
And there is culture.

Yes, being in Canada over 10 years now, I learn to appreciate that more than ever.
So, congratulation is due to both countries.
And I wish the spirit of message can be felt in Taiwan.


Yes, we all love our country.
But as age maturing us, we don’t have to believe government.
It is best to define country from government.
Never let politician’s interpretation to blind us.
History is written with the instruction of politician in power.
We have no choice but to remind ourselves.
Objective with background and content is the key.
We refuse to believe in history with eyes close.
Being civilized and claiming to be are two different things.
Bush’s obsession of democratic Iraq is a good example.
The process can hardly call civilized.
Barbaric and stupid are well-mixed with oil and greedy.


It is best to manage with wisdom.
And let the compassion show in all human relations.