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July 2007
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They are in their 30.
And they are estimated at 300,000,000.
In last 3 years, they are blessed with economical power increase at 34%.
Politics is the last thing in their mind.
This is the current cover report of Times in Asia.

To maintain the present “state” is their best interest.
Change is not welcomed.
So, ironically, West had hoped.
With economical success, demand of democratic freedom will follow.
It is not happening.
They become the strongest supporters to current political structure.

To fast thinking businessmen, that is a prime consumer market.
To find right products to their liking is the top priority.
Japan and Korea are fast on them with trendy culture products.
And they are establishing good foothold.
Canada has to catch up now.

At same time, the world is paying close attention on China’s international investment.
They are blessed and cursed with big cash flow of US $1,400,000,000,000 in foreign reserve.
To best making use of them is expectation and worry to the rest of world.
Some jokes.
China is like an elephant in glassware store.
Each and every move can be a disaster or good fortune to so many.

The investment in Blackstone followed with change hand of Hilton.
And US $3 billion to Barclay enables the competition of control of ABN Ambro.
You can bet there will be more to follow.

Too bad, Harper does not think it important.
And BC Business Council is still hard with Japan interest.
They both ignore the first come first serve rule.


$770,000 US dollars was hauled from a lady passenger’s suitcase at Montreal airport.
She violated the $10,000 limit declaring rule.
Will it stick?
That is the question.

On equal right, this lady may apply on human right violation too.
If drug smuggler can claim the right, why can’t she?  


Strike is here again.
Many express the negative with Vancouver Mayor.
But I can’t help but to think.
The union is mob like.

How dare the union leader accuse the good volunteers to clean up the beach?
Don’t I have the right to clean up the street in front of my place?
Is that really interfering with the strike?

Where is our basic social value?
Isn’t that what we call common decency?
Where is the proud Canadian tolerance now?

The clean up after the firework shows the love of the city.
Don’t we want more of that for 2010?
In fact, citation is in order.

Yet, “a deal you can’t refuse” mentality is all there to see.
If that is the face of civil servant, then sin city it is.

Yes, strike is a “right”.
But Niels Veldhuis and Keith Godin wrote nicely in Vancouver Sun.
You can’t have both right to strike and monopoly of work.

And Alex G. Tsakumis’ article in 24 stated it as brinkmanship again.
That is border line close to black mail to me.
Sadly, Ian King on the same paper was still on lesser of two evils.

Reality is average people suffer.
Thank god I am in Burnaby.


Away one and half month, I need time to feel comfortable.
And there are so many things need addressing.
I do need time to digest.

First, I think we are lucky in Burnaby.
There was no drop of lighted match on spilled oil.
That would be worse than ecological disaster.

And I can’t help but to worry.
This can be a terrorist opportunity in the future.
The oil pipelines under us can be a time bomb.

The pipelines built in 1953.
Maybe all houses came later.
Then, I am wondering.
Were those house owners informed of the situation at transaction?

Strange to me, city hall had to ask map.
On principle, city hall ought to be the authority of accurate information.
They run the city.

Mayor was fast at scene.
And he quickly made the point on wrong map.
That didn’t sound like a seasoned politician.

Then we learn.
It is a job contracted out by city hall.

Paper says.
It is federal responsibility to manage the pipeline and clean up the water.
Provincial government is responsible for land clean up.
Does this mean city hall is not even in the knowledge of those things?

No wonder editorial warned public not to rush to judgment.
Due process is in play again.
That means.
Justice and full knowledge will be mudding in years.


The law in Canada is in danger to be viewed as jokes.
The spirit of law universally is to serve justice with logic and clarity.
But so many headlines in the news recently tell us otherwise.
Law is at the lowest point in public regard.

Drug smuggler caught at border went free.
And border officers were at wrong for violating the smuggler’s right.
But editorial in the paper detailed out the record of the ruling judge.
It completely destroys our common sense of right and wrong.

A judge with such record still function mightily in our system is beyond belief.
Law is working for the bad guys.
One has to wonder.
Where is her compassion for victims?

Editorial in another paper says.
People are in fear of crime.
There is no protection from the law.
Helpless is best to describe the situation.
Imagine this is editorial speaking.

The sad part is.
After reading paper, all readers clearly see the right and wrong.
Yet all just say.
There is nothing can be done.
And all quote.
It is the law.

Yes, I fully understand why.
We all need our last chance in justice.
Law is there as the last stand to give fairness to us all.
One day I may be the one to be benefited.

But I wish not if I will be at wrong.
That is my view of human decency.
And there is no way for law to encourage wrong doing.
And law is there to serve us the people for the better of humanity.

But now it seems.
The reality is something else.
The law is a technical tool to be played with.
Many times it serves the evil better.

And I can’t understand why we are not seeking solutions.
I am a basketball fan.
There is a rule called double fouls.
Why can’t our system consider the same rule?

That is.
The drug smuggler ought to be punished precisely for his crime.
And law enforcement receives the same if they break the law.

But that is where the iron stands out.
The fact by the editorial is.
Actually the border guards were doing the country a great service.
And they get punished by doing their job.
We must ask.
Where is the justice here?

How do you like the Vision Vancouver’s donation claim?
What vision it is.
The reality is the true party interest in hard cash.

Here is another perfect example of Canadian mentality.
Decent management head refuses to “peek in” on the action of staff.
That is not honorable to him.

But the truth is.
He is paid to get job done.
The honor mentality in changing environment became the cover for many undesirable situations.
Is that what the system is for?

I think not.
So, it is up to us to face the new reality and evolve with it.
Please wake up.











Party line at the worst is to divide the community.
But what I see in Taiwan is country dividing.
Hate politics is reaching all time high.

And it is more like a democratic civil war now.
No one can rule effectively after such extreme.
And I do hear some saying.
Maybe a Communist China take over is a solution.
If this keeps up, island may end in two divided enemy war states.

This is sad in the name of national interest by any mean.
And I am here trying to help.
But that is wishful thinking.
I am already branded.
Not born in Taiwan is my birth sin.

Human smart is played to the extreme here.
Moral decency is totally disfigured by suspicion.
Even I am losing objectivity.
I have to see all things in conspiracy.
Or I will suffer the consequence as a total fool.

Frankly, I don’t mind to be a fool.
But that will only make things worse.
That is the reality here.

We can’t allow this first ever Chinese democratic society to end up in smoke.
This is not what Taiwan stands for.
And it will give China more reason not to go democratic.

The Canadian inclusive spirit has new twist here.
It covers for to win at all cost.
It is so clear to me.
In defeat, all hell will turn loose.

So, the game is like this.
It is important to define you as criminal.
But pardon after winning will show tolerance.
And the crime is what past generation might or had done.

I see all these.
I consider myself lucky.
Burnaby is not this crazy.
And I hope it will never be.


My vote will make a difference.
I have to believe that.
2008 will be so political.
It will be to me both in Taiwan and Canada.

In Taiwan, I will skip the Parliament election.
That will be in January.
But I will vote in March 21, 2008.
That is to vote a new President.
And my vote is set for the Opposition candidate Ma.
However, I do not rule out the option if the other side proving other wise.
But that is unlikely now.

Back to Canada, municipal election will be in November.
Many ask me if I will run.
Frankly I don’t know right now but can’t wait to vote for change.

I can see there will be many new candidates this time.
But they all are party bounded.
And I really had it with party lines.

I have learned hard and true.
You can be with greater ideas for the city.
But if you are not party bound, you don’t exist.
And 21 years by one party, that is too long.
The dominating power is the reason why the city has neglecting any voice outside party.

I never could understand.
Why couldn’t Corrigan listen to me to connect with Asia Pacific in 2002?
Now it is clear.
Party line is the reason.
Honestly, Burnaby is city of all citizens.
It is a pity to be divided by party line.

Power creates arrogance.
This city hall is getting there.
Yes, it is more polished in press statement.
Practice makes them better.
So is the arrogance.

Burnaby has to be inclusive in real spirit.
At the current level, that is impossible.
The power structure is not with the time.

I do not feel the urge to declare my candidacy.
But I certainly like to clarify my position.
That is how to define Burnaby?
And where is Burnaby heading?

I can give a hint.
Burnaby needs a role in 2010.
And Burnaby must position positively in this Asia Pacific age.
And there is the future of our young.
Their education, job and affordable housing need addressed.

And last, we have to face up to the community safety issue.
I have cried wolf on the subject since 2002 as a victim.
And I can see it getting worse.
It is not a comforting thought when my age is pushing 65.  

More Chinese immigrants are in the community.
They do create some tension.
But that is not their fault.
Let’s just ask what government has done.
If they don’t qualify, then who gave them visa to get here?
That really defines the responsibility.

It is a fact they are here already.
It is up to us to mend and make them feel at home here.
And we have to let them realize how to be welcomed.
We owe that much to each other.  $


Macau real estate tycoons are visiting Taiwan.
They are here to size up the market.
Cheap is all they can say.
And they can’t wait for China to be able to come over officially.
They are looking at10 times of current market price.
They base the estimate on current Macau development in relation to China.

Tonight we will see 300,000 people at the north beach music festival.
And the south can claim at least 150,000.
This is going to be a unforgettable weekend.

In Taipei, the Sky Rail is a rip-off.
You can look at $5,000 per family of four per trip.
The noodle soup is at $350 when in the city is $80-120.
Coffee is $120 comparing to $35-100.
Still you don’t doubt the plus side of the trip.
It is better to go up there at much later time.

And in politics, we are looking at a totally new scenario.
I like the idea that Opposition no longer look back to past glory.
Not only it is starting with new mentality, but there is new strategy.
That is to see people as they really are.
It is a society by generation gap.
Where you come from is not valid anymore.
It is a totally new ball game.

The President may end as the best assistant for Opposition.
Remember the former President Lee.
We have a chance to see a repeat of what did happened.
Life can play us for a fool.
The worst enemy may be next to you as friend. 


Yes, my childhood dream is coming true.
We finally can view the whole city on sky cable.
This Sky Rail topped the news in last three days.
Like the Speed Rail through the island, it gets rocky start.
But it is a giant step.
Just get it done is the best there is.
Hooray for that.

But it is a shame that reading from paper today.
The rules and regulations will not come out until October.
Is that legal?
Maybe law still is not the top priority here.