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May 2007
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It was odd.
City council made comment on event clean up.

Last night’s meeting made big thing out of garbage after event.
Those wise men spoke in code.
Could it be party confrontation?
Hope not.

Simply put.
It is user pays.

The event organizer has to pick up the cost.
If not, then there is hidden agenda.
Maybe that would be the reason for the questioning.


I am glad to see Mayor Corrigan is hitting the road to China and Taiwan.
And I did wish him just that in 2002.
That was after I lost my independent council try.

I made so many attempts to see him.
His secretary kept changing them.
At end I was suggested to see a council instead.

Apparently Asia Pacific was no big deal to them then.
I just took my trip to Beijing and Taipei on my own.

5 years has gone.
It is better late than never.
But one has to think what 5 years could do.

They will go to Shanghai and other satellite cities.
Then they will go to Taiwan.
Paper says it will be 10 days trip.

Burnaby is officially touch-down in Asia.
In 2005, Asia Pacific Cities Summit was in China. 
I went as candidate for mayor in Burnaby.
Burnaby was on the map from then.

I will be on my journey a day later.
In Beijing, I will have a chance to speak to China business community.
Then I will be in Taipei too.

Corrigan will visit another city in Taiwan.
The Mayor was the former Foreign Affair Minister.

Jason is an old friend.
I mentioned this in 2002 too.
Now they are in one room finally.
For me, I will check up the public response and the press coverage.

BC NDP is on the move with Gabriel’s help.
He is supported by Charles Wu of local Taiwan community.

Corrigan is having his own messenger too.
Richard Chang, a local Chinese TV person, is his man in Taiwan connection.

I can see at least 5 Asian Chinese city council candidates on the surface.
It will be exciting.
I just hope it will be a strong community representation.

Party politics is like organized crime.
That is to serve limited interest group.
I will be there to preserve the true virtue of our community. 


As a feared residence in Burnaby, I am watching closely.
How sad safety issue is in everyone’s mouth NOW.
Where were they in 2002 when I was hard working to call for attention?

We do have our city’s first lady in charge of school board.
And she is a good lady.
But this husband and wife team is not seeing the negative factors in our city.
Or they are not willing to deal with them.
And worse, they don’t know how.

Like their party chairman, they are in the groove of all the official celebrations.
Press is good.
That positive environment dooms them from real world.

Mayor himself is not getting anything going for the 2010.
Burnaby on its own is not producing.

The point is we have the Game.
We watch the government and interest group.
But we can’t forget.
It is our OLYMPICS TOO. 


It is shocking.
Major India newspaper commented on Pak’s reception to US Secretary of State.
They called it as gigolo’s charm is not working on Rice.
Friends they are not.


As ritual, I watched the Sunday US political TV shows.
They are Meet the Press, The week, and Face the Nation.
It really turned my stomach when some quests positive on recent Bush statement.

That is.
US are asked to be in Iraq.

How 4 years changed the perspective.
Wasn’t it US invaded Iraq then?

Way back, in my youth, I watched the movie “Ugly America”.
Brando was the US Ambassador to Thailand.
The rebel head was his US schoolmate.
But the Thai general said it the best.

American always saw the host country as dictator.
And they call it American interest fast demanding local to be independent in spirit and free in system.
But, once losing control, rebel they are.

It was in Asia then.
Now it is Middle East.
Afghanistan in movie “Rambo” was in transition of US and USSR.
Now we Canada in the name of NATO are picking up the mess.
And our politicians are fancy ourselves as second coming of World War II.

Civilization, as West historically seeing it, emphasizes the independence of mind.
But at same time, big brother syndrome grows.
This is precisely the Dr. J & H of USA’s two faces in today’s world.

And it is refreshing to hear Edwards’ newest statement.
He actually called the “War on Terror” a bumper sticker slogan.
Public’s response is worthy observing here.

Republicans’ political mask is really sad and pathetic.
It is unbearable to watch now.
I just wonder how far they are going to drag this great country down.
Wasn’t it Nixon to close down Johnson’s war in Vietnam?
Well, they never learn.





老外常說,sky is the limit,




It is getting to me now.
Reason is obvious.
Where is the protection?
And is there any trust left with our police force?

In the neighborhood, I can see hostile elements growing.
Yet we have no one to turn to.
In the street, more young and energetic faces are on cells when driving.
And they drive with no courtesy to no one.
That can be before 7 am when I drive my son to his work.
And he can be fashionable 30 with Volvo to cut into your straight line in garage.

My sensitive nerve tells me.
They are ready to rumble.
That is if you are in their way.
And they don’t care if they are wrong.

It is worse than 2002.
That was the time I worry about safety in the neighborhood.
And it was the reason I ran for city council.

Toronto school shooting still has no weapon and shooter.
Press thinks it is the fear stops people talking.

Locally we read about police had the dead body for 2 days before next procedure.
That says much of the respect to the dead.
It is so not Canadian.
Or is it the Canadian we are today?

Sky Train is willing to spend big money on camera and other advanced equipment.
But asked police force is discarded.

We talk about preventative driving.
Here we see only more “evidence collecting” purchases.
Where is the on the spot preventative measure?
Don’t tell me the law is afraid of confrontation.
Then we really need the troops back from Afghanistan.

Tourist industry is complaining.
The filming equipment stolen in parked car is making news world wide.
Focus is Vancouver is not safe.
Theft crime and panhandler are singled out.
Hotel people are re-thinking the prostitute solution.
Sadly, police spoke person still is on official language mode.

Oh yes, the rest of world is not doing any better.
Calgary has May snow when Toronto heated.
US have flood here and fire there.
Bird flu claims more lives in Asia.
There seems no escape.
Traveling is out.
The fear is real.


With Premier’s office like no man’s land, terrorist will have a field day.
And we are going to have Olympics here.
I lost desire to visit Bangkok when read the shooting.
On same principle, I will leave town.

The point is.
I don’t see law enforcement is taking self seriously.
Fact is in front of us all.
Yet where is the internal self up grade?
They are not prepared, period.
Or they don’t want to.


Who is responsible to their conducts in our communities now?
It seems they are picking up all the negatives.
No one tells them on proper manners.
Where is the “manager”?


Harper gets it with his Afghan troop visit.
Campbell has it with toll-free blood hotline.
The trashing of Premier’s office is another.

At best, 2,500 military men get a moral boost.
But to protect Harper’s safety, cost has to be high.
Is he following the Bush’s “mission accomplished” mistake?
Or he wants to make it done deal like Bush in Iraq.

Campbell has to be desperate.
A hotline announcement is a director level function not even to Minister.
I prefer him to announce no important document missing or lost by the trashing.