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April 2007
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It is that time of year again.
This morning I saw the car next to mine in our garage broke in.
All windows including roof were open.
I could see BMW car stereo gone.

This is not the first time in our building.
It seems going by the season.

I didn’t have the time to inform anyone.
I was due for 7 am meet anyway.
And it was 6:55 am.

Deep in MY heart, memory of past is still fresh in my mind.
Building manager would think me bad news bearer.
And police would not appreciate being good citizen.
At least they never acted so.
Practically, it is best to see no evil and hear no evil.

I came back at 1:30 pm.
Crime scene stayed the same.
The owner of the red BMW is a young man from HK.
We never talked in all those years.

My decency got better of me.
I went to manager to report.

I first conveyed the situation to the gentleman cleaning.
He thanked me but went ahead with his priority.
I then went to the office.

One new tenant was signing contract.
Another gentleman seemed ready with rent.
I waited.
But then I decided to cut in.

Manager was too busy to go down.
She questioned me on license plate.
Sorry, I am not pro.
And that is not my responsibility.

I left.
Somehow I felt that was not the only case.
Like before, they will not let people know what is going on.
To them, it is bad for business.

But the fact is.
A crime is done.
And season is on.


It is my impression that they are bigger than government.
And it seems they are not accountable and transparent to public.
So I really like to know.
Who is watching over them in behalf of the people?
And where is the check and balance of their authority?

Their authority is so powerful but behind closed door.
And they act godly like.
No one dared to counter.

They have our information without our knowledge.
Decisions are made behind our back.
We are not consulted in the process.
That is ironic in the name of human right.
Privacy privilege seems working for them.
Our privacy seems victim here.

Is it time to face this can of worms?
I hope so.
Maybe a press conference is a start.
And MPs will be invited.
Public needs to know.


Again BC justice got editorial comment 0n April 27, 2007 on page 22.
It clearly stated that system seems badly skewed in favor of felons.
Frankly that is nothing new.
I was told 10 years ago when I first immigrated here.
And 10 years changed nothing.
Due process can’t be forever.
Or, simply we are ignorant, lazy and incompetent.

Conflict of interest is a good example.
Stone walling and cone of silence were best illustrated by respected columnists.
Yet, one had to call it just allegation at end.
Free speech of the press is no match here.

Yes, we are told.
The law is complicated.
Fair and just are idealistic.
In real life, there are ambiguities.

Yet we know.
English language is known for simple, direct and precise.
Then why are there so many between the lines vagueness?

The gentleman in question does have the position both as lobbyist and advisor.
Common sense tells.
It has to be a conflict of interest.

Law supposed to be simple, precise and clear.
Yet the wiser does make it complicated.
Public no longer can tell what is going on by basic logic.
Press is handcuffed to play with words.
What a waste it is for such superb human intelligence.

One local Chinese news paper recently used colored large space to state a fact.
That is.
If in trouble, go to your MPs.
They will get fast result with government agencies.

That to me clearly is a double standard.
Our government agencies like MPs are there to serve us the people.
Yet in reality, we are at their mercy.

It is not fair.
And I really like to know.
Is it right and legal for them to de so?

Passport service is hot.
Now people can make money by waiting in line for others.
But I like to ask.
Where is our acceptable standard in passport process?
We need accountability and transparency with bad government service.
Basically we fail to see human passion, logical method and service mentality.

The conduct of our BC justice head is regrettable.
Campbell is a lost case with Hawaii thing.
There is no expectation of him.

But this visible minority ought to be different.
I remember him clearly in last election.
He was dignified and respectable.
Like all people, I had high hope on him.
But now, he presents himself only as an extension of party stance.
All that knowledge and experience are just party tool.

No one wants to be responsible on this conflict of interest situation.
Morality is not a concern in politics.
Law is to be played by the powerful.
And justice is at their service.
It is the art of passing the buck.
They are great at it.

Gun control is mentioned again.
It was needed after Virginia Tech incidence.
We say we are better than US.
But, then, why bullets are flying in our streets?

Government already failed us with quiet admittance.
It is up to the people now.
We have to make our case.
That is.
Some one ought to step down to show us some hope.

Harper is unhappy about his trust issue.
We don’t like his make over at our expense.
NDP helped him on Afghan extension.
We like to know.
What is the trade off?
Pollution stats are not available.
Where is public’s right to know?
Shareholder’s interest is priority.
So customer’s service becomes secondary.
Where is government’s presence in this?
Where is our consumers’ right?
And thinking tank is getting $50 millions to burn.
What is there to show for our tax money?

For the sake of justice, buck has to stop some where.
Canadians gambled $14.5 billions last year.
How much tax dollars did our government gamble with?

We will never know.
Bush did it in Iraq.
We better watch out in Afghan.


Report says it is 51% in the US.
And it increase 300% since 2005.
Canada increased 144% since last half of 2006.
Some credited to FBI’s lost laptop at 3.64%.

On debit card, we in Canada used 88.2 time per person a year.
The loss was $44 million in 2003 but now $94 million in 2006.
And you can get a full ID on sale for US$14.


Expert opinion is not fact.
Top columnist superiorly quote respected economist.
All just try to put down the China rising.
That is ok with me if all were logic and sound reason.
But it was on earning in comparison.

I have my say on this too.
American and Canadian can be on income level of US $46,000 and 41,000.
But duty free price on same item gives us the fact.
Chivas Regal is US $22 in Beijing airport.
But it is US $35 in Van.
It is the same product.
But it costs so much more here.

And for your information, Taipei bus fare is only $15 there.
Exchange rate is 1 to 29.3 as of yesterday.
And sky train like MRT there is only $20.
Space and comfort level are much better too.
And quality of the service is another issue.

Hey, I am not comparing to complain.
I just want the fact to give us the truth for us to know better.


Criminals are constantly looking for ways to laundry money.
Now I can see how system laundry the politician.
Posting oversea with international organization will do.
That is why it had to be tooth and nails not to leave a criminal record.
What a set up for next round!


Every municipal city is hungry for it.
But none is doing much about the related crime on the rising.
Remember that in our next election.


This is how VANOC is promising.
But that is precisely what I am afraid of.
Call me negative.
It is better to make sure now than later.


The movie is not helping the RCMP.
It offers too much comparison now.
Not good.


Editorial called it bizarre in BC justice system.
Car death and store theft roughness rulings were compared.
Common sense didn’t apply here.
What concerns me is what are we going to do about it?

Some had said.
Crying baby gets no respect.
So, be like Nike.
Just do it.
Action is needed now.

Whatever it is, it has to start somewhere.
Like they reported in the news, kids help phone statistic says.
40% were bullying.
Let us begin there.