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March 2007
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The opposition is losing it.
After million or at least 500,000 people came to street in Taipei before.
Now they are sadly at only 5,000 or less.
Old timers made the most presence.
It is not even a united Party.

They could but didn’t.
Inspiration is foreign to them.
Or they never had it.
They took the public support for granted too long.
All past familiar faces stayed home this time.

That is an end of era.
I was the few fools still showed up.
Oh, I knew this would be the case.
I am here just to be sure.

Those who benefited the most from the past were invisible.
New Taipei Mayor and his father were no show.
There is no excuse or reason.
So, few hearts were bleeding.
But they will survive.

This is not finger-pointing.
They are perfectly playing it smart.
But that is too smart for the party to get them where they were and are.

Let go the past.
Face up the reality.
But they can’t even do that.

Let us focus on who showed up.
They were there but again like old gentry upper class.
High up on stage and exclusively rested in restrict area.
They still are playing the normal ruling class self.
In opposition still are not registered with them.
When will they ever learn to be with the people?

I went early just to see their staffs playing imitation rulers.
No top guys went to volunteer stands to be with public.
The party secretary made the worst example by coming with ex-chair.
That read only follow the power.

It is like telling us.
That is the reality.
Principle or morality is for the fool.
In my eyes, that is as bad as First Lady’s corruption.

When parade started, all squeezed around Ma.
That was as ugly as it can be.
All looked for TV presence.
And Ma was the center and got it all.
Pity they had to be in such close contact.
You can say there is no room for air.

They were like that for near one hour.
I did feel terrible sorry for them.
And am I glad I am not one of them!

Music is still the one and same.
That is ironic when lot creative energy is all over the city.
They certainly are so not with the people.

Well, it is out my system.
I went to pay respect to my parents.
My mom’s dad is safe with his place in founding father’s shrine.
I have done what I am here for.


Media is in scandal.
It is a self fabricated news situation.
It is getting all kind of criticism today.

I can’t help but to notice.
Emotion is getting the better of everyone.
Rational is lost completely.

My point is.
Even it is fabricated.
It is real now.
And all concerned are side tracked.

It is true.
Press integrity is totally lost and bankrupted.
The little mob in full arm challenging the god father on video is a fact.
It is far more serious to law and order.
That is like soldier declaring war on general.

Press acted on commercial competitiveness.
In a sense, that is a professional reality.
I can see the reporter in full awareness of the situation.
That is the little fish was ready to hit the big one.
It is a ride ahead the normal process.
He just timely gave a head start.

It is the beginning of total social breakdown.
And that is my worry.
Too bad, none is seeing this way.

Top prosecutor is relieved of his duty.
The step down is viewed as President’s revenge.
His integrity in justice allowed First Lady’s case going public.
Yes, society lost a good man.
But that is not the end of world.

Hey, I am happy for the guy.
He has a place in history now.
His name will be remembered.
Integrity and decency will be his forever.
No money in the world can buy that.

The Opposition party is not very smart today.
Big ad in paper today to promote one party chair candidate is in bad taste.
What they need now is leadership and unity.
And today is youth day.
The candidate in the ad is an older state man.
They really have bad timing and missed the point

5S is the key for real estate to attract international investment.
The expert pointed out.
They are story, scale, sophistication, structure and saving.
Yes, it is good for us in BC to take note to examine out market.

Surreal campaign is going political.
It can’t come at better time.
Canada is aiming at spring election.
Maybe this will be a better tool for those interested.

Gentry meant knowledge and power in old China.
And intellectual is more western and contemporary.
Both are true presentation of the time in traditional culture.
Now there is study on relation and transformation of the two.
Can’t wait to see the follow up.


It pays to be a 3 baby family in Taiwan.
That will be an automatic government assistance of NT $23,000 a month.
That shows how bad the situation is.
Birth rate is going low.
Young men, hit the sack and be productive.
It can be a living.

Bus here is NT $15 dollars.
And MRT is at $20 base.
But the convenience is super.
Brian of Burnaby just visited here.
He can’t say enough on how he enjoyed the convenience.
Hope we will reach that level and go further by 2010 in Great Van.

Life is kind of tough here now.
It is shocking to see suicide prevention ad on transportation.
That is to tell people to think again before taking own life.
It is that serious.

Taipei is getting good at this underground business development.
It can be super hot or storm out there.
But down there, peace and cool air is great.
Students are down there to conduct all kind of practices.
And between MRT stations, there is all kind of stores for dollar store kind of shopping.
I enjoy book stores the most.
Weather no longer matters.
BC certainly can use that in bad weather.

Intel is investing US $2.5 billion dollars in China.
That creates lot concern here.
Some fear for local economy.
And industry openly voiced the intent of China bound.
They call it follow the leader.

And Shanghai stock market is at all time high.
China lives up to the fact as world factory and consumer market.
It is not their military worries the US.
It is the economy.
The old saying was.
When US sneeze, the whole world will be in heavy cold.
Now that role is performed by China.

No wonder US is accepting new pro independent representative to Washington.
Taiwan independence certainly is thorn to China.
But military action will ruin all economical development.
If not, then ideology will be in bankruptcy.
It is sneaky but practical and effective.
You can call it check mate move.

Taiwan has choice.
It can opens up policy to welcome talents and investment from China.
It will be good time rolls again.
Now, it is only Taiwan’s talents and investment going over in mass.
Huge tour group is going over but only little coming.

All are deadlocked in political process.
People can use vote to make a choice.
2007 is good for that.

Mob is mocking the law.
A terrorist like video was on TV.
It was aired and served the purpose to threat the bigger mob.
Police is furious.
But damage is done.

Local newspaper has an interesting ad.
That is Canada education board has representative visiting.
It is here to promote a private company’s student recruitment.

The thought came to mind.
Is that legal with government policy?
I didn’t know government officials can do that?
Or this is false presentation.
Then why Canada office here is blind and deaf to it?
This needs investigation.


It is encouraging to see people from Taiwan finally getting active in politics.
And they are getting started in Burnaby.
I like that.
I made same decision as independent in 2002.
Same were done in 2005 for MLA and Mayor.
Association will offer monthly forum.
That is very positive.

However, by the look of the first meeting’s guest list, you can’t help but to think.
It is party politics all over.
And it definitely is one sided.
At least in Burnaby, it will be pro NDP.
That diminishes my interest greatly.
Anyway, it still is a start.

It claims people from Taiwan is 12% of Burnaby population.
It is good enough for Active Taiwanese Association.
At over 20,000 votes, it is a sure bet for all council seats in next election.

No wonder it was an all NDP line up.
That is from MP, MLA to city council.
MLA is from another city.

Mayor was not there.
But the one claims to be his boss was.
The gentleman happens to be the city’s party leader.
Even the Chinese commentator is NDP.
And he is not from Taiwan.

It definitely follows the main stream provincial party line.
That will make the association no different from all groups from HK before.
The “divide and rule formula” is still working.

That is a pity and waste.
The best contribution from new immigrants can’t be just following the leader.
There are so many talents among people from Taiwan.
They are capable to formulate opinions to represent the 12% as visible and positive input.
It will be a shame to use the voting block to exchange for Taiwan’s independence support.

I can see Mainland Chinese will line up with Provincial Liberal now.
They have to.
To tie with NDP is wishing them to support Taiwan independence.
That will get local China side stirs up.

Asian vote will be at split.
And we will be at each other’s throat.
That will assure the mainstream dominance.
We will stay forever just visible minority.


Free newspaper is the game.
They are aiming at the over one million Taipei transit passengers every day.

Apple Daily as new comer was at top in market share for few years.
Last year, it branched into the free paper market.
That put its advertising share at top even circulation down to second.

Old timer United Daily steps in today for this free paper market.
Outcome will be interesting.

Mega bookstores are landmark in Taipei.
But traditional ones are making adjustment.
In a way, it is sad to see many folding.
But you have to admire one.
He is standing stronger than ever.
I know him way back in 1980.

He is taking advantage of cheap but plenty and colorful of Mainland China’s books and magazines.
That really is a bargain in Taipei.
Most are at NT $99.
They are really treasures of Chinese culture.

That is really smart.
I know.
And I compare it with Beijing’s big one.
This one branches out all over the city.
And it takes the school areas very seriously.

Many asked.
This Sunday night, the crowd at Warner Village was visibly light at 7:30 pm.
Is this a sign of weak economy?

But we also noticed.
Events were plenty.
I spotted 5.

You have to admit.
They are spending money to create momentum.
That is lot money.
And they cleaned all up before midnight.
That is working efficiency.

Commercial property value is way up.
Old top rent at $45,000 is now $210,000.
The best property sold at $170 million for less than 30 square foots.
Foreign investment is at $100 billions.
How can you figure that?

And the Cycle Show from March 24 to 27 is packed.
Cycle race is getting some top world teams now.
7 days and 794.3 km ended the competition yesterday.
And there was a highway marathon too.

Only regret is one participant dead in the first 15 minutes.
He at 31 was not in good running shape.

There is Bakery show too.
Door price is NT $150.
Eat is big with Chinese.


All eyes are on the Shanghai’s Tour Exhibition.
Taiwan participation is the focus.
But none of China’s government official showed up yesterday at the opening ceremony.
Reason is simple.
No one wanted to answer the question.
That is if May 1 will be the start of Taiwan tour.
It is political sensitive.
Taiwan needs the money.
And China wants the face.
At the moment, silent is golden.
Press can be a pain to all now.

It is called “teapot tempest”.
That means President Chen still is the master.
No DPP candidates dare to play outside his guidelines in the debate.
Future is not a concern here.
It is sad indeed.
Is that the best a ruling party can dish out?
The best they can say is.
The due process of a good democracy was done.

Opposition is not any better.
The choice between Ma and Wong is splitting the party.
One editorial said it the best.
It is Wong’s destination to be Ma’s big brother.
King maker will define his place in history.
Well, we all know that is unlikely.
He just doesn’t realize.
Like the latest article in US Today says, character matters.


Guess what?
Canadian is making a statement here.
2007 Canadian Animation Film Festival is here from March 23 to April 6.
Cost is NT $170.
Think the exchange rate at 28 to 1.
And they will have island tour from April to October.
It is not money making event.
But it is good Canada presence.
And this makes the Van airport incidence more regrettable.

Korea entertainment king Rain will be in town on March 31.
Tickets from NT $800 to 6,000 are sold out.
That is more than 10,000 tickets.
He did Vegas too.
Hot is the only way to describe him.

Japan sends her super star in town too.
It is sold out as well.
But her ticket tops at NT $4,500.
It will be top fashion and stage exhibition.
She is landmark in Asia.
Sponsor products just knock you out.
She took shopping seriously.
An afternoon outing at world famous 101 means NT $1 million well spent.


The idea came to me on bus.
The bus driver was steaming mad.
The traffic mess in front of him was the cause.

But concern was real.
Everyone was saying.
Where is the law?
And we all know the answer.
Man power shortage is common every where.

I come up with the idea.
All city bus can install camera.
That will be special made for easy driver use.
Let driver’s finger do the job.
We will have all the pictures of wrong doing.

And some reliable taxi can take part too.
That is a counter measure.
They can aim at the bus.

City does not need to put up the money either.
This cost is nothing to those famous brands.
You can’t ask for a better advertising opportunity.


It is a trip with personal reason and political observation.

April 5 is traditional Chinese ancestor day.
On this day you visit graveyard.
In my case it is the temple.
A ceremony is in order.
I am here to pay respect.

And I have to look after grandpa on my mother side.
He is in national shrine for country’s founding father.
But Taiwan’s independence extreme wants to wipe out anything China linked.
I have to make sure things are ok on my mother’s behalf.

Then there is politics in Taipei.
Today is the debate among ruling party’s candidates.
It is their first step to win nomination.

Tomorrow Sunday will be Marathon in Taipei.
I saw the signs on highway to notify people to stay clear tomorrow.

Opposition will have a rally next weekend.
The size of the crowd will tell the support.
It will be interesting to observe.
Basically they are in trouble.
For who and what I am and where I come from, I have to care.
That is even I belong to no party.
But I can’t turn my back on my root.


I like this new look inside airport.
It will be fun to go through.
And the good restaurant in there is cute.
They will make money from me.
Now I have place to take people if too early in the airport.
Airline VIP room will look cheap then.