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February 2007
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It was a simple parking matter.
But at issue is what kind world and people we have.
And what are we going to do about it?
I went to Bonsor this morning for my morning exercise.
It was 9:10 am.
I was at my favorite spot waiting for someone to leave.
Then this car backed off very quickly and stopped right in front of me.
A car was leaving, and this car pulled right in.

I went over trying to see what was going on.
It was a 20 some no more than 30 white looked educated.
He pulled down the window and said “fuck off”.

Blood rushed to my head.
I asked loudly what gave him the right to tell me to fuck off.
He said he is investigator just taking over his friend’s parking space.
I immediately asked is him government or private.
He said both because he is under government contract.

I knew it was a lie and a very bad one too.
The words fuck off can’t be government.
I told him so.
And he just rolled up the window.

Then a guy drove next to me.
He said that was his parking space.
I said no, and that is a public parking space.

He accused me yelling at his friend.
I said, by any courtesy or law, how do I deserve to be told to fuck off.
He changed the subject and said I was yelling at him.
I said you came to me to accuse me on your friend’s behalf.
What do you expect?

A tree cutter and a walk by were there ready to be on my side.
But I know better.
The truth is we can enforce nothing.
I went inside to Bonsor.

People at desk know me.
But the best they could do was telling me to call police.
Again that will lead to nothing.
Everyone comes to Bonsor knows that.

By then I lost all desires for exercise.
I decided to go home.

At home I think hard.
The situation is no one is there to take responsibility.
Victim is left with two choices.
One is shut up and let go.
Or, get a shot gun in the car next time.
Both are not acceptable.

The truth is.
The guy is racial and self serving.
His problem is he thinks he can get away with things if he wishes.
And he was not alone.
A friend was there to back him up.

He is the least of my concern.
I have to think of my wife and my son and many less capable than me.
This kind mentality is a danger.
And more are surfacing.
Yet no one is on hand to deal with it.

9 plus years and 3 elections have set my roots deep here.
I belong.
Face up the situation is the only way.

It is sad that mainstream is not dealing with it.
Bonsor responded as nothing could be done.
And in their words, police is useless too.
One can only imagine.
City hall will just say.
We will look into it.

I put my hope on next year’s municipal election.
A voice in power circle is a must.
We need someone or anyone to bring back common courtesy and social order.
We have no one now.

You can look at the responsibility of Park Board.
They control the community but will say it is not their job to protect.
And police is to protect but never there when needed.
How to feel safe in the neighborhood seems to be no one’s responsibility.

Really, all we care is.
How many man powers at what cost will give us peace of mind.
If that is not possible, then we really are in trouble.
Maybe to fuck off is the best I can do.

And where is the responsibility of city hall and provincial government?
Who will be there to say?
The buck stops here.


Of Forbes top 25 ultrahigh performance stocks, I like Online Resources the best.
Price is at $9.32 with 25% EPS growth.
And it is IT service for finance companies.
You know what that means. looks good to me too.
Price at $42.42 is a little high.
But EPA growth at 50% fits my greedy nature.
And the 5 year sales growth is 117%.
It is only next to biotech equipment’s 250% and Google’s 222%.

I will go for nutrition supplements too.
But I do not go with the listed one at $24.17.
ESP growth at 13% is not good enough for me.
Maybe semiconductors one at $11.74 with 20% is better.

On MySpace alike, BEBO has 30 million users in UK, PICZO 23.5 millions in Canada and UK, ORKUT 39 millions in Brazil, FRIENDSTER 37 millions in Southeast Asia, H15 50 millions in Spain and Mexico, and FACEBOOK 15 millions in US colleges and high school.

And top dealmakers have 5 Asian Chinese and one Indian at top 4.
The real top guy predicts.
More entrepreneurs will participate in next 20 years.
They will out-number past 100 years.

As an old basketball operative, I am glad to see the newest number on NBA.
League team value average is $353 million dollars.
That is with Knick top at $592 millions and Portland at bottom in $230 millions.
Team operating income average is $6.9 millions on revenues $112 millions.
Chicago is the best with income at $48.5 millions on $149 millions revenues.
Sun is second with $34.5 millions by $132 millions.
Good old Lakers is at $33.3 millions by $167 millions.
Compare to them, my loss of Can $600,000 was nothing.
I just learned a good lesson with reasonable tuition.

World Economic Forum by Times predicts continued growth for 2007.
But it also stated US and Europe remain unprepared for their long-term decline in power.
Clearly next 20 years, there will be fundamental changes in center of gravity and center of power.
It is ironic that developing countries was told that don’t worry about equality.
But now it is developed world worrying about it.
And I like to know if Canada is ready for the change.

China is a good indicator.
Newsweek is calling it China let it loose.
That means good deal of fund will flow out of China by policy.
$78 billion dollars is a round figure.
Can Harper positions our government on proper receiving end?


Each morning, I have my breakfast at Station Sq.
I can see how troublesome those homeless like people are to the food chain.
Personally I will not have the business.
Government and community are one eye closing.
They are not in any hurry to make changes.
So, a sole eye is inevitable.

It is not fair for the business.
Tax was paid and donation given.
Where is the moral obligation of the government and community?
Too bad they do choose their appearance smartly.

With this see no evil altitude, many civil courtesies disappear too.
New arrivals are making the worst of it.
Age, language and play dumb are ready tools.
Get away once makes one the expert next time around.
Pool, mall, in traffic, they each self centered his and her new rules.
We hear all kind self interpretation of law.
No one is listening to anyone.
Common courtesy is for the fool.
Young is pampered to the level of outrage.
Parents see you to turn off the shower as invasive.
People left-turns when on cell phone still give you a dirty look.
All those will snow ball in time.
Yes, it is only human.
But it will blow up in due time.
I will not be around.
It is only human.


Here is a good one.
Another with US $150 million dollars corruption money from China is in police custody.
He is landed immigrant.
China of course likes to have him and money back.
But experts say not in 5 years at least.
Now interest groups on both sides have their say.
You can call it human drama or tragedy.
But it is the best time to know their true colors.


Here is the man who was at forefront of Iraq invasion.
But there is no weapon of mass destruction.
Now he is accusing China missile down own satellite.
He calls that not in step with the Peace Raising declaration.
I can take that from any Democratic candidate but never from Uncle C.
He was a stable force for earlier Bush.
Self interest is not him.
But his view of American interest is powered by America only domination.
There is nothing civilized here.
Raw power is the game.
It is time for his like to step down.
Or the world will re-visit disaster.
While is good old US win-win situation?


Let’s face it.
If the federal government can’t do it with passport, then how can provincial driver license do better?
Who has more resources?
So, let’s not waste public time and money on it.
Just get the passport service up speed.
Let’s not complicate the situation with self interested sophistication.
If this government is so capable, then please tell us why $800 million so far is only in the range?
That is our convention center.
And how is the 2005 electoral reform promise?


Surrey police break an ID theft ring.
26 people arrested.
But the law is behind in time.
Punishment scares no one.
It will be just jail “vacation” to them.

But a family company is troubled by stolen bounced checks at $50,000.
Politicians and law enforcement seem disappeared.
That is a fine use of our tax dollars for their salaries.
Is anyone can be accountable for the situation?

Vancouver driver was killed.
10 shots finished him with collision to two other cars.
This was at a very good neighborhood.
Seems like planned killing.
Who is in charge of this society here?
Who we average people can count on reliable help.

Rapist with the worst police record will reside in Surrey.
East coast city can outcast him.
But Surrey can’t deny his entry.
I need a logic class for this.
If it is the law, then the law kills worse than criminal.

You think that is bad.
Then look again.
100,000 pardoned and killers get clean slate since 2000.

Hey, Canada is vast in land space and only 32 million people.
Those people have their rights.
But who is there to care for the safety of society’s weaker in old and young?
All we get is warning from government officials and law enforcement.
Thanks for their lip service with our tax dollars.
None is the reality.


Shanghai as a city on imported goods was at US $320 million dollars per day in 2006.
And it is the first time import more than export.
That is why many see China changing from production center to consumer market.
No wonder the city is ambitious to be the Asia finance center.

But outsiders prefer HK now.
So far London is world top and follows by New York or HK.

With US losing the top spot, balance is shifting.
For Asia market, people no longer need to come to North America.
Even CNN’s ad is focus on China as future center for automobile.

HK is close and convenient to anything China.
And system is transparent and accountable.
On this, Shanghai is not.

Canada corporate profit was at $231.7 billion dollars in 2006.
But our trade balance with China is import heavy.
Clearly we are not selling well.
Our corporate profit was based on China sweat.

Tim Horton is not there nor Maple syrup.
There was this young Canadian gets rich with Canada honey.
This means.
Market is there but no one going.

Emerson is trying hard on energy.
But Harper is not helping.
The key is to educate human right never dictate.
By human nature, pride and ego are in all of us.
And Canada can enforce nothing because we are not in control.
A minority government ought to know that better than anyone.
Domestic politics often can be the poison to foreign policy.

Salaries are up in China too.
Some earned local $2,500 a month in year 2000.
Now they are in $6,000.
And $1,500 can live comfortably by local standard.
This is why many talents are re-locating to China.
My step son is one of them.

To steal talent, money shows the way.
Now it is an automatic raise of 30% if in banking.
After Chinese New Year, many will change jobs.
And some of my old associates are making US $10,000 a month plus living expenses.

Currently China public is criticizing their airlines.
That is because of delay by fog in Beijing.
But I saw worse when more than once flew from Vancouver to Beijing.

The trouble is.
Service mentality is totally missing.
Doing their job is not a service.
Care to the feel is seeing as customer greed.
Planning economy mentality is the reason.

There will be trouble in 2008 Olympics.
And immigration gates will be at its worst if by presence practice.
The top people listen but don’t get it.
They never see what normal people go through.
So, to get to staff level to do it right will be impossible.
It can be a great challenge.


Oh Canada, you do live up to our pride and respect.
The decision makes the right of citizen within the country holy.
And we don’t need a police state.

Yes, we do need security after 911.
But it can not be at cost of what Canada stands for.
That is not why I immigrated here.

High court may aim only at process of justice.
That is practical with the least friction with government administration.
I am proud and feel joy.
I am glad at my choice to be here.


Your latest posting has an error. It is the NDP who took BC’s taxpayer supported debt from $2000 to over $6000 per person between 91/92 and 01/02. If you look at the Feb. 21 2007 Vancouver Sun p A3 carefully. This year the debt load is about the same as 01/02, but as a percentage of GDP, it decreases from 20% to under 15% from 01/02 to 07/08.