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January 2007
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The words came to mind when reading on our emergency room.
But we never hear any political families in trouble there.

Government claims.
BC is at the best ever with more to come.
So logically money is not the problem.
Then it has to be the system or politics.

I went through my parents’ final journey in Taipei ER.
My father was 6 months.
My mom was near 2 years.
The care was there.

One clearly can be sure it is a place of emergency.
That means time counts.
And system will find you a room.

But this is not the case here.
No wonder many took advantage of duet citizenships.
That is to go back to Taiwan for medical situation.
Same was heard in India community.
This would not show on our official report.
And they can be in the thousands.
But this reality is not helping.
Shortage in personal and space only worsen.

That is the greatest irony in Canada’s human right claim.
This reminds us the joke on Bush.
That is he went to other people’s boarder to maintain order.
But he never solves problem with his own boarder.
All we can say.
There is no mercy or heart to own people.















Simply put, we have to get quality tourists from Taiwan.
And we need mass quantity from China and India.

Taiwan’s top rich are worldly seasoned to appreciate BC.
They truly can use our air, space and nature beauty with grace of slowness.
That is badly needed in their busy life.
And they have the reputation to take the whole company on tour.
That eventually will set the example.
And it will be a critical stage.
That is our creative attraction for China and India to follow.

Yes, India tourists can be more refined in Western appreciation.
But the distance and Europe are in the way.
That is why China’s mass is so important in long run.

News says our Ambassador in China recently stating on more offices in key China cities.
And Taipei office has established for long time.
It doesn’t matter what they didn’t do.
It is important how they do it now.

And it is good to see BC provincial is acting with India.
But it is just on exchange level.
There is no grace in this slowness.


8.67 million went outbound from Taiwan.
There were 4.225 millions to HK and Macau.
Many ended in China.
That is why there are 100 flights daily between Taiwan and HK.
Macau took over Japan to become number two destination.
And Singapore got ahead of Indonesia to 8th place.
BC has room and means to take advantage of this market.
Tofino is not known there at all is the best example.


Entrance fee had been high in old day.
Japan was paying big price.
And all ended in bubbles.
Korea learned from that.
They are having better result.
Now with gradual opening China, international mode is in place.
2008 Olympics paves the way for sponsorship.
That is the best way to be recognized there.

Forum is another new awakening in China.
By western standard, the fee is relatively low.
Half million Chinese dollars can make you a major sponsor in Beijing Great Hall.
That is an April Can $100,000 event.
There will be 500 participants.
Government presence and corporate attendance will get good press coverage.

If you like bigger event, then US $300,000 is the price for top sponsorship.
Attendance will be 2,000 plus.
Canada has only one bank with office in China.
Forum can be great for other interested.


Minister Jason Kenney has duty to protect Canadian citizen.
But why he has to pick the case of Huseyin Celil?
The arrest was made in Pakistan.
Why sent to China is the issue here?
Logically it couldn’t be an arrest as Canadian citizen.
And why was arrested?
No one stands up to answer.
The government shows no mean to deal with the situation.
And I am sure our offices in both China and Pakistan have channels.
Yet nothing is mentioned.
Human right became a convenience.
This is arrogance of an incompetent government.
There is nothing there about right of Canada.


The day is always very informative.
Today, cross TV, all praises was on one man.
With him, there is dignity and pride in America politics again.
Democrat made a great choice.
He countered Bush’s Union speech with American’s heart and soul.
That kind of respect is badly needed.

Presidential candidates have great line up too.
Both sides have good competitors.
It will be fun 22 months for all political junkies.

I can see how some doubt Hilary’s chance.
She can’t afford any misstep before party’s nomination.
All fireworks will be aiming at her.
Bill better not comes up with any ladies’ incidence.
And to keep her temple in check is the key.
It is now or never for her.
But others can afford to wait.
And they all look good as Vice President.

And there is other side.
Ex New York Mayor is solid with good 8 years on the job.
That can be the toughest next to Presidency.
He is good with party base.
But Iraq will hurt the most.
That is 3,063 US lives and 70,000 injured with many needs long term care.
And there is US $350 to 500 billions in cost so far.
We see no end in next 6 months.
If Bush is lame duck, then he will be sitting duck.

Really, American is actually in pretty
good shape by all other count.
Bush can take the blame on Iraq.
But he must have the credit on other things too.


Russia leader visited India as top VIP for India’s Republic Day.
Harper is not sending anyone counts for the occasion.
Or, we are not allowed to know.
Opposition seemed indifferent too.
That is our diplomacy.
No wonder we always seem short when needed.
Maybe all are waiting for British Royalty’s visit after their US tour.
But strangely we don’t see any preparation.
Or maybe there is no such visit.
That will be embarrassing.
India is setting up aerospace command.
And they succeed in their undersea missiles BrahMos.
No wonder Chinese predicts the trend in space militarization.

China stock ended the year with 176% increase.
That is Chinese $6,800 billion dollars.
HK was 86% increase at HK $8,380 billion dollars.
Taiwan was 18%.
And CNN predicts in 10 years most cars will be manufactured in China.
If that is too far away, then there will be $200 billion dollars in ad market in 2007.
Yes, to do business in China is tough.
First you don’t know who to trust.
Even government agencies are flawed in many cases.
This reflects.
A trusting structure is priority.
It is up to who will be the first to get it done.

Yes, it is racial.
Article in US firmly stated.
That is if dark skinned.
Your pay can be 8-10% less than light skinned.

Hey, our underground economy is good.
With our “trusting” system, it is 15% of our economy.
That show how we truly regard the law.

No wonder protesters are shocked at their sentencing.
They seem confused.
Freedom of expression does not give you the right to physically violate the law.

And our civil courtesy is from bad to worse.
The jammed intersection with car people on cell said it all.
People no longer even care what the rule is.
Many act as if they are the rule.
That leaves very little room for common courtesy.
It is sad.


It is deadly competitive in many Asia countries.
Cut throat is the norm of daily life.
Yet, Canada is still much on grace of slowness.

I know.
Worry will not help.
The best I can do is to be more informative.
So, here are few things may worthy your consideration.

Mastering knowledge used to be the key to all success.
But now you must have right kind of business sense to make a difference.
And it is with broader international cross over.
This is what Canada is blind of.
Lumber deal is a perfect example.
Our labor cost reflects our not so worldly business sense.

Professional capability used to be the most essential.
But today it is your soft skill.
To be versatile is the best to win.

We speak of globalization.
And productivity was the measure mark of yesterday.
But now, we have to compete in service to differ.

Future planning used to be the catchy word.
But now it is life and professional development to hold the key.

We used to emphasize our work achievements.
Now it is quality in work and life.

It is survival for the fittest.
To adjust and evolve can’t go wrong.
So, let’s just do it.