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December 2006
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What is the rush?
Why execute Saddam on this day?
Is this a declaration of war or justice on culture differences?
On record, he did united the country and set the system.
He managed the economy.
And he gave one of the best basic education and industrial development in the region.
And he used his oil profit to help other oil less states.
US did support his war with Iran.
It was for the survival of his oil’s river delivery.
Yes, he was a dictator and killed.
On same measure, we like to ask.
Who is responsible for current non stop killing in the region?
And how that will be handled?
By comparison, a life sentence to him is the best to reflect our time.
The fast action makes one wonder if there are things to hide.
It really is the darkest moment for 2006.

OCEAN 11 is my regret and hope in Taiwan.
I nick-name the 11 ruling party members with souls and conscious.
The whole party labels them rebels and urging them to get out.
But they are the soul of the so called Progressive Democratic Party.
In contrast, the Opposition doesn’t have even one.
Like the movie, old or new, I expect them to play out that drama and people pleasing ending.
Result will be in election 2007.

Asia Games had little press out side of Asia.
But experts think this the best.
I regret I didn’t make an effort to go there.
The best money can buy is best demonstrated.
It was like a united nations’ effort.
Press still prints the prince’s ride in the opening ceremony.
Charging up to a 10 story high ground to light the torch was breath taking.
It is the Arabic spirit at its best.
Hope China can top it in both Olympic 2008 and Asia Games 2010.

Color paged job ads are plenty from China in Taipei.
They are doing their best to lull top hotel and department store people in Taiwan to relocate.
At same time, articles are telling the public.
China’s own management people are gradually catching up..
Lower the salary will not help to keep the employment.
But Canada is still taking its time.
We really fail to be competitive here.


Three lucky guys are sharing the NT $ 180 billion dollars lottery prize.
They are going to have a very nice new year.

But the whole island was going crazy yesterday before 7 pm.
Line up at each spot was all blocks long.

Everyone was daydreaming on how to use the money.
TV had nothing but the hope and wishful.

This is on the good side.
Sanity of the society had one great and cheerful moment.

But one prosecutor was at his worst moment in life.
He is the one handling President’s wife’s case.

Now ruling party is labeling him as working for Red China.
And as result, he is losing control.

Medical attention was necessary.
Two weeks rest is recommended.

His sanity is ripe and twisted completely.
So is my sense of fair play.
God help Taiwan.

The irony is.
$ 20 billion dollars foreign investment is ready coming.
They aim at property market.
It is all for up coming China visitors.

And ASUS is taking the top spot ahead of ACER in both notebook and personal computer.
This is how people voted on best brand.
Jon, you are loyal supporter of ACER.
Maybe now you have a new “old” one to look at soon.

New Year Eve parties are numbered at 10 major ones.
They are 3 cities and 7 counties.
I will stay in Taipei for that super one.
Half million people will use the moment to stay in sanity.
Wish you all a happy New Year.



Ruling party chairman refuses any interview from one news paper.

That is not a mature mentality to be the backbone of a government.

No wonder the paper responds with editorial as “supporting President’s empire”.

“Love Taiwan” is played beyond reason.

It is more like culture revolution Taiwan style.

No wonder ruling party liberals are fuming dictator state.

To stay in power at all cost is the curse.

Top news today is President Office refuses the court to provide required evidences.


But there are bright spots too.

Legal system is making a stand.

First it was President’s wife was charged.

Now the son-in-law is proved guilty and sentenced 6 years.

He can appeal still.

But public’s fairness demand gets response.


The opposition is disappointing.

Their biggest political territory is Taipei City Hall.

But by now not all 31 departments’ heads are in presence to show the unity.

It is rumored that some are considering the year end bonus in present job.

The others are busy with TV tapping.

That is ironic in contradicting what they had declared during election.


Allow me to pay respect to this American President.

He was the one show me the true meaning of democratic society.

His greatness is his ordinariness.

He showed system works.

In a matured democratic system, leader’s balance is far more important than brilliance.

He didn’t measure for self advantage.

Pardoned Nixon was a must to turn the page for the country.

That gave Carter edge to replace him.

I know that for fact.

One of my dance students in Berkeley followed Carter to White House.

The older I today respect him even more.

This big heart is what is missing in today’s politician.


Big one in Taiwan caused great communication inconvenience world wide.

This reminds me about Greater Van.

If phone, TV and radio are out, there will be no other mean to connect the public.

We need to think hard on human networking now.

WE better be prepared.


I was on mass transit.

They just announced that everything were ok.

I didn’t think much of it until I saw news on all channels.

Size 6.7 is like 6 atom bombs.

Death is low luckily at two.

But people felt the full impact.

My first thought was what if in Great Van.

Three things came to mind.

First is public’s knowledge and training.

Then there is local government’s readiness.

Finally it will be federal government and provincial government.

I am sorry to say I am not confident on any.

And it is funny why many past disasters were around 12/26.

Can it be another code or something?

Hope not.

On the subject of big one, Taiwan is reaching an all time high lottery prize.

It is reaching near N.T. $ 2 billion dollars.

That is close to Can. $ 70 million dollars.

People from Japan and HK are specially coming just for that.

I feel lucky.




There will be US $22 billion dollars creative economy opportunity in China.
That will follow with 5% annual growth.

They have the richest foreign exchange in reserve at US $100 billion.
They are so used to the planned economy.
To be creative is now.
And out side talents are needed.

I rather see Canadian youth to be creative in China than fighting wars somewhere.
It is sad to hear India’s Sonia Gandhi as leader of ruling party is under the threat of Al Qaida.
But India government is still focused on making ways to attract trillion of non-residence investment.
It is better to engage the economy in peace rather than to kill or be killed in war.
China is in need to learn to control, train and manage the world largest labor force effectively.
The imbalance of it can be a world disaster.
And we can help.

They need to build up consumer side too.
To better the taste judgment with good information is a start.
The market is there for us to put our effort in.


It is rather interesting to travel in Xmas time.

I can see first hand how the whole Beijing is turning into a fun machine.
Xmas sight and sound are just like any other big cities.
Even in government uniforms, you can see the stylish lining.
It is all capitalistic commercialism.

Yes, huge debate is out on religion’s invasion.
Tons of on line opinions are against it.
But all hotels, restaurants, KTV and pubs are full.
And cost is at $ 1,000 local dollars each.
Exchange rate with Canada is 1 to 6 if you care to compare.

Xmas shopping is a must.
Conversations are centered on where to go and what to do.
This is a changing China.

Wealth to the people opens the society.
Xmas is not religions there.
It is an economical machine in motion for making money to spend.
A city of smiling faces said it all.

Transit through HK is another sight.
One can see how fast merchandises are moving with China buyers.
They couldn’t have enough.
So are the cash registers in each Duty-Free Shops.
People in HK are extremely friendly because of it.

In comparison, Taipei is quieter and calmer.
The will to spend is not there.
Hard line politics actually stops the economy.

I don’t see those young and energetic China buyers.
Older faces and not so fashionable clothes are the identity.
I was told visa is the reason.
Policy says it is to stop the poor wanting to work here.
Ironically the local richest guy is partying over there.
Citizens of Taiwan have no idea of the drastic difference.

This is the Xmas I see in three cities.
Harper ought to see what I saw.
Emerson and Campbell did.







Like any big city, taxi driver knows the best.
In Beijing, taxi business is good.
It is plenty year around.
So drivers are happy.

Movie house are busy with long lines.
The prices are from $ 150 to $210.
That is much higher than Canada.
And price is not fixed.
With good movie, price can go up.
But people keep rushing in.

Shopping malls are jammed.
Buyers are young and fashionable.
I looked out of place among them.
Mall food courts are so crowded.
I gave up.

Xmas eve can see disco and night spots all packed.
Capitalism is all over.
Economical prosperity is real.

Yes, taxi drivers have themselves “caged”.
That is to protect from robbery.
It is year end.
Some are less fortunate.
They need fast money to go home for Chinese New Year.

But what shock me the most is HK Airport duty free.
It really has the best in worldly merchandise.
And again buyers are all young and fashionable from China.

Conversation with HK airport people reveals.
Hotel rooms are near full all the time.
It is all Mainland Chinese.
No wonder smiles are all over.
It is perfect sign of money in the pocket.

Oh, they don’t have Olympic watches yet.
After I pointed it out.
At least 5 parties are on the ball right away.
They are happy making money and spending it.