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November 2006
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Government?s function is to solve problem.
But it is never intended to create one by design.

Now we do have a real nation within a united Canada.
A Minister decided to quit and did.

Have we solved any problem?
Or we are creating one.
Think of the changes with our present laws and system.
Can this be an irresponsible Parliament?

Will there be a BC nation soon?
Why not, PM and Premier differ in Asia Pacific interest.

Look at our military presence in Afghan.
UN no longer carries the respect of the world.
NATO is really a regional interest.
US Today just reported members? anger over the current heroin trade in Afghan.

If Iraq is oil, can it be heroin in Afghan?
Then, forget UN or NATO, what is our real Canada interest?

If Vietnam lesson is any value, the worst is yet to come.
We need a federal election now.








This weekend, all political talk shows indicated.
US will make clear on two things before year end.
They are action and time table of Iraq situation and Congress ethic reform.
US people had enough of revenge killing in culture clash.
And newly elected Congress is accountable to clean up both.


They decide to join effort to purchase power energy.
Hydro carbon is first on the list.
They will join bids for oil field.
Both sides accept the other?s recent N-deal. < China-Pak.>
China press called it a remarkable success.
India side pointed out no pragmatic advice this time.

India always was under the shadow of last war between the two.
In my visit to Delhi, they frankly expressed the feeling.
The relation has been rocky.

Now they are engaging.
It is big step in new start.
That is what Baker can do for Bush at best.
Who will do that for Harper in Canada?




That is not a happy combination.
Hate and emotional outburst are the symptom.
If it becomes 24 hours and 365 days, a sad life is assured.

Love is the best solution.
But to bring love into them is not easy.
Obsession is in the way.
I am no match to that.

I felt helpless.
They heard me.
But I couldn?t get through.

I will stay away from those meetings in the future.
Not healthy is my final statement.
Life can be better.

I was invited to speak.
It is 40 years since Culture Revolution.
I was assigned as outsider looking in.

Yes, millions had dead.
It was the darkest in human civilization.
But it is a nightmare one has to wake up from.

Life moves on.
Keep re-visiting is no good.
We have to look forward to something better and nicer.

Yes, the meeting can serve as a psychological session for grief outburst.
But, in the end, you have to let go.
Otherwise, it will be hopeless.

My honest opinion is.
They hate their part in the past.
Nightmare is still with them.
And they refuse to let go.


Carole James is saying a lot.
7 days there is giving her a fresh outlook.
That is good.
And I appreciate that.

But I doubt the party will do the same.
And Campbell can think only China.

She asks why BC is having 40% less tourists from Taiwan.
And science industrial park there caught her eyes with continuing implication.
Education, research effort and professional training impressed her.
She thinks hi-tech and economical achievements there are good for BC consideration.

If you ask me, I could tell her plenty.
9 years in Burnaby with 3 elections under my belt, I already said a lot.
Apparently none around her heard me.

Let me assure you.
I am not bitter.
In fact, I am glad she is saying it now.

First, let us talk about tourist.
In my view, we have lot incentives.
But in fact, our policy people are outdated.

Alberta with Rocky is the sale.
BC is only a transit spot.
It is like HK in the past for Taiwan tour to China.
I did manage to offer my ?stay one more day? solution to HK then.

Carole and Campbell need to examine our over all policy in all Asia Pacific offices.
We need better spoke person in Taipei office.
A new BC package is a must.
And what we have as one and only in the world needs best promotion.

Taiwan is a shopping nation.
Why don?t we have a diamond mart?
And Victoria volcano mud is a beauty special.
It only means.
No one cares.
And who in Taiwan ever heard of TOFINO?

Burnaby is a good place for hi-tech scientific park.
But our Mayor does not seem too friendly with Asian link.
And his wife seemed offended by the loud opinion of Chinese pride in education.
That is not inclusive.
Maybe, but inclusive is not competitive.
That competitiveness is the key for Taiwan?s hi-tech and economical achievements.

Campbell is strong with his HK linked Asia Pacific development.
Carole?s Taiwan trip can make up the short coming.
Together, it can be the best for BC future.


He knows better now.
But he is so alone.

He is hearing first hand how others think of BC on this trip.
He saw in person how China grew.
But Harper didn?t nor Carole James.

His Gordon Chu is HK bound Chinese expert.
China is bigger than that.
He needs more help badly.

Harper is a lost case.
Let Emerson have the headache.
We have to take care of BC interest on our own.

But Carole James must be on board.
To make it happen, Campbell will need to make a first move.
Why not a bi-parties trip?
And it is earlier the better.
That will be a better reason for Assembly not in session.

At least a united BC interest will be in hand.
For a grand total of $ 17,332 billion dollars constructing future, it is worth it.
And even union ought to be a part.

Next, Campbell has to convince resident citizens with total picture.
All BC residences are needed on the same cause.
No one ought to be left behind.


It is a day we have 90 mobs less on the street.
700 polices did the job.
But watch out for the replacement.
Take your pick, Chinese or India?
PM makes us The United Nations of Canada.
It is not constitutional.
But it has First Nation and Quebec for a start.

There is USA.
Now we are UNC.

Too bad, Americans will think only University of North Carolina.
Maybe before Xmas Harper can up Bush on gay union over gay marriage.

And a lady columnist calls us to stand up to the bullies of China.
Oh, we need passport to US starting Jan. 23.
Love to hear her stand on this.

Oh, never mind, since when did US care for what we say or do.
The irony is.
That happens to be the old international Freedom Day.
I had helped to commemorate it for years in Taiwan.

And good looking teacher at 62 had sex with student years ago now facing charges.
In my book, it depends on who took off whose pants or panty first.
That is intent with action.

Finally there is Carole James toughing up.
That gave us the pleasure and disgust to see a seasoned Minister?s stone face.
That is a face without moral DNA.
Sharpen up your fist, James.


It is something we all ask a lot on others but rarely on self.
Harper is a perfect example.

Let us compare his China human right issue to his gay marriage stand.
Common sense will say.
Gay marriage is done deal.
Parliament did vote on it.
But why everyone thinks ?play it again, Harper?.

Gay union is the best to his moral acceptance.
But he will not take chance to anger gay voters.
So, evasive he did.
That is his political consideration.
No leader is political suicidal.

Canada value is not an international must.
Like education, only patience and good interplay will work.
To demonstrate and introduce our value like a tyrant is the worst.
To score point with self interest at national expense is not moral.