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September 2006
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What happened in September 15 will get larger response on October 10.
If you have doubt the million people on street before, you better expect more this 10/10.
This ?around the Island trip? will assure of that.

Politics is passion.
I delay my return trip on 23rd and 28th is a good indication.
I am angry due to the unfair maneuver behind the scene.
My release is to stick to peaceful action all the way.

US were high on constitutional process.
They declared that for Taiwan?s case recently.

But they traditionally thought the local constitution a joke.
They even mocked it a protecting shell for dictatorship.
But today they change the position to serious warning.

Not much use it is now.
President always can claim US are interfering with the domestic situation.
And indeed it is.

RED is mainstream new civic movement in Taiwan.
China better stays out of it too.

People are demanding real civil democratic freedom.
No one is in position to deny that.

Tear and compassion are common among RED gathering.
Women stand out.
It is a family thing.
There are a lot hearts here.
In peace they want justice.

But what has Green to offer?
Hysterical responses are more like it.
Desperation is on all faces.

The darker side of human nature took them hostage here.
What a contrast.
They are looking for blood.

Chinese Taiwanese is way to differ Chinese from Taiwan.
This President is declaring war on anyone who is not for independence of Taiwan.
That much is said about his leadership, dependability and statesmanship.

As tired and frustrated like anyone else, I have to stand up to say no to him.
Being one of the little red dots in the big red flood is the only way I got left.
To wait until 2008 for next election is unthinkable for Taiwan present.

US can tolerate the Bush with more death in Iraq is one thing.
Taiwan?s economy can?t afford the time and delay.

System is for the people, by the people and of the people.
People?s will is the real thing.
5 millions on the street at the same time for one purpose is just as good as any due process.


Now we know the press was going to stay on cruise.
But funny why all local news aids are identifying as action news?
That put lot worry in us on the ability of organizers? common sense.

Of course press wants to be where the action is.
Wonder who started this cruise idea.
A new team is a must now.
At least it has to be from top.

Press in Taiwan is demanding 24 hours news and 360 days.
It can be more than you can take.
But public will not accept any less.

Taiwan is not alone in this.
So, this shows how inconsiderate we really are.
Or worse, that is we are not in step with some more motivated societies.
We better catch up now or regret later.


Irish is doing great.
They are attracting US $ 21.66 billions.
And that is better than any of the Asia Four Dragons.

With China link, HK is getting $19.1 billion US.
Singapore with all around effort is at $10.4 billion US.
Korea is $4.83 billion.
And Taiwan is only $1.27 billion US.

As a Canadian, I have to ask what government has done to attract foreign investment.
By far we see only US buying in 2010 related business.
Or, we can say all Canadians are looking at Alberta and BC.

Is that all we can expect of our government?
I hope not.


Harper is pointing finger at Martin.
That is funny.
In our mind, Martin was following UN lines.
But public think Harper is at Bush?s request.
That is a big difference.

But we have to remember the business craftiness of Liberal.
What they did for their pocket money is something we will never forget.

NDP blunder in international affairs is interesting.
They do confuse some good people by telling part truth.
That approach will always leave them in minor league.


China is 20.1% of Taiwan?s trade.
48.61 billions US dollars is the amount for the first half year.
And that is 21.35 billions US dollars? advantage.
You Can call China is the life blood for Taiwan?s economy.

Taiwan?s World Trade Center has less foreign visitors now.
But Trade Shows go on as always.
Taiwan is pushing the show to Bangkok or even China.
You can be sure Vancouver will not be long.

Consumers really looking for bargain in those shows.
And 40 to 50 thousands turn out is normal.
If not for tight Canadian Customer regulation, I would buy cases load.
Camera and computers are just like Adam?s apple.
Printing business opened my eyes greatly.
Hope they can be in Canada soon.

No doubt China is ahead on quantity.
But Taiwan is making up with quality.
Big brands are here and doing well.
Xmas shopping in those shows will definitely put sparks in your eyes.


Traditionally this is a day for teachers.
Chinese put heaven first, then earth, followed with king, next the parent, and finally teacher.
Teacher is the one to set foundation for civil rules and moral standard.
Respect to them has been a top priority in generations.

Funny enough, this also is the 20th birthday for ruling party.
And the society is reaching a historical high on moral demand.
The poor attendance by elected officials had its mirror effect.

Teacher awards had less people to receive too.
The youth in ruling party openly voiced the contempt.
They claim the President is not fit to rule anymore.

Yet ruling party is hostile to all different opinions.
Divide and heading toward to extreme is determined.

The RED is ready to cover all spots on Island.
Show down is on the way.
The final will be on Oct. 10.

That is National Day.
The plan is a bigger crowd to hit the streets.
And 5,000 special selected will aim at President.
All will be peaceful of course.
Labor is going to match with a general strike.
That really will be a first in Taiwan.

To some that will be another beginning.
Let?s wait and see.


China and India lure wind investments
Australia is making the best of it.
One has to wonder about Canada?s Asia Pacific effort.

Honda is opening new China factory.
Canada is worrying US market.

Taiwan is quietly seeing businessmen transferring base to China.
No one can afford to stay behind.
10 years political misdirection is causing the decline in next 10 years.

Under ground exchange is in the billions.
Smart ones are making big bucks.

Top banks are buying into China banks.
Now coastal ones are gone.
They have to target ones deep in land.
IMF is betting heavily by increase the percentage.
Taiwan?s cement company is pouring 1.4 billion?s investment in China.

Another shoe company is moving focus from China to India.
That is a 527 millions in investment.
They target 400,000 pairs each month.
Domestic market is the reason.
Others are ready to move in too.

India stocks top the best at 20%.
Last month was 9.4% in profit.

Taiwan?s number one company is going India with factory of cell phone.
Another company is planning 5 more.

Maybe we need a new election to re-focus what is best for Canada.
Motorola is the only one to increase buying in Taiwan.
Personally I like to see Canada has bigger presence in China, India and Taiwan.


When million people let their will to be known in a march, the ground they walked over is a holy land.
As an Asian nation, a landmark is born and stands tall.

The President is still in the office.
But peaceful people power is making great presence.
People learn decision is theirs to make.

No politician seems capable to have situation in control.
But no one dares not to try.
Whatever the outcome, people is the big winner.
They prove to all that they are the one in charge.
Follow the leader is a thing of past.

Many still are in trance of the moment.
But it is important to see its place in history.
A permanent presence to mark the occasion is now.
Holy land it is.

Taiwan has a population of 23 millions.
Taipei is 2 millions 680,000.
Million people denied corruption..
It is a big step for Taiwan.
And it is making impression on people in China.
They will want the same thing in due time.

I speak my piece.
Smart politician will make it real in no time.


This is the comparison of activities yesterday.
On RED side, police acknowledged only 30,000 people in another city.
But Green was 10,000.
That is official story.

Media saw it different.
Press made RED 60,000 and GREEN 2,000.

Police on RED site is 1,758 and 470 for Green.
Road block was 308 on RED but none at Green.
Special force cars were 4 and 2 on RED site.
Green had ambulance and fire truck each.
Preparation and expectation are truth telling.

Numbers and pictures are true measure of the situation.
Peace or violence is clearly defined.

Yet ruling party is fueling the situation in over drive.
No wonder the second lady attacked in red car is saying.
She will not change color of the car.
It is government needs change.

6 more cities will have activities in next few days.
The irony is.
Ruling party has the administrative power on hand.
They can exercise the power and proceed with action to deal with anything unlawful or illegal.
But verbal smear is all they are doing.


This is the National Day in Taiwan.
No one seems seriously to care about this day anymore.

Politicians play it.
Like now, it is suggested to cancel the celebration by ruling party.
They fear the peace offensive by Red that day.

No one is surprised.
They long consider it a ritual of past dictatorship.
Even the Red is playing it by using the day to embarrass the President.

Sad it is indeed.
No respect to the day is real by all.

October 10 has been important to my generation.
It was a day first in Asian to be democratic.
The historical significance is real.
Yet politics tramps the whole thing this October.

None in deep Blue is voicing the meaning of the day.
In their mind, that is political suicide.

Strangely it really reflects of the present situation.
It was a choice between evolutional change and revolution.
Dynasty corruption pushed people?s patience to the extreme.
Change was a must.
People died for the cause to make a difference.
Today people are looking for the same.
But they lose sight and respect to this meaningful day.