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July 2006
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It is sad to see Taiwan?s politician going too far.
Formal Premier Sun was and still is the most well respected leader there.
His hard working ended in stroke when he still was in office.
He was awarded as presidential advisor with monthly paycheck along with medical aid.
Change of ruling party didn?t change the status.
That is as good a statement on his contribution to Taiwan.

Yet, yesterday, the legislator closest to president family was accusing the usage of public fund for his nurse.
This is a re-action to First Family?s paying son-in-law?s house keeper as presidential civil servant.
The son-in-law is appearing in Times as indicted at age 34.
And the lady legislator forgot Taiwan?s beloved Sun already passed away.

I am glad to be in Canada.
Personally, I feel she is like accusing Santa in the Western world.
That logic is killing all human decency.
Sun was instrumental for Taiwan?s proud economical prosperity.
And his humble family condition indeed needed social consideration.
His cloth we often saw on TV was evident enough about his financial condition.
That is way below today?s Taiwan social standard.

That blind hate is giving me the chill.
You can see the depth of the root, and it accepts no reason or logic.
With her youthful good look, fear is all I have.

US $ 100

This will be the price of a poor people?s computer.
The market is targeted at 4 billion people.
7 countries are listed.
China is 1.3 billion people with only 5.2% having computer.
India is at 1 billion with 2%.
The rest are Brazil, Nigeria, Argentina, Egypt and Thailand.

You think that is cheap?
Then think again.
Amul ice cream in India is only US 5 cents.
Hair shampoo is US 1 cent.

China coke is less than Canada 1 cent.
Wine is less than $ 2 Canada.
E-cell car will be 2000 plus in Canada dollars.

Wake up, Canada.
That is why there is Wal-Mart.


That is you and me.
Police is considering we may know too much.
And that may not be in our best interest.
Yes, it is true sometime we prefer not to know all the dirt.
But this timing is curiously strange with provincial Liberal?s preference on not going back in September.
Knowledgeable already voiced the objection.
Assembly must be in session to perform the duty to check and balance the administration
And they are paid just to do that.
Public has to be tight on accountability and transparency.
Knowing too much may not be good.
But not knowing at all will be worse.

Are there things need hiding?
Hope not.

Vancouver Mayor just commended on foreign visitors.
That led to another?s statement on oversea trip paid by other side.
Hey, we need to know if this was a pay off in influence buying.
Public needs to know and has the right to know.


Vancouver Mayor can worry about his embarrassment on poor local return on appreciation.
I was thinking how they see us when visiting.

Let?s be honest.
Do we ever hear the friendly greeting by our first line operatives at airport?

Maybe a word of welcome with smiling face is best.
We are not Hawaii, but we can do better.


It is scary to read the Seattle gunman is a good local breed.
And his past was so average.
That means there can be many more like him.
If US has the like, then who can promise we don?t have the like here.
That makes the peaceful present a mine field.
I can think nothing but police chief?s practicing target.


Weekend?s news shows all pointed on disaster with US in Mid East.
Bush and Rice were the targets.
They went way back to drag out the 15th final result by Baker long time ago.
Does that means he is the one to get job done again?
With all failing surprises as George pointed out, why not.

Harper must regret on his lightness to appoint his Minister of foreign affairs.
A threat to his party leadership to cast in that role was a convenience.
Now the short coming with both may be the cause of the party down fall.

Liberal leadership can be the key.
The unlikely G. Kennedy may do wonder with the name alone.

No wonder September election is an option now.
Emerson is not paying off in lumber deal.
Who can we count on now with better diplomatic vision and ability?


It has new meaning now.
From our point, it is BC to Asia rich.
But with Thailand new death in bird flu, we can be gateway of disease to Canada.
And there are terrorists situation too.
Look at India?s situation with neighboring countries.
On my recent trip back from Asia, I don?t see much work at airport.
Port can be worse.


Yes, Canada government is better to make plans for situation in the area.
It is best ready than have nothing in hand.
And it just can happen in next few months.

Simply put, Taiwan?s leader is the reason.
The rumor of corruption around him is reaching all time high.
With his past record, he is capable of anything for his freedom after the presidency.
So far, no one had predicted correctly on his past responses.
It is fair to say no one knows what he will do next.
That means one has to think the worst.
Don?t forget he is the government.
Military is in his control.
Remember Marcos?
He was very democratic USA, right?
And he is so much less in comparing to the ability and action with this one.

China is not helping either.
Yes, they don?t want any trouble.
But internal labor situation complicated with military power play, Beijing Olympic can?t cover it all.
And there are people who definitely don?t like to see a new and stronger China.
They don?t mind to do things to make sure of that.

The worst is all had showed intention that it is better sooner than later.
US have election in November.
Taiwan is in December.
Iraq, N. Korea and Israel are trouble spots.
UN head will change hand.
When no one wants trouble, then trouble it will be.

Funny is how Canada can make things worse here.
I am from Taiwan.
Of course I am glad to see Canada?s support to Taiwan?s survival.
But timing is very important.
When support can be misdirected to personal use, it is disaster.
But that seems the case.
Our MPs need better advice.

So, let?s wait and see.


Monday, local Jew community rally in Vancouver will go as planned.
This is right after Seattle?s shooting by Muslim American with his anger at Israel
One is dead and 5 injured.
We don?t need that here.

Yet, this is only a 3 hours drive thing.
Another incidence by any Muslin American will put us right in the conflict.
Think again.
Harper?s Bush stance is reason enough for some crazy ones to take up the action.
We need to safe check our passion here.


When head of law enforcement put bullet-riddled shooting target on city manager?s desk, one can?t help but to think the horse?s head in God Father.
So, we are in trouble.
When it is a symbol of job ?dedication?, then is gang war in uniform next?
Funny how formal Mayor stands up for this as the man in Senate, and current Mayor responds as such.
And this can?t be our representation for 2010.