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June 2006
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There is no major scandal in sight.
So it has to be the China position on N. Korea missile.
You can call it a gesture.
But you have to consider how close China is with N. Korea.
A nerve is touched for sure.
And Canada is too close to US.
Being careful is a good policy.


The paper openly wrote China youth is better prepared than US in education.
It is a fair comparison in their standard.
But that is not Canadian way.
I can?t help but to remember the inclusive argument among our city school board members a while back.


The determination of Israel government is fearsome.
To them, it is a matter of survival.
Like it or not, you have to admire the fast military maneuver both in information and action.
Since our troop is in Afghan now, I wish our troop can fast learning to survive.


This was a catchy phrase in my UC Berkeley days.
Now it is the world city trend.
City is the future.
But big is not better.
Asia Pacific Cities Summit 2005 had reached this conclusion.
And I made it clear that this is the structure of Greater Vancouver.
I am proud to make Burnaby my choice of residency.

Boomers learn that big house is big liability.
Old age is not helping on house maintenance.
Smaller apartment is more suitable for comfortable life style.

US have 10 million people commuting daily to work.
It is a 50% increase from 1990.
Smaller family is freedom.
Fast food is up 25%.
Adaptation in auto industry is visible in styling and gas saving innovations.


50 years of mobility life style marked its place in history.
But all good things eventually would come to an end.
Oil price is the final nail.
American always is the best in pioneering and enterprising.
But the failure in maintenance is the key.
Last 10 years I often sighed on the break up on the road.
Comparing to new Asia, it can?t be more obvious.

Now we are talking about Gate Way to Asia.
Canada?s road maintenance is worse.
Maybe the bridge is not the solution.

I can see it is trucker vote against residence vote.
Local is against provincial.
If air is too expensive, how about water way?


News report says that every 3 of us in 20 peole got one.
That is a 24% increase.
82% are $ 10 and $ 20.

2004 was the worst year with 553,000 cases.
2003 was 443,000 and was double of 2002.
Last year still had 403,000 cases.
Watch out.


What else can I say?
It is hot today.

In the pool, one lane had 25 people at one time.
People were not for swimming.
Everybody just wanted to be in the cool water.

World Cup is still the focus.
And city councils had to be at the meeting.
Of course, the air condition was on.
The coat over the polo shirt was the evidence.
And it was a long and hard meeting.
The stress was all over Mayor?s face.
5/3 split in councils makes it tough.

But opposition needs more work.
Now 6 months later, I still don?t know their contribution.

Ruling party at least put all their people on all committees.
I did apply for two, and both got rejected.
Glad we do have so many qualified people in our city.

Personally I just hope they have things to show soon.
Like today, is our pool system fits the public needs?
Only if they were there, then they would know how many problems we do have.
Maybe it is too hot to be out there.


To be exclusive is important.
Slam Ball will be that item in Asia.
But now Singapore Sony related company is getting that exclusiveness.

To make it luxury item is vital.
That is how you create the added value

Package the product with structure best fit to customers.
Let the customers to play with content.
That is where the profit is.

Blockbuster don?t happen everyday.
That is why niche-busters is better.

Finally you have to sex up the product.
Then success is near.
Luck is the final maker or breaker.


There are 10 items in mind.
First is to acknowledge mistake.
Cover-up will lead to lie after lie.
Time lost.

Corruption is the worst.
Never let it get to you or people round you.

Subsidy always encourages laziness.
It is never good for competitive spirit.

Stay out of market interference.
Trust the system and avoid political power play.

Loan is not the final solution.
Self reliance is the foundation of all things.

Do not re-invent.
The road used by all is the best and right one.

Adam Smith rules.
If German can accept that, so can you.

Humble always is better than bitterness and complain.
People will be more willing to lend a hand.

Aid from developing countries can be a curse.
They often create the negative result.

Never lose hope.


My youth was a period not allowed to speak of feeling.
No wonder American calls us inscrutable.
My teen years were all no risk.
That made me often wonder if I was a coward.
By 30, sky was the limit.
To some I was a wild one.
In 40, job, family and obesity took hold.
It made me complete but also on decline without realizing it.
And 50s was at loss again.
The passing of both parents gave me total freedom.
Changes were crude BUT challenging.
60s I am real again.
Staying involved and expanding horizons help life to shine.
Blessed to be in Vancouver, I can see 80.
I promise myself an active life with lot wisdom to share.
90, why not!