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April 2006
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The World Basketball Championship will be in Japan this August.
All participating teams are scrambling to get the best preparation.
Usually that means good pre-tournament with similar environment to play in.

Taiwan is a near perfect place.
And it is so basketball oriented.
The fact US team with Kobe, Le Bron and Wade will drive Taiwan crazy.
However Taiwan is not working hard on the idea due to the fact Korea has committed US team first.
Taiwan does not know the deal is still on.

In old days it was Korea took advantage by taking all the good teams from then just finished Jones Cup in Taiwan to Korea to participate in their own following tournament.

Now it is time for reverse order.
Taiwan can get US team if matching up with better competitive games before or after Korea tournament.
It will be an offer they will not say no to.
US team always needs more time to play for practice.
You just have to get their attention.
Packaging and presentation are the keys.
Like Nike says.
Just do it.


Yes, I am against war.
So I am no lover of our military action oversea.
I hate the idea that our young lose their lives there.

But, reality is we are there.
So it is how best to carry it out and keep the death to the minimum.

Training is the key.
And equipment must be top.

If government sends them out with bad training and defected equipment, then we have to give hell to those in charge.
My eye will be on government to see if they do care about death.
We don?t support war, but we have to support our young on military mission.


This is how beer is promoted in the most populated city in the world, Chongqing.
Beer fountain is current and allow you to smell the beer in 500 meters.
The other two were played out with maximum public response.
The beer bath for 10 was hot.

Maybe some Canadian will see that as America style of waste.
But it works.
How will we do for our 2010 Olympics?


My returned trip was good one.
But funny part is the airline seemed jinxed.
With what had happened yesterday and my refusing to take their hotel accommodation, naturally it was understandable that they didn?t want anything to go wrong again.

The minute I reached airline counter, all personals were in full attention.
Not only everyone greeted me with their best smiles but also a real how are you.
Airport duty manager showed up in minute.
I was in true VIP formality.

The use of official passage was great.
Immigration section was really crowded with huge waiting lines.
I had to appreciate the time saved.
The treatment continued to VIP room and then flight gate.

Once on flight, I had the top attention.
Cabin chief made sure everything was ok with me.
My seat was specially arranged.
And this is the fun part I call jinxed..

First, when champagne was served, she had to spill on me.
Then when it came to private movies, mine was the only one not working on the flight.
They were embarrassed, but I laughed.
I saw it as the fate of the moment.
Like the saying goes, when you try the hardest, often it is the time fate plays the joke on.
They just couldn?t do it right.

To me, this is not intentional, so it is ok.
But yesterday was really a bad case of treating people wrongly.
They couldn?t tell they were putting customer in victim node.
That was whole 8 hours long.
The ignorance was unbelievable.
And it was so total in everyone I was encountered with..

Flight cabin chief did ask me if I do go through in crushing their current slogan, if I don?t mind, do I care to name a new one.
I said sure.
That is.
It can be magical if you are on China Airlines.


Before rushing off to airport, I managed to attend the forum ?Seize the India Trend?.
Taiwan is really making a pitch to India.
I got part of speech by Acer owner.
He specially pointed out that Taiwan is not using India as a tool to cool China relation.
To him, it is time to explore the role to bridge the two growing giants.
In doing that, Taiwan will find unique ways for own development.
That is his TIC strategy.
That is Taiwan, India and China.

At least Acer will do just that.
And sponsoring ruling party didn?t object.
That is a good indicator as Taiwan?s healthy next step.

Also Acer is offering initiative to create a foundation for branding investment.
That can be a first in the world.

To me BC has to find the role too.
If government is not up to it, then we the people will do just that for our children and their generation.


His books are all on top sale list in Taiwan.
He is making a speech in Taiwan now at a price of US $50,000.
4,000 people were there to listen.
That included Central Bank chairman and many corporation leaders.

News paper headlined his statement or rather comment.
He is quoted saying that Taiwan?s political leaders are short sighted.
Many failed to have oversea academic experience.
They are not in touch with world reality.
And they failed to have world vision.

Basically he has more faith in Taiwan.
Comparing to Japan, he thinks Taiwan has greater advantage by capable of Japanese, Chinese and English.
Taiwan has 90,000 companies in China when Japan has only 30,000.
And China is relying greatly on Taiwan experience in current developing situation.
So to say China will really attacking Taiwan militarily in irresponsible.
There is no advantage in that to anyone.

I can?t help but to wonder.
Isn?t BC and Canada also ought to listen what he is saying?


This airline is spending tons of money to advertise that they are customers first.
Well, to day I was a victim of this advertisement.
Mind you, I am their VIP card member.
I had made sure I confirmed over the phone to VIP office about confirmation of my seat yesterday.
My flight is 2 pm, and my hotel car got me there 12 pm.
The VIP line young lady acknowledged me to be there at 12:05.
And counter girl agreed.
She told me that my confirmation would be next day.
I said no way because I got confirmation over the phone with VIP office.
She said she had to go to counter chief.
Then she told me I have to wait until 1:20 pm.
Remember this is airline internal mistake but I had to be the one get punished.
By 1:20 pm after I had stand right there all these time.
The chief never even glanced my way.
That was an ironic if you take their customer first ad seriously.
Both girls dealt with me were edgy about my situation.
But I could see the guy had other late comers he felt were more important to me even I was there long time.
That is ok.
At my age I know the rule of power.
I just want to see how far he would go with me as VIP member.
I knew they had seat left.
The girl tried to ask me if I want to use my point to up-grade.
Now it is principle time.
By rule as VIP member I am entitled to get up-grade automatically if economy class is full.
Now I really want to see how they would act in true spirit as in customer first ad.
He finally came to me and looked at me for the first time.
He said he wanted to explain to me.
I snapped back saying why bother.
The flight was gone.
2 hours was wasted.
I had to go to bath room.
Then I came to ask if I could pre-check in.
They said no.
Remember this is airline headquarter city.
I told them why I could do that with same airline in HK.
They said they have no knowledge of that.
So I had to put my belongings to paying storage service.
Next I went to airline airport office asking to see decision maker to put in my complaint.
The guy was well mannered.
But he still didn?t take in to think as I was and specially a VIP member.
That is until VIP office called me on my cell to apologize.
He asked to talk to the girl.
By then I could tell he finally realize all I said was true.
Up to now it is still within the golden moment on any crisis management time frame.
He was apologizing.
But that was all.
He accompanied me to see me got on taxi to city to airline headquarter to complain.
I paid my $ 1200 taxi fare.
I was at VIP office at 4:35 pm.
Again I told the girls there that even they know me well, but it is best for a decision maker to receive me.
Their department head and second in command showed up.
By then it was 7 pm.
When all interrogations were done with this victim, it was 8 pm.
By now they offered hotel.
I said no.
I just want to rip that ad down for customers come first.
I called it a lie and false ad.
Next I went to newspaper.
More taxi fares I had to put up.
By now I had no food or water yet.
To me it is the principle.
If we can?t hold them to honor their own ad, then we really lose as a responsible society.
It is really an order of social check and balance.
Somebody has to stand up to do the job.


5 billion dollars, he bought the lake and related land.
He has tons of arts and antiques.
But this time he went after nature.
Let?s call it the moment.

He took famous artists there.
The memory lane went back 17 years ago.
When the moment arrived, artists took the defeat that there is no way for them to capture in their work.
He smiled.
He has his unique one and only moment.


60,000 people work for the company.
They expect to do 500 billion dollars business.
16 years old with 15 departments, change is the only way to survive and stay ahead.

They pin point the company weakness as short on vision and not looking ahead far enough.

They have been reacting to each situation like chasing after each fire.
Now they know to plan ahead is the key.
Same effort but you don?t have to stress out as much.

In 2002, when profit down from 16 billions to 10 billions, they learned they were not in steps with people.
Company head openly apologized.
He promised.
To look ahead and plan backward is the new awareness.

It seems 2010 Olympics can learn something here.
That is to seek out all variables ahead of times.
Let?s not be another Montreal.


Politically it is power.
Economically it is money.
And spiritually it is believe.

Canada is facing interesting challenge now.
Regionally, BC is strong on Asia Pacific Gateway policy.
That is an economical reality.

But Conservative?s US preference is making interesting contrast.
In reality, it can be a balance for Eastern region interest.
It can be a gesture.
But it is dangerous if for real.

Latest event in White House perfectly demonstrated the new international reality.
China is good at using the new money to buy America.
All purchasing are focused on not China friendly congress members? districts.

And Bush has to seek China cooperation on international events.
This clarifies one thing.
That is China is having a world leader role without asking.

Politically China now stands as near equal to US.
Economically any monetary change is closely watched by all.
And China doesn?t have to take side as a Christian.
China is busy securing energy need and maintaining economical improvement.
They plan things up to 2020 politically and economically.

In all, Canada has to take China on much serious term.
Canada ought to wisely making what we call industrial espionage into economical join ventures.
Cooperation is always better the confrontation.
It is a choice.