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March 2006
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The deal is done.
But the impact is not felt yet.
It took US over thousand lives to reach this reality.
Canada is only just beginning.
Like Bush, the patriotic calling is loud and clear.
Public do respond to it.
But for how long?


Where are you in recent Oval and Ferry situation?
Both are a great deal of tax payers? money.
Do we really react only when political machine says go?

Press is soft too.
Being careful is good.
It is better late than never.
I hope.


Same name but two generations.
How many remember old one was king maker in past US presidential election.
Old Kennedy made deal with him to put son in White House.
It was dirty politics all the way.
Even FBI Hoover couldn?t touch him.

The young one is just the opposite.
He made sure Sinatra?s ?Chicago? was a tone of past.

Our BC top man has ambition past 2010.
I wonder why there is no news on him meeting this 17 years new Mayor.

And why there is no special press interview by any media.
This reflects badly at how international we are.


Is US $ 300 million too much?
Many told me no.
They just say it is cheap.

They point out.
So much money has been raised in the name of cancer.
If there is a final solution, then get it…
The worst it can be is many will be out of job.
Then, that is another story.

My friend Sam from Berkeley day assured me this is a sure thing.
But so far everyone is saying ?really??

Caner Society never replied.
Alberta governor office didn?t either.
What are they afraid of?
Is it that hard to send an e-mail to ask?
In case you care, that is


5 pm Sunday only one life guard was on duty.
With bad weather outside, there were more people using the pool.
A guy new on this shift came out to help.
The more experienced girl assumed the situation and let the guy loose on his own.
Rules were not observed.
We old timers looked at each other.
Preventative measures were not taken at all.
Only one life guard was on duty but went into stock rooms to get little things for kids.
Nice and loving, but the fact was no guard was on sight.
Oh, they didn?t clean up for 5 pm class either.
At 6 pm, they didn?t put lap swimming sign on either.
People crossed each other.
Good people were taken advantage of and bad ones got away.
In the locker room, people wasted quarters on useless lockers.
Worse was a guy with back on locker found his locker closed without the key.
He couldn?t tell if his cloth was still in.
It was 6:30 pm, but he was told he had to wait until 8 pm.
He was all bare.
I had enough and felt nothing more to do.
I left.


The reason I got into politics in Burnaby mainly was due to the forceful break-in of my place 3 years ago.
I sensed the casing of our building.
I told the manager.
And he called the police.
Police made fun of him.
We had 10 break-ins in one week.
I was too trusting and went oversea.
My loss was huge.
No insurance hurts.
But who would want it when living at good neighborhood on 12th floor.

Friday a guy was trying 7-8 keys trying to open the mail room.
I asked him why not seek help with manager next door.
He took 3-4 boxes left in a hurry.
I went to manager and learned that he didn?t know a guy was doing that right next door.
It was too late to catch the guy.
Now a posting notice tells us that a car was broke into and a car was stolen.

I know they are back.
This time I am not going anywhere.
I will be waiting.


I value Canada to be my country to be free, fair and plenty of opportunity.
My vision of Canada is a global power for a better world.
My ambition is to make my experience a tool to Canada new mainstream.
I want our young to be competitive in the world with the best..

Reality is our value is political words play.
Our vision is so US oriented.
Our ambition is so much at internal peace making.
Youth competitiveness is just government statistic.

Will I give up?
No, I am just beginning.
Wait and see.


First we have to know the difference in country, government and parties.
But reality is many are confused by political manipulation.

We love our country and offer our loyalty.
We support our government but reserve the right to monitor.
We only join the party to make an alliance.
The most important part is we can change party freely and vote down a government in election.
Party has no hold on us in any form.

Party did claim to point a candidate is an internal matter as Martin did in Tony Kuo case.
Party stand was accepted by public even in public view Kuo was played.

Now suddenly hooker turns a virgin.
Emerson is hunted down as traitor.
In fact, he may be the Adam to bite on apple.
But who ever asked who put snake in the garden.
Harper was the one to make the offer.
And no one can say Emerson is not serving our country.
I prefer to see if it is in country?s interest.
Don?t we all?


Watching the re-play of Burnaby city council meeting, I am glad to see one 80 years old still have the clear mind to see the importance of freedom of free expression.
Mayor?s smiling remark hinted me that there was old beef unsolved.
That is not helping on his Lordship?s gracefulness.

As independent, I will not fall for party lines.
I am for public funded signage post.

Voters have right to know.
Tax payer?s money ought to spend on well managed public spaces.
Candidates simply supply the needed information for public posting.

Current argument is so much like head in the sand.
Not to hear or see really is a cop-out.
The excuses do not make sense to me.

West has long telling the East that to respect the rules of the game.
But what we see on TV of this council meeting is really a tyrant in a not so smooth civilized cover.
The old timer?s point was never really accepted as it is.
Conspiracy and political suspicion were front and center.
Will he be in next political race is his business.
Before he official announcing it, it is still his privacy.
Point blank to question if he will run is a cheap shot and needed less to say is not a good manner to an old vet both politically and militarily.

My regret is council Johnson never realize that as independent I DIDN?T PUT UP ANY SIGN.
That by itself was a statement.


Maybe Canada is not one.

Today?s paper had a story on local marathon market.
Local organizer will have one in May with 35 years history.
But they strongly reject the US based company to apply an August one.
The decision will be at city council?s meeting next month.

Local one think the US one too commercialized and pride self with the best 1800 volunteers tradition.
Experts point out this really is a sponsorship war.
Money is the key.
I will love to see how Vancouver city councils will deal with this one.
That is after they already have a record to pull out from the peace conference this June.