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February 2006
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Chirac is up one on Bush.
Monday, France signed declaration on nuclear cooperation with India.
And a 43 airbus deal was made.
It is a good state visit.
And only Metro had reported.
This is done before Bush?s arrival next month.
In comparison, why Canada is only trying to visit Afghanistan?


It was a topic in yesterday?s TV covered city council meeting.
The message was independent left so many signs uncared after election.
Now it is a liability to city.

Wording from Mayor and Council Johnson was all tolerance with such humanity.
But this independent didn?t put up any signage at all.
Why I didn?t get a special mention on my good merit.


Sunday at Bonsor pool at 4:25 pm, a kid was falling hard on his back head on pool side.
Life guard on duty was alert and got on the case in the water right away.
With help from supervisor, the kid was put on stretcher in the water and then slowly lifted to pool side.
Shortly firemen showed up.
By now all were busy writing report.
Not until 5 pm the ambulance showed up.
More conversation was conducted.
Finally the kid was taken away.

Luckily it was not a life threatening situation.
Or we can?t be too sure.
My question is.
What was the function of firemen?
And why ambulance was so late?
35 minutes could be life or death here.
It really was a double duty on man power.


This has to be an official trip.
Then why not be more presentable as the Mayor of next Winter Olympics city.
If this is a real budget situation, then Vancouver is in big trouble.

In my old days, I received thousands of visitors to Taiwan.
I know the importance of first impression.

But if he is taking advantage of airlines? courtesy upgrade and still live on the penny saving image, something is terribly wrong here.
In contrast, Campbell?s Europe trip refusing to tell the cost seems more honest.

Comparing both situation, I am under the impression that there is no clear rule on how government official traveling on official business.
If so, that is the real problem.
And where is Olympic people?


Logically, elected official represents people who voted him or her into office to express certain opinion.
Richard Lee saw the result on Asian Canadians good grade.
He felt obligated to reflect on how Asian parents push hard on education to the young.
That is old school thinking but very Asian.

Our city?s first lady saw that as violation to the mainstream thinking on inclusive.
But this is also old school since it is really based on first come mentality.
As city?s population with new high on minority, both sides fail to see a new and needed balance.
Both unfortunately can?t provide vision of the future.

UBC president?s recent public speech clearly indicates her admiration on educational front in China, India and even Singapore.
Mainstream at the moment simply is not competitive.
It is time for mainstream to look out globally not close in.
And time is the key.

The clash at best is storm in a tea pot.
Both sides ought to take time to look and hear that UBC speech.

Burnaby Now is interesting too.
Richard Lee and Gabriel Yiu both get good press space without living in Burnaby.
That certainly is inclusive.


Layton is getting hard on Emerson.
Vancouver Mayor is practicing flag waving and gave support to Emerson.
Stockwell Day is border patrolling with US.
Raymond Chan never got the report on gang study.
It is all negative.

Oh, we are promoting gay marriage tour in US market.
And Surrey Mayor is promoting Surrey in Torino.
Our US representative is 68.
You can read between the lines.

Bird Flu is in France.
Italy, Greece and Bulgaria were yesterday?s news.
England may be next.
India and Egypt are in.
North America can?t be far.
Some reported 12 million death potential, and some say I billion.
So, where is the directive from our beloved 3 levels of government?

Now look up and tell me what news.

Oh, Japan market is down 330 again.
Is that the reason to provoke war with China?
Can?t figure.


First I have to say is the booming job market.
Almost every field is demanding new work forces.
It is good pay on local standard but not bad for few neighboring countries.
And India has the largest right aged work forces.
That is why they will outshine China in due time.

It is me generation in youth there.
That is a huge change to a traditional race.
But it does free the imagination of the coming generation.
Potential is unlimited.

Bush will visit India in early March.
March madness will have new meaning other than the NCAA Tournament this year.
You can tell by how Rice is re-shaping the State Department by having the largest staffs staying in China and India.
That tells you where the actions will be in the future.
At least that is US?s view.

And Canada is still US and Europe bounded.
And look at where Harper is going.
How Conservative it is.


Today I was happy to see Voice of BC has respectable guests voicing what I considered a true Emerson.
Also on the same night, I saw president of UBC telling the public the importance of Canadian competitiveness in comparison to the surging power of China and India along with the refined Singapore.

There will be more air times on both in this week.
I just hope my son will follow my advice to see both later.

To know I have been right is one thing.
But facing innocent or rather ignorant public can be very discouraging.

Now I wait to see if press will pick up in tomorrow?s papers.


Reality calls.
How are we going to do in Middle East?
Or are we going to be late again?


Unless we can say our system is far ahead, then we have to really gear up now.
It is better early than late here.
Government has to speak up now.