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January 2006
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It is pretty clear that I will vote at last minute.
Balance is the key.

Many had cast their vote already.
Good, it shows they are determined.
That is to vote on what they really believe in.
That is true to personal faith in person and system.

I look for a government with check and balance.
So I have to wait to know how East coast vote turns out and then decide my vote.
One vote is not much but will be my best to my country.
Minority government with solid opposition is what I want.
Politician can not be trusted.
We have to put trust in ourselves.
Our vote ought to be like our investment in market.
Wrong decision will hurt the worst.


Harper?s statement is not comforting to me.

I prefer he would say.
After Liberal?s absolute power, he sees absolute corruption.
And he is glad there are Liberal influence to be the check and balance.
That will make sure of Conservative never be in position to be like Liberal.
He will promise.
Under his leadership, future appointment will not be party oriented.

Like the old commercial said.
It is not how long you make it.
It is how you make it long.

Harper?s statement reflects it is not that he doesn?t want absolute power.
It sounds like he just can?t get it.


There is no doubt that Liberal needs a lesson to keep them in line with decency in the future.
But we must not forget the lesson we in BC learned 4 years ago in provincial election.
So we better not let the emotion getting the worst of us.

Conservative can have a minority government.
But we do need a strong opposition in Liberal to safe guard the economy along with international balance.
Martin may not strike us the best in dignity.
But no one doubt his economical know how.
And Harper can?t convince us on his dependency with US.
To get Mulroney back to help is not the answer.
Martin can help again at opposition.

NDP can?t do the job because they appear to spend the money the best.
But they never try to be country?s best bread earner.
They live too long under Liberal?s economical prosperity.
Not to learn how best to develop the economy is catching up with them this election.
Watch dog role is not enough this time.

News says Liberal may call for Martin to step down.
That kind power play is not in Canada?s interest.
Hope they are words only.


Yes, I am still undecided.
But it is due to the fact I am visualizing Conservative in Minority and Liberal as healthy opposition to make sure nothing will go wrong economically and internationally.

Conservative in Minority will give us a chance with anew election if too Bush like and economically bad.
This will need a good deal of good Liberal to be elected.

I have to say sorry to NDP because they are not economical sound.
Only socially adequate is not enough.


Like I said long time ago, to vote me in as mayor is the best choice for the city.
Now we are looking at a two against five plus mayor situation.
Yes, one is not in the fight.
And one seat is again under contest.

It will be fun to watch the going on.
The testy tone and impatience were obvious
Rankin engine is on.
A preview of 2008 mayor duel is on the way.
One-sided decision situation is a by gone past
Both sides are in need of good check and balance.
That is not there at the moment.
But that will not be the best Burnaby interest.
Hope maturity will come in time.
Ignorant against arrogance is not the answer.
But selfishly, it is fun for me to watch.


There is not much coverage on them by the press.
But they are national players.
Something is not quite right here.
In the least, press is not informing us enough as readers or audiences on Green.

In BC, press talks only three ways tie.
But with corrupted label on Liberal, hidden agenda with Conservative, and social issues only for NDP, public has the right to know if Green is a choice.

In my riding I don?t even know the name of the Green candidate.
This is the weak part of Canada political system.
Namely it is party money power.
Public has no choice but to take in all party?s brain wash ads.

Liberal is always good for economics, but income trust loses final public trust.
Conservative is fresh and willing but can not be trusted on hidden agendas.
And economic short coming combining with pro-US international stand without a real Canadian consideration worry voters.
NDP in BC needs Asia Pacific policy and global economics development.
Altogether, we need Green to see if there are fresh ideas.

When all fail, then another minority government is on the way.
That at least gives us a chance to change government again in case of a Canadian Bush or tricky Martin.


As Burnaby residence, it was nice to have federal election forum in our city.
But it was sad to see only party interests and group politics to be the make up of the event.
The public was at best small and indifferent.

Sponsoring Chinese newspaper and radio station fully reflected who they are and what they are.
They mirrored the hard fact where Chinese community stands.
The effort deserves some appreciation..

Site setting can be better.
The market like situation at food court was not political serious..
How I wish I could use my past experience to help.

Two hosting ladies had a nervous start.
And they did a bad job on courtesy to candidates who spoke no Chinese.
Two male hosts with more experience started with control and balance.
But they failed miserably when NDP female translator attacked Conservative candidate in person by name. And worse, that was not part of NDP candidate statement.
The silent acceptance is the dent to the event.

Nine candidates had only 7 showed up.
Peter Julian did come late with no seat left on stage.
Bill Siksay gave the best impression by clarity of the mind and delivery.
Big Minister D was plain.
Maybe he was too confident on party voting block.
The passion was not there.
Rest showed very little substance.
All spoke like ?white man speaks with folk tongue?.
None was capable to show how to be done.
I ended up left early.


It has been sometime on this web site.
Eight rewarding months it has been.
I enjoy it tremendously.
But circumstance has its way.
And maybe it will be time to say good bye.

I am still grateful to find help to set up this web site.
It was great for my election.
Not provincial, but it was in municipal.
The payment was worth it.

What disturbs me now is I just learn that it is not registered under my name.
This means other has the right over me.
The reality is I paid for it but not getting the ownership.
And this is done by a person I am seeing daily.

So the lesson is.
In Western society, you deal things on rational.
This I had learned long time ago in my Berkeley days.
But I am losing it.
The rule in jungle is.
Know the rule and go by the black and white not by word of mouth.
Trust is honorable but means little to many people.
To know the law on your own is the only protection.

I really hate to tell my son to trust no one.
Ethic in human relation or even the true spirit in service is fading.
We all hate to see people behind the counter chatting none essential while long line is forming.
But that is the kind of world we have.
To serve is yes but under union condition.

I like to make a difference.
But I can?t do it alone.
Join me if a better world for our next generation also is your goal.

Let us have trust again.


Finally I got to see how new councils conducted themselves.
Not too hot is the best I can describe it.

Mayor was in control as always.
But opposition had displayed poorly.

True, it takes time to learn.
But good common sense and dignity with mutual respect can help a lot.

There seems no coordination effort either from city hall to all new councils or within the opposition party.
An orientation process simply didn?t take place.
Or they did but no one cared.

Now for the first time, I see a no tie and suit situation.
And the exchange was so casual
It was so out of place when mixed with ?your lordship? formality.

And the other?s ?my safety? and ?my home? concern made me wonder if he will put citizens first.
God, he even didn?t have the courtesy to pretend.
Not to attend budget meeting was a sin.
Putting out a proposition without checking the day?s news paper topped it all.
He got no help from city hall is for sure.

But where was the party?
Party has to step in now to make a difference.
Hope both will be better next week.

Mayor had ?bear and grin? all over his face.
And his troop will be more arrogant than ever.
The worst is it is on TV.
People will think this is all Burnaby has to show.
Respect, never!


Martin is done.
He is running scared with shaky confidence.
Yes, there are moments as some pointed out.
But it will be Harper?s to lose.

It is another ?one country with two systems? show.
Bloc is golden and nation forward.
There is nothing to stop that.
All leaders said Q is a nation.

Harper can?t shake the bone deep US shadow.
He has no international economics policy at all.
So US will be big brother all over again.
Economy and a real international foreign policy are their short coming.

Layton is making the best third choice effort.
But it will be Liberal as opposition and leave no room.
That is the sad part of two parties system.
Unless Layton can pick up votes at Bloc?s expense.

Bloc leader is a big loser in this debate.
There is nothing smart or witty about him this time.
In my opinion, Layton can take him.

In all, no leaders showed any international competitiveness.
Martin?s somewhat seasoned value is totally diminished by lack of integrity and accountability.
Too bad, that is politics.