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December 2005
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Chongqing in brief

Here is a wonderful video promoting Chongqing. The download is 6.9MB but in my opinion is well worth your time if you are interested in a fantastic city with a population greater than that of Canada. Click on the link to download the video (Realplayer is required)

Chongqing movie


Xmas eve afternoon, I accompanied my wife with my son driving to US.
It was for my wife?s re-union with her old schoolmate.
My son and I would be back after dropping her off.

Since my wife still not Canadian citizen like our son and me, even with valid US visa she had to go into office to pay a fee and then get a white clip.
Mr. Stone was the processing officer.

My wife?s English is rusty, so I, like always, talked in her behalf.
So when was asked of the purpose of the trip, I automatically said it was for my wife?s schoolmate reunion.

What came from Officer Stone was a total surprise to me and my son.
My wife by her peaceful nature was shocked.

What re-union? High school or what? What year? Where is the invitation?

Being who I am, I immediately hardened my altitude.
This investigated approach was an insult to any lawful Canadian citizen.

Mr. Stone?s body language reflected my status being negatively up graded too.
Frankly I don?t mind the confrontation.
But my wife was really in fear.
And, hell, this was Xmas Eve.

So, I said if there was any mistake I apologize.
Then officer Stone gave us a lesson on formality of a re-union.
Place, time and a formal invitation would be all in order.
And we were not.
So my wife was just to meet a friend.

Ok, now we no longer had the danger of being identified as terrorists or smugglers.
But my 20 years old son is left with an impression that race do make a difference.
And I just feel sad for the by gone good old US Xmas spirit.
My memory of US from 1963 September 16 to 1978 August 3 is officially dead.
And I am glad I am in Canada.

The down fall of a great nation is real.
Xmas was not at board.


It is a choice for who will run our government.
Of the four parties, only two are in position.

In BC, NDP at best is a spoiler.
To some, this is a piss-off vote.
And no one will realistically think them to run the federal government.
So, that leaves only Liberal or Conservative.

Conventional wisdom favors Liberal.
They are experience and ability but not integrity.
Conservative is the great white hope but without public confidence.
So, NDP has the role as check and balance.
But some think them as black-mailer without grace.

I really think Independent can make a difference.
But again people will say I am making room for my involvement.
And honestly I don?t have the resources to qualify.
This is really out my depth.
Namely, there is no money or man power.

In my district, Liberal will not get my vote.
They are still the same lady candidate.
She didn?t appear to me before so not likely now.
Conservative has new man.
I will check him out at earliest next week.

If he is not my guy, then I will give another try on Peter Julian.
I sincerely hope he and NDP do have an Asia Pacific policy.
If not, then I will do my best to round up 100 signatures and $ 1,000 dollars.


All three top news didn?t get much press coverage in Canada except in Chinese newspapers..
We can guess why.
But what had happened had one common ground.
That is the economical divide between rich and poor
Violence is the result since justice is word only.

Canada?s regard of new immigrants? formal credentials and experiences is the reason many taxi drivers are formal doctors.
Such waste of social resources is not right especially when we keep saying we are short of medical people.
I wonder if their kids are well look after.
At least they are not into the life style they deserve.

Martin?s political move on gun control is a good indicator for things to come.
Indian community stands up for crime wave is another reality after fact.

So this up coming election will reflect the frustration.


By format, public will learn nothing.
It worked just for media hype.

I for one have no idea of party platform in this election.
I really like to know why they want this new election if Liberal will still be the minority.
Or what others have to offer so that I will vote for them.

To me, what they give us is a divide and conquer situation.
I refuse to accept that.

After all we do live in the same country.
We are facing the same situation.
For all the problems at hand, it will be priority and solutions make party differ from each other.

There must be great common ground in between.
That is the part I call united Canada and I know where all belong.
But I can not be sure of that during election.

Domestically I like to know our national defensive measures both in military and nature disasters.
From news I LEARN China is having crisis depots in place, and where is ours.

Internationally I want to see the balance in our foreign relations and priorities.
Ironically only Martin mentioned China AND India as competitive nations in Chinese press.
Focus is all US.

Economically I like to see our competitive edge and proper use of resources.
Public is really in the dark.
Maybe that is the hidden agenda on Martin side with his big corporate friends.

We need medical service really work.
But strangely it is Alberta in the news all the time.
Where is our Federal leadership?

Kids need education to make them competitive.
How about a full paid educational system?

And where is the real law and order to keep politician honest and society safe.
Safety issue is still the biggest.

Liberal now gives out big money only makes me more determined to keep them out.
Conservative still shows nothing on their constructive side since last election.
NDP leaves a bad taste by still talking about how they twisted Liberal arm in social program.
Is this the best we have to choose from?
None is offering a over all view on what Canada suppose to be.
All we hear is how ugly it will be after Xmas and in next debate.
There is nothing civilized here.
Maybe no real blood is the best description.


People complained today about the re-opened pool after 3 weeks maintenance still have no hot water in whirl pool plus some other incompletion.

I asked and learned that the system needs 2 weeks to resolve the ?air bag? created over year?s usage.

I then asked why not put a sign to explain the situation.

The answer really depressed me.

It is due to the long and accumulated experiences they come to realize that people don?t read the sign, so why bother.
If asked like I did, then, just answer like what did to me.

With signs, people still will not read but to ask anyway.

My lesson is things never are what they appear to be.

And there are reasons for all things as they are.

Public mentality basically is on the selfish side and many times are near irresponsible.



Politician can truly respect each other.
They will do anything to keep public trust.
They will carry themselves with dignity.


I wish people will not drive and on cell at same time.
I wish people will not drive on fast lane when not in a hurry.
I wish people will be on alert when a public budget with no special consideration on inflation.
Namely you can look at Olympic situation.


From Head-tax to not accepting immigrant credential, politicians have been playing catch 22.
Windsor Star as a newspaper allowed ad to openly suggesting how to eliminate future non-white immigrant was alarming.
Now ?The Gate Way to Asia Pacific? BC is having a Conservative candidate to voice the elimination of Charter of Rights and Freedom and will accept only English and French speaking immigrants is at it worst.
This is racial and only can take it as racial.

I am not militant, but I believe in self-defense.
Reasonable MP representation is a must now.
Our voice has to be in place.