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October 2005
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Both Van Sun and Province head lined party candidates and gave brief mention by name to independent.
Many have urged me to write in to complain.
But I accepted this reality before I decided to run.
That is mainstream mentality.
And this is why I am proud to be independent.

Last Friday?s tapping of candidate?s debate at Shaw T.V., I saw first hand the magic of Irish connection between Corrigan and the press.
And my imagination connected me to his closeness to law enforcement too.
Why not, it was all a due process in any immigrant blending in.
I do have my coverage in Chinese paper to my advantage too.

Gabriel Yiu had his say over his weekend column.
He pointed out the outdated format of provincial Asia Pacific councils.
Those people have no link of present China or India.

I hate to say I said so in my web the minute the members were announced.
This was another reason why I like being independent.
Party interest can be ahead of public interest.
To be a part, you have to shut up.
Wait until you see the silence from Gabriel when it is a NDP related affair.

You need example?
Sure, there is not even a little curiosity about my trip to Chongqing.
That says it all.
After all, that was an international gathering of 127 cities with near 900 participants.
And officially it was called ASIA PACIFIC CITIES SUMMIT 2005.
The city has 32 million people.
And we are the gateway.
Well, I did my duty as a responsible Canadian.
My conscious is clear.

Best BC interest will be federal effort on Beijing link and China town mainstream to assist provincial link as middleman to Hong Kong. I am at city level to connect small business to Chongqing.
I will step up India effort if no one wants it.

On party issue side, one look back at Van Sun and Province issues in 2002, you have to wonder if time is standstill.
Same Burnaby Lake topic is still alive and kicking.
Crime is finally focused now but none mentioned Tom said so three years ago.
And economic growth has no Asia Pacific mention.
The fact is big buyers are all from China.
The trend will not continue if new incentives not in place.
This is party politics unfortunately.
Take what is on hand and be in position to suck dry of any new development.

But the world is changing.
You wait you lose.
Look at how my old friend Mayor Jason Hu is peddling his city products in all major cities after Chongqing.
Containment is the worst enemy of progress.

Then there are information and disinformation.
So far people talk about 35% of 132,000 Burnaby voters are Chinese Canadians.
But curiously Province is stating only 11% of Chinese speaking population.
Ha, this will be fun.

In my opinion, both parties? heart is not at the crime issue.
More police will not solve the problem.
Frankly I don?t think they really care.
Both are at? you call me and we don?t call? mode.
That will not get community involvement as whole.
I am suspecting it has been a closed network group to secure votes.
Both will point finger at federal and province if elected.
But both forgot we live here.

There will be a lot fire work on new sport project.
TEAM is looking for hidden financial advantage.
BCA will cry wolves on discouraging the investors.

I don?t bank on my? watch? in future project.
I prefer to see the transparency of currently stashed 430 million dollars.
That is a fat account for any bank.
Preferential advantage in return can be expected.
Bank must have a perfect plan to deal with it.
Even several banks are involved.
Conventional wisdom says deal or deals would be there.
Established advantage will be main interest of any party..
We can only expect to know the truth in 10 years.
But if you elect me the Mayor, then it will be an open book.

First to mind will be the officially interest rate.
After all it was only 250 million in 2002 as quoted in the reason to vote for.
Now it is 430 million.
We like to know how it is working.

Safety is still the key.
What interests me is the same quote used in 2002.
That is ?developed an award-winning community policing program?.
I was under the impression that it was awarded recently.
This proves time stops in our city hall.
The reality of safety in the city has to be by the people with the people and of the people.

Oh, Canada is tolerant.
But the new voters will not feel the same.
We give our support to politician who can resist the temptation.

Finally allow me to quote


In election, he was all in medical and hospital issues.
Now in his Round Table, he is at US trade and soft wood.

Sad to say, he is no better than Bill Siksay?s formal boss.
His criticism on Martin?s soft stand is not in line with the fact that Canada is relying on the 40% export to US.
Maybe that is reality in Canada East.
He is expressing West stand.

In my opinion, he better has solution for our export situation.
Attacking is easy, but never the solution.
New voters are better informed now.
Maybe his Dec. visit to Hong Kong will better used on Asia Pacific trade.
If not China, Maybe India can be a choice.


Few months back, Corrigan had big press coverage with Taiwan community.
Rumor was a Talent TV host was interested on BCA line up.
Corrigan apparently didn?t agree.
But by latest development, the young man is chairing the Issue group for BCA.
He just gave a party to show youth support to Corrigan.
Hope he will get nomination 3 years later.

Gabriel Yiu is arranging Chinese press? official meet with Corrigan and BCA.
Obviously he will be the spoke person for NDP to Chinese community at large.
He was not in Chinatown mainstream.
Now he has a home with NDP.
Wonder if he is in line with coming federal election.
My best wish is with him.


Festival of Light is an important day for Indian.
When this is not respected, I have to worry about Chinese New Year.
Is this the whole world is coming to?

I had been a part of this celebration from 1979 to 1997.
It angers me to see what happened.
That is the bombing in New Delhi.

With violence becomes norm in our life, instinct to arm ourselves seem inevitable.
Burnaby as a whole has to prepare to deal with it.
Frankly we are in comfort zone too long.
We are not capable to handle it now.

I wonder if other candidate is thinking seriously on how to be ready on municipal level without federal or provincial directive.
Good for you to know I am.


Simply put, they are things to do after Nov. 19 no matter who wins.

We are looking at the current visiting delegation from China.
600 of them attract over 1,000 North American interests.
In reverse, I like to visit Asia Pacific cities after election and during Xmas to do the same in much minor way
City has to promote small business.

Not only will I watch for the reason why good Canada products are not in place in Asia Pacific market, but also I will push some personal interest.
But I am not aiming at personal profit.
Not if I get elected.

Province Aug.14 had story about a BC ? made chip which may will change the world.
Also on 16th, there was this Mine-Burner to save life.
Then there is that lady biker cloth story on June 17.
Finally my personal best will be Van Sun?s ?finding better way to teach English?.
That will be a killer in all China.
Of course, Ballard Power and Chongqing city need special attention.
Especially 24 had that E-bike mania hits Vancouver story on Oct. 17.

A series of sister city pact will be in order
Burnaby has to reach out now.

I already pitched maple syrup in Chongqing.
E-mail last night told me they are not getting response from our Consulate office in the city.
A good example on how federal level?s dealing in small item but with big market is at display.

City will lead.


This is the comment from Rice.
Frankly Miss Rice, you put US black and female right movements backward in reality.
This is my opinion as a UC Berkeley man to you as a Stanford academic.

If you can?t feel the unfairness BC Canadian forest people has been feeling, you fail to remember those before you to fight for women right and slavery.

To reflect on your comment, I call on those who had seriously called for Nixon?s impeachment to take a stand one more time.
That is to impeach Bush.

I am not crazy.
Let us coolly compare Water gate to Iraq.
How is a war crime started by lying in UN to cause death of US service people along with the innocents in Iraq in the eye of all mighty god?
We all know the answer.

Your arrogance matches you perfectly with your boss.
God help America.


Half of Thailand is under threat in one short week.
I still don?t see our government standing up to take up responsibility.
The way they are acting let me suspect they don?t know what to do.
Allow me to use the word ?preventative driving?.
Where is our official ?preventative? directive?
Really, talk is cheap, and that is not our tax dollars is paying you for.
Act now please.


Law and order is the basic element for a prosper community.
U.S. mob family came to realize that.
And folk lore has it that mob clean up the act in Vegas.

No disrespect to law enforcement, but history on record shows underworld is more effective to really maintain community order.
Same record also shows the same result when government goes ?untouchable?.

With bullet holes everywhere lately, gang family needs to get together to think ahead.

My suggestion is to look at Vegas.


Not that he needs it.
But it is necessary if right is right.

He is a seasoned broadcast people.
Logically he is not anti-gay.
But he has problem to accept gay marriage.
In fact, half of the Chinese community is like that
He is not alone.
Too many Chinese are like that.

I support them to honestly express their opinion within their right of law just like I am supporting Mr. Alan Herbert?s right to be gay.
This is Canada.

I bet Mr. Leung will support the budget for pride parade.
There is no reason for him to change a done deal in the city.
That is not his style.

Formal council Alan Herbert?s criticism surprises me.
His human right standard seems one sided.
His disqualifying Mr. Leung?s candidacy puts gay right movement backward.
Where is his Canadian tolerance?

Funny how Mr. Herbert declared he no longer is a NPA member.
One has to wonder his ground for such strong arm statement.

Chongqing October 2005

Pictures from my trip to Chongqing