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September 2005
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The event is set and ready to go.
It will be in CHONGQING, a city with 30 million plus population.
It will be from Oct.11 to 15, 2005.
120 cities will attend with 800 to 1,000 people.
Toronto is going and Edmond too.
As the gateway to Asia Pacific, I am glad to attend as Burnaby Mayor?s candidate.
I will promote Burnaby?s Ballad Lab.
After all, CHONGQING is a major auto and bike production center.
I will put Burnaby on international map.
Sister cities and more meetings coming to Burnaby will be my goal.
Like NIKE says, just do it.


Why not, I did get 2,773 votes last time.
And if my supporters can each gets me 10 more votes, it will be 27,730.

The total Mayor vote by three candidates in 2002 was 30,665, and winner was 14,403.
I can dream big, and numbers don?t lie.
In comparison, the lowest vote for council was 10,051.
Mayor race gives me more speaking opportunities, and I do have plenty to say.
And registered voter was 94,545 last time.
Now it is 132,200.
New voters are high percentage Chinese.

Or in the least, 35% Chinese vote is 42,670.
Thinking positively, that is a huge voting block.
The key is who can get them excited to vote.
I may not be the one, but some one has to make a beginning.

Can I do the job?
Sure I can.

City already have good pay management team in place.
Two parties just want to get their own people in but not me.
I use the ones who are capable and think Burnaby first.

Mayor is the one with vision to lead.
On this, I have 61 years life time international experiences to back it up.
Voters will see that soon.

I can fight but not for party interest.
My fight will be for Burnaby?s present and future.
No one will want to be in my way.

With my leadership, Burnaby will have its rightful place provincially nationally and internationally.
Burnaby will be a place with bright future for younger generation.
As immigrated citizen, I am here to enjoy the good is already in place but also to make it better.
That is my final duty to my son and his generation.

Am I too confident or cocky?
I am on the side with truth and vision.
Christ and Christianity with Roman Empire is my best declaration.
At end, I will win.


Not so fast and don?t worry Vancouver.
The third position is for business unfriendly.
Burnaby is dead last in BC.

Cost, business tax, jobless and decreased business rentals are measuring standard.
Burnaby at best is a residential town.
No wonder city hall insists on more property tax.
And Station Sq. sees their future only as townhouse development.

City?s fat bank account is well known and visible.
But who can tell me about the transparency of the banking arrangement.
I just like to know.

To me business friendly is the future.


17 bullet holes out side an 86 years old lady?s house can not be tolerated.
This is deadly uncivilized by any standard.
Or we are in a new period of old US WILD-WILD WEST..
Both the governments and gangs ought to take serious notice on this incident.

Ironically on the same day, IRA is putting down the arms and ends 30 years? violence.
We in BC, Canada ought to be ashamed of ourselves to let it ?be her turn?.

Main stream media didn?t bother much about it.
If this reflects media?s perception of mainstream mentality, then I can predict the moral down fall is real.

I am angry.
I am because I am thinking of my mother if she is alive and in her situation.
The civilized paint job done by politicians is all cracking up now.

I wonder how the news would be if it is Christy Clark?s house.
That is if she won the nomination.

All political top dogs are busy cutting shares in fund for homeless.
They all miss the deadliness of 17 holes outside her house.

Yes, I did mention gangs too.
This wrong target is a serious mistake in management control.
I can?t imagine how a real godfather will deal with this.
You just compare old and new Vegas to know what I am talking about.
Law and order are important to both governments and gangs in management control.
You do your best to keep innocents out of firing lines.

Safety was my vision 3 years ago; now it is reality.
And the worst is yet to come.
Nov. 19 is our only hope.


September 28 will be Chinese Teacher?s Day.
That started with Han dynasty paying respect to first teacher, Confucius.
The tradition still carries in Taiwan.

And now in BC, we are facing teacher?s strike.
People are making fun of me because I have mentioned to start a Teacher Day in Burnaby.
Chinese parents joke about my timing.

But I will insist.

To make sure our youth can really learn something from teacher, they must learn to respect teacher first.
Teacher?s Day will be a good start.
With my son?s teacher Ms. Block in Moscrop, it is worth it.


How time fly.

I remember clearly it was in 1982 when MP of Prince George-Peace River, Mr. Frank Oberle, politely suggested me to remind ROC government to consider the mass transit system from Canada.

And in 1988, as German Trade Office project director, I had conducted 44 top Germany industries? symposiums on mass transit system and environmental protection in Taipei with 10,000 engineers participating.
I also did put on a 10,000 people mini marathon run then to promote the event.
A Benz was the top prize along with gold bars and many more.

Now by looking back, I wonder if Taipei would best to use Canadian system.

My after thought is Canada never push herself hard enough.
This contradicts the famous Harvard freshman quote.
That is
?Don?t wait to be discovered because no one will discover you if you don?t present yourself hard first?.

Now Taipei is making headway.
And Canada is still in waiting in many things.


Being silent for days, people start to ASK am I losing my passion in politics.
No way, It is in my blood, and the judge sworn me in as citizen had taught me to participate is the best testimony for being a new Canadian.
To take root, being a candidate is as positive as one can be.
Main stream can use many of my experiences or at least my advice.
Running for Mayor, people will hear and then decide.
So, game is on.
Going as independent is my way to show younger generation to really be a doer.

Do I know what I am doing?
Well, hear me out then.

Candidate can be a reformer, a scholar, a successful businessperson, political family, administrator, local party interest representative, or a victim?s family member.
I am from a political family with both parents life long MP.
I was a top administrator in international relation.
I made professional basketball league a reality in Taiwan.
Twice I ran office in Taiwan as independent reformer.
The only thing I am not is party interest representative.
Scholar I would like to be.
Victim I am not.
Mind you, in Canada, I managed two candidacies already.
You don?t see many like me.

My Canadian experience started with many MP I had entertained in Taiwan since 1982.
I also made it possible for Canadian national basketball teams both men and women to be a constant guest in Jones Cup Tournament.
Since in Canada, I stay at same address in Burnaby from 1998 except one month in METROTOWN Holiday Inn at beginning.
But I ended up with a basketball team in SASKATOON in partnership with a NBA owner and FIRST NATION.
As a honorable person, in two seasons, I covered the total loss in Can. $ 600,000.
I could do what the other did but didn?t.
Also I tried both Burnaby and Vancouver in 1999 for civic volunteer work.
I was not accepted.
2002?s city council was an anger response by no younger generation had guts to participate.
And this year?s provincial was at disbelief of the invisible-ness of the acting MLA.
But I pride myself the most on seeing through my son?s education in those 8 years.

Why am I running as independent Mayor?
Frankly, it is my disgust on party system.
See how Clark collected 3200 new members in short period.
It gives me a picture of people buying ticket for a show.
We don?t see the true belonging of those new party members.
Where were they before this moment?
I don?t see TRUE BELIEF and TRUST in exchange.
It is a DEAL.
How cheap it really is.

Mind you, I am realistic.
I just want to preserve some dignity and decency in politics to make it honorable to our young.

In Burnaby, main stream press has very little interest.
Nothing major has been reported except bad news.
But in my mind, Burnaby can be main stream interest, but present political local mentality is to stay low to keep interest down so that they can go on to rule on 14,000 plus votes from a total of 94,000 registered voters like in 2002.
Now, we are at 135,000 voters with Chinese voters at 35%.
That is 47,000 Chinese voters.
A Chinese Mayor candidate is right and logical.

I did foresee the safety issue in 2002.
They all talk about it now.

I spoke of Asia Pacific relation and development in 2002.
Now it is just really hot.

Well, you can be sure I do have things they will repeat in near future.
I don?t mind anyone copy me as long it is positive to Burnaby.
So, allow me to tell you all about it from now to November 18.

Finally, this is a one-man team.
Maybe an independent alliance will be in order.
That can wait.
For now, just watch what I will do.


Ok, the meeting between China and Canada leaders is over.
Conclusion is BC is the official gateway.
Future direction is set, and it is time to follow with action.

Burnaby is in a perfect strategic position.
And Chinese leader had special visit to a local power lab.
To any knowledgeable person, this carries significant meaning.
We in Burnaby have to take notice and prepare to follow future development.

But is our city ready?
Frankly I don?t think so.

They are good at domestic fight.
That is why they are in the office.

Think about it, the three mayor candidates totaled 30,665 votes in last election when voters were 94,545.
Mayor won on 15% less votes.
What a grand representation it was.

And this year, voters may be up to 135,000.
35% of Chinese voters is 47,000 plus.
Anything is possible with this kind of numbers.
Who can stir up passion from voters will be next winner.

Current group is outdated.
Crime, Asia Pacific relation and educating Chinese voters were my issues in 2002 as independent council candidate.
After election, I went to them intended to be helpful in more sister cities with Asia Pacific at my own time and expenses.
Mayor changed 3 times with the meeting and finally asked me to see a council member instead.
I did.
And the gentleman had no idea of what I was talking about.

Insensitive on those matters on record has been the weakest part of the city.
So, what are we going to do?
Change in next city hall seems necessary.

Asia Pacific Mayors Summit will be in China Oct. 12 to 15.
I don?t think our Mayor is going.
And frankly I don?t think the city knows.

I don?t mind going as observer in behalf of Burnaby with my own expense.
But is city hall going to back me up on this?
It is not possible by my last try.

So, to be creative, I may have to be an independent Mayor candidate to get myself invited as observer on this unique opportunity.
Independent can?t win, but at least I will get our city connected.

35% of Chinese voting block is not been taking seriously at the moment.
Main stream thinking first priority is inclusion.
To have a Chinese candidate in the line up is symbolic.
But to have a quality Chinese in the line up is the best way.
Yet, the true feeling among Chinese is more gesture than really counting on.
A drastic maneuver is in the process.
Acceptance goes both ways.
Not saying or responding does not mean dumb or ignorant.


MIDDLE AUTUMN or simply MOON festival is the name.
It is one of three major holidays in traditional China.
It is equivalent to THANKSGIVING.
The full moon means all family members are together.
In lunar calendar, it is August 15..
As always, it can relate to politics.
It started in a revolt as a tool to hide message in later what we call moon cake.
Also there is romance and how human greed changed it to eternal tragedy.
Indeed, it is a perfect culture product with all kind of human stories.
What a good timing it is on Chinese leader?s visiting to BC
Good politics it is.


Chinese president will visit Burnaby Ballard Power Lab.
But Mayor of the city is not invited.

This is too much politics and completely out of step on protocol.
I am no fan of our Mayor, but he does represent the city.
And Ballard Power Lab is on Burnaby property.

Who am I to say all this?
Well, I was handling this for near 10 years in Taiwan.
You can ask any Canadian MP who visited Taiwan between 1980 to 1989.
This was my department, and many of they can tell you I was top.

And on provincial level, opposition leader also is left out.
I can accept MLA Honorable Lee may not be on the list.
But this is a provincial affair to a foreign nation head.
Only a full provincial representation can reflect the courtesy and respect to a world leader.

Diplomatically speaking, BC will be in shame if carrying out as it is.
Chinese leader will go home with private tale on this.
It will be a joke on our free and open democratic society.
I would if I am in his shoes.

Sadly, our Mayor only mildly told Burnaby Now that Chinese leader?s schedule hectic.
This shows how little he knows on international level.
Well, I am in Burnaby.
Just call.