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August 2005
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TEAM members,

September 14 will be a big day. The future of Burnaby will be decided by your participation to choose ideal TEAM candidates.

The most encouraging fact is your 14 candidates competing for 8 councils? nomination. This strong participation indicates candidates? confidence on election. Especially on 3 Chinese Canadians in the running, that will help to draw the estimated 35% Burnaby Chinese voters. And Korea candidate for school board will attract another 7%. This is a good start.

Next, public need to know ?what TEAM is? and ?why vote you?.
FUTURE can be a good reason for the choice. Your membership best reflects the balanced Burnaby today. With realistic inputs, TEAM can avoid city hall?s arrogant past and see the future.

Many Asia Pacific new comers often wonder why city?s rich cash reserve like ?a see through glass safe? is for looking purpose only and never consider to use to serve people. To them that is a waste. Jokingly they call it Scrooge of Burnaby. Property tax increase is a good example. They can?t understand why city is rich but wants to be richer…

Also if Deer Lake is truly important to the present administration, then why wait for federal or provincial funding when city has ready cash on hand.
To them if it is so important and present fund has to be kept for raining day, then why is the hostility instead of humble friendliness toward both federal and provincial government. After all, elected official must put people?s need first before party or personal interest.

They definitely couldn?t believe how mayor was quoted ? It is our turn? in the news. How out of touch it was and such insensitiveness.

Fear of personal safety by older people and women carried no significance to the administrator?s ?matter of fact? stance at the moment. Sadly people also realize that is the norm for people in power too long.

The cold heart is evident at hand. Change is needed. The future of Burnaby can start with the choice of TEAM candidates.

As the heartland of Greater Vancouver with federal government?s admission in importance of Asia Pacific trade with BC as the gateway, Burnaby truly has global mark now and is heading internationally.

A sister city arrangement can be a good start. Ten or more cities in exchange programs can lead the way. Twenty will be better. Asia Pacific Village as a result will help Burnaby to stand out before 2010 with the seasonal best of each sister city at display.

Next summer we will also work on Asia Pacific basketball tournament.
China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Philippines will be good draw. India will be interesting. Canada, U.S., Russian and a South American team will complete the tournament.

But first, give us good candidates we can vote on.


That will be the choice in coming Nov. election.
Burnaby has to be a global international city.
We don?t wait for federal or provincial lead.
We even will go to other international cities first.
Vision, experience, passion and drive will be needed.
BCA will not do the job.
Predictable old faces tell it all.
TEAM Burnaby will be a different story.
Result will be in on September 14.
Imaging with 3 Chinese, one Indian and one Korean in the nomination process, TEAM at least offers better expectation.
Can?t wait.


It was a top organization, and I was impressed by the assistance they intended to offer at airport when I first arrived in Jan. 1998. Later I also was benefited by the one stop service in opening my business.
Unfortunately 7 and ? years later when I back for same one stop service, bureaucratic front replaces old friendly past.
The experience was negative and my response anger.

My intention was simple.
35% votes in Burnaby are Chinese but never materialize in past elections.
In my two election attempts as independent, I learned why.
Reason is simple.
No body or party had tried to reach them the way they feel comfortable with..
So, here is my mission that is to form a Burnaby Chinese group to help them to bravely take part to exercise their right and responsibility as a Canadian citizen.
Mind you. Deal is not for one single candidate or party.
Just to vote.

I submit 3 names and wait for reply on e-mail next day as promised.
Never came, so I called in third day.
To re-apply will be another $ 40.
No way, so I went to Burnaby Board of Trade.
Three new names as SUCCESS suggested over the phone will not work in board people?s opinion.
They really want to save me money.
Board people hinted me that SUCCESS ought to help me second time free of charge.
By then I lost my appetite to be a good citizen.

Provincial government being bureaucratic is one thing, but service oriented SUCCESS lost the helpful spirit and become a business on earning money is sad.

The only comfort came later when I went to MLA Richard Lee and learn that after our much earlier conversation on the subject he is having a group to form some thing similar.
Good. That is all I want.


A line brought fame by a past Vegas comedian.
But it is serious to me when people recent commenting on why they have more respect to Burnaby Korean than Burnaby Chinese.
With only 7% to Chinese?s 35%, Korean values the right to vote.
That is reliable 7% to never cared 35%.
No wonder no respect is the case in the eyes of politician.
We ask for it.
To correct the wrong, a Burnaby Chinese Society is needed.
That is to drive out the Chinese votes as well as bridging greater Asia Pacific relation.
Mainly it will serve small business better.


As now, they are packed.
So what if a situation arises.
Authorities finally admit that they will not be able to handle a SARS like situation..
Irony is people polled responded quite happy as things are.
What tolerance BC people has.
But that will be nothing when disaster strikes.


Richmond Review reported a 28 years old was arrested by police due to the fact he openly stated in his e-mail to Islamic leader that he is willing to die for the cause.
And worse, police found amount of deadly arms in his home.
He is not charged.
But the news is the something I have been feared since 9/11.
That is religious fanatic Chinese youth in North America.
What a contrast it is when you compare with the one in Taiwan.


He wants to make his million by age 20.
He started his income by servicing at traditional funeral parlor.
A job most people stay away from.
But he overcame his fear of ghost.
That is NT $ 800 income per service.
He can earn $ 3,000 per day sometime.
On weekend only, he makes $ 20,000 plus a month.
He then invests in limited edition brand shoes.
He doubled the earning by re-selling them on inter-net.
After one year, at best 60 pairs per month, he sold over 400 pairs of shoes.
Now he is a dote-com celebrity.
And what a contrast he is comparing those still eat and live off parents.


Can?t believe life can be this way.
Today in the Mall, someone patted me on the back and said Mr. Tao.
Face is somewhat familiar but just can?t identify when and where.
He fast followed by saying I don?t remember him now.
That was something way back.
It was when Taiwan first opened up by allowing old retired military person to go back visiting China, H K was only a transit spot.
Tourist people in H K asked me in one international meeting for advice.
I managed a suggestion. STAY ONE MORE NIGHT.
Give them the incentive, they will stay one more night.
That did bring H K good deal of business.
Now same guy retiring but visiting Vancouver reminds me of my famous words way back.
Before I open my mouth, there was another pat on the back.
Another called out Mr. Tao.
Both know me but not each other.
Again, not sure who and what.
He asked did I go back to Beijing to ride the tram at Great Wall.
Yes, now I remember.
I was the one told them in Beijing Asian Games that young Westerners can walk on Great Wall but can spend no money.
Only rich old retirees have money but they do not have youth and energy to walk up.
To make money off them, ski tram is the best tool for them to see what is there to see without much walking.
On my next trip, they told me they had done it, but I didn?t have time to go to see in person then.
Two people with two different situations visit Vancouver and see me same time at Mall.
There is no greater timing and feel like magic for such coincidence.


There still is basketball interest in Greater Vancouver Area.
I believe it, so I will make the tournament possible in next summer.
10 to 12 national teams will be invited.
It will be exciting.
Let?s wait and see.


If Station Square is not going for rebuild, then I like to have this concept village in there for the coming Chinese New Year.
The globalization of Burnaby will need significant amount of good Asia Pacific cities to have their best city representation here.
Think how this will help Burnaby before 2010.
In order to get city involved, I will run for city council again.
Did that 3 years ago as independent.
This time, I will be party candidate.
September 14 will be the day if I win party?s nomination.
Party support wins.
So November 19, if I get elected, I will go oversea to get those cities to send their representations.
That is if Station Square is willing.
Or I will find another spot for this.