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June 2005
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China currently has $ 609.9 billion foreign exchange in reserve.
Canada is only at $ 36.27 billion.
They have big buying power.
And, still, the trade balance is not in our favor.
Naturally we need to step up our effort to change the situation.
Unfortunately that will not happen if we are just happy selling them hard products like nature resources.
To balance the trade, we need fresh thinking on creative and value added goods to make the difference.
Time?s special report issue on China may point out an interesting direction.
300 new skyscrapers are in Shanghai.
63,900 new retail outlets open in Chongqing.
And 12 million people, at 620% growth rate, make Shenzhen a new super city.
Those can be good news to our forestry industry.
The magic word is interior decorating.
We have to make our wood products a must in the market.
BC wood products with needed size and shape have to create impact there.
People prefer new things especially when there is more money in the pocket.
That is today?s China.
BC has to be competitive and aggressive.
Direct link is a must.
No middleman needs here.
BC needs economic zone for oversea small business and manufactures to complete the job.
Richmond?s Chinese temple is good example.
They have oversea skilled workers to do the job.
NDP, can you support this without looking over shoulder to see if labor minds.
Liberal, do you mind if your corporate friends are not in the driver?s seat.
Please, we have to be a step ahead of US on this.
And they are taking full advantage on Mexico cheap labor now.


First, Mr. Hara can be the best, but if your Asia Pacific trade target is China or India, then his Japanese last name will not help.
China?s anti-Japanese sentiment is at all time high, and July 7 is just days away.
That is a big day for memorial of Japanese invasion for Chinese.
This political appointment has bad timing and lack of sophistication in consideration.
The irony is Burnaby voted two MLA for ruling party.
They are Indian and Chinese.
Richard Lee gets Parliament Secretary of Asia Pacific Initiative.
But not many people know the function of the post or its importance.
BC?s 300,000 Chinese and 200,000 India voters are watching.
1.3 billion Chinese and near 1 billion India consumers is a huge market.
They deserve better attention.
In Asia, this is call FACE.
And Japanese dominance was a bad memory.
No hate cited here.
Just check on the senses of reality in government.


BC is the gateway to Asia Pacific for Canada.
Burnaby can be the window of the world to BC.
That means economical opportunity.
We really don?t see or think much about rest of the world here.
By looking into last night?s Voice of BC, you can see the topics between host and Carol James are all domestic BC.
Making money is not the focus of the opposition and definitely their weakness.
Pretty much like half the family simply thinks only spending money wisely but not on looking ways to make them.
BC has 300,000 Chinese and 200,000 Indian.
They all have links in Asia.
This is half million voting block.
That is not counting the rest of Asia Pacific residences in BC..
OK, Burnaby can be the window simply by inviting different Asia Pacific cities to put their display or show in our Malls in Burnaby monthly or even weekly.
By doing so, we from Burnaby to Greater Vancouver or even the whole BC can benefit by getting it first hand to know what is hot oversea at the moment.
This is when exchange of opportunity taking place.
They also can spot things here for them to make money back home.
The sponsors can be TV, newspaper and airlines. Maybe hotels too.
Why Burnaby? Location and lower cost.
But to get it rolling, government has to step in.
We need people to visit Asia Pacific cities to get other cities involved..
Time is now.
Imaging, with year?s accumulation, our malls in Xmas will be village of the world in display.
Each temporary stand will be the best of a giving city.
Burnaby residence can truly be citizen of the world.


November 19, we will have to elect a team of people to run our city again.
A team capable to identify city?s weakness can wisely turn them into strong points for our future development will be my ideal winner.
They ought to be system thinkers capable to bring life and future to our city.
They have to be creative with strategy to enable city to compete globally.
Magical team balance will be vital.
They are team with purpose and clear goal to identify Burnaby as good member in Global Village.
Yet they are smart enough to maintain our proper roles both in BC and Canada.
They can define strategy, structure, inter-relation, process, responsibility, control, and reward.
The most important part is to create a city culture to face today and to challenge the future.
They have to define Burnaby values both globally and locally.


Canadian dollars at $ 1,000 can get you a round trip package to Thailand from Taipei plus a total physical check-up and spa to whiten both your body skin as well as your teeth.
All in the name of a spa trip.
How are we going to compete with that in BC.
Well, if we can dream to fully use our untapped manpower in Indian doctors now driving taxis here.
Certain hours? public service will qualify them for a special certificate to allow them to practice what they had trained for.
A bargain to all parties, isn?t it?
Too bad, it will never be in BC.
So, I am going to Thailand soon.


One way, fast lane and no left turn.
Those were the keys to get flow moving.
And that was the way to deal with energy crisis in the 70?s.
I saw it all from 1963 to 1978 in San Francisco Bay area.
We even started no smoking in public in Berkeley then.
Yet, not in Greater Vancouver.
No one care to sacrifice just minutes of time.
So we have to eternally waiting in all intersections for those who forever takes times to turn left.
7 and half years, they never change.
I can talk all I want; they just look at me as if I am from Mars.
Gas price is up and will never come down again according to press today.
We have 2010 coming.
Wonder how the world will see it in first hand of the selfish human nature at display.
We better start doing some thing about it now if that is not what we want.


Expand horizons.
Stay involved.
Travel, sport and back to learn new things or hobbies.
That is for 60?s like me.


ING in Taiwan took 2,300 sales people to celebrate in Japan.
1,400 people from other company did the same in China.
Sidney had hosted 2,000 people from another company to earn Canadian $ 50 million dollars plus there.
Vancouver, where are your team to compete in this business.
Worst, what have you done as BC tourism office in Taipei.
We are the best cites in the world, but we don?t have the combatant team to match it.


Wonder if Chinese community will come out with a biggest protest on Japanese history book on China invasion.
Timing wise, it is really political correct now for Chinese vote.


Not in Burnaby, at least that was the impression if watched the Monday?s councils meeting coverage.
There are rules and regulations.
It is a matter of your qualification.
We need stronger consumer protection but not business restriction.
Seems we need a new set of mental standard in our politicians too.