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April 2019
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Province astrologist defines him winner.
That is by chart of the universe and US birthday.
It is mighty convincing.

All TV shows the mood of black community in US.
One can not help but to think.
It will be the worst for US if O losing.

Body language was obvious.
It is one way or no way.
And no one can stop the consequences.

Then, there is other side.
Some think it black-mail.
Maybe it is cover-up for reason color.

Province offered us a good article from US.
It states the best for the time we are in.
We will survive divisive election if we help each other.

Site migration is in the process of moving from Nucleus CMS to Wordpress.  This will allow us to enhance the classification of articles but having an article belong to more than one category.

We hope you like the changes.

Categorization of articles - COMPLETE

After spending a few pleasant hours reading through all of the posts on this site, which brought back a few interesting memories, the initial classification of articles is complete.

The classification of articles is as follows

Categorization statistics (number of articles per category)

General 32
Asia Pacific 142
Canada 107
World 38
North America 46
Burnaby 125
Lower Mainland 67
Chinese 14
Site 2

An easy way to select the categories will be turned on in the next few days. For now simply click on the category under an article to view all articles in that category.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I did while classifying them.

Categorization of articles.

We just added categories so that it is easier to classify the articles that are posted. At this time only new articles are being classified, but we will try to work on classifying old articles as time permits.

At the bottom of each article you will see text that says something like “category: Chinese”. Clicking on the word chinese in that case would result in articles that have been classified as being written in Chinese being displayed.

There is a new category called “Site” which will be used to classify any articles about changes to

We hope this helps your enjoyment of