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March 2019
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was glamor in Hollywood and Vegas Strip.
But rats in Vancouver and Burnaby streets are shocking.
And they are down-right shame.

Our health is threatened immediately.
That is no joke.
How can that be in beautiful BC?

We have no choice but to look at city hall.
It doesn’t how many rights are there.
This one wrong is totally not acceptable.

Rats in politics can be the worst of all.
Burnaby likes to brag about money made.
Indeed, Burnaby is the envy of all surrounding cities.

Now the newspaper also is telling us.
The same is of Mayor, councils and staffs’ salary.
The raise goes on.

But here we have a basic sanitary situation.
The standard is flunking itself.
Public health is at stake.

Where is the accountability?
Will there be logical punishment?
Or no one will care.

Reporter was cute to point out.
The pay rates are set by panel of community representatives.
They recommend to council

They consider factors.
Such are consumer price index and BC’s average wage increases.
And there is pay rates for city hall’s unionized staff.

3-peats made absolute power for one party.
Credibility of committee and representatives is in doubt.
Serious transparency and total accountability will be a must in the future.

It is just as bad on federal level.
One Senator’s living expenses can go over $230,000.
Taxpayers’ money is easy.

BC Liberal’s first order is staff salary hike.
The horror is not the shame.
It is nothing but seriously on their judgment.

Yes, you can complain of “promise”.
Such is as in “family first”.
Indeed, now we know it is the immediate political family.

The shadow of HST is here again.
Voters must remember.
All governments can’t be trusted after being elected.


Safety was my issue in my 2002 election.
Sadly it is worse than ever today.
And no one is facing the responsibility.

Press reported.
Richmond had near 100 breaks-in last month.
And Burnaby is a very close second.

It is a 40% increase.
And it is over 3 in every 24 hours.
That can’t be tolerated.

I was a victim in 2002.
It was daylight at 3 pm.
And I lived on 12th floor.

Law and order is a joke.
Neighbors are far more distanced.
Management is strong on need to know.

No wonder bad guys have it easy.
Everything is aiding their way.
City hall and police are playing deaf.

There was this Burnaby apartment building fire too.
Bad things seem to come in group.
Residence has reason to worry.

Now we have this one and only city 39 floor building evacuation.
It was due to a dynamite find.
No damage follows.

But that makes it serious.
City is not equipped to fight fire at that height.
And this is borderline terrorist act.

Community is loose.
And neighbors are more foreign to each other than ever.
It is the design of management.

What worries me is.
When there is one, more are expected to follow.
It is a matter of when.

And city comes up with more high rises.
Is fire department ready to handle that height?
We can’t just wait for it to happen.

Provincial election is coming up.
Budget is focus of all attention.
Isn’t safety a more urgent one now?

Oh, there is Safeway burger recall.
It can be E. coli contamination.
Ha, that is an Federal issue, speaking of passing the buck.


My first reaction was shocking.
That was when I saw Mall stores have signs.
They are saying “close-out” sales.

The reason is simple.
Xmas is coming.
And no business ever wants to miss that.

Then there are hot i Pad and Samsung stores.
And Microsoft is ready with a stand.
That will be for new window 8 smart phone.

Yes, survival is for the fittest.
Old soldiers do fade away.
And new tide will keep sending in new waves.

We can be sentimental.
There are things “gone with the wind”.
“The way we were” indeed is having us not to let go.

But “the show must go on” is stronger than ever.
New, dynamic and creative will never stop to surprise us.
To expect the unexpected is always true.

It is time to think outside the box.
Old mentality may not make it.
Change and adjustment then will be a must.

Experts pointed out.
Bond market is going bubble soon.
And banking industry will downsize 160,000 jobs.

It is bad news indeed.
Then, again, it is time for self-discipline.
Hold on tight and not to waste we must.

And it is time to challenge ourselves.
Let’s us be bold yet careful.
Look out to all new possibilities.

Obama is in Burma to call “them” Myanmar.
US $160 million aid is promised.
Another government developing office there is announced.

Canada is going showbiz route.
Mraz will perform in Myanmar next month.
That is in the name curbing human trafficking.

China new leader is declaring and fast at work.
He is aiming at corruption at top.
It may not be total of the past but surely will be now and future.

Taipei is high on topic of “bias”.
But they miss the obvious.
That is the deadly norm of “see no evil’ and “hear no evil”.

Van is having lot new comers.
They are self-centered and wild in ego.
Civilized society code is missing with them.

That means.
Government had seriously failed us.
They didn’t do a good job.

It is clear.
There ought to be procedures.
That is to “teach” or “examine” them before granting visa.

Now it is the burden we have to face.
To survive the confrontation, tolerance will not help.
To tell them the difference is a vital and civil responsibility.


It is just speculation.
But if true, that is a huge story.
China business group is touring Metrotown.

The mall is to lease only.
The tour then does not make sense.
But if buying, then that is a super smart deal.

China is spending big bucks buying oversea.
They crave Canada natural resources so far.
But landmark property buying indicates new mind set and direction.

I had my eyes in the mall too.
A stand to introduce Mongolia is one.
Then there is that Mongolia BBQ Taipei style to take over Friday spot.

I got no response from the mall.
Now it is clear if China is coming in.
To wait and see is the best I can do.


Many wondered.
Why I kept my silence.
Few expressed concern.

It is my principle in life.
Buck had to stop with me.
New start needs fresh energy and passion.

But too many had asked.
I am responding now.
We really didn’t have the organization.

And we were not clear to the voters either.
We didn’t practice much transparency and accountability either.
Vague was our fault too.

Other side had our envy in base.
We failed that miserably.
But we still have different opinion.

Fact is clear.
No base by us was formed in last 3 years.
Last minute wishful thinking never gets result.

And our “team work” was not even skin deep.
Tolerance was practiced at wrong time.
But “break” was fear in our mind.

All had complained and still is.
That is voters not being responsible.
Union’s drive was a mirror for that mentality.

But we were and still are not being honest to ourselves.
None had asked.
What had we done to assure why to vote us and us only.

The worst is.
We refused to face our past.
Why lost before was never touched.

Union power is serious business in Great Van.
But less than 23% “vote turn out” was their weakness too.
Taipei side is 75% and up says it all.

It is Canadian way to “cool” it.
Less involved keeps few always in power.
That will not work in next election.

Just finished Taiwan election reflected few thought.
Winners all had solid base.
That was done by year in and out face to face connection.

Identity and issues is another.
Who were we anyway?
And what issue touched voters’ soul?

Our base told us.
Service mentality is union’s weakness.
But we didn’t “drive” on it.

Asia Pacific city is coming of age.
Sadly many were resisting.
Harper’s heading Asia is not registering to them.

Public safety is big in newspaper after election.
Editorial wondered.
Why such vital issue drove no urgency.

Political “bully” was cowardly ignored.
“Liable” was the scary word.
But didn’t we have lawyers in the line-ups?

Positive thinking and power statement were rare.
Take a stand took courage.
Be it if jail a must was not in us.

You can reason anyway you want.
There was no legal support team.
Lawyers are smart were the most mentioned.

But we needed them in positive ways.
I took a gamble on faith.
That was by signing my name blindly.

One was on Oct. 14, 2011 to name someone I never met my agent.
The other one is on Feb. 01, 2012 on election expense.
Both I signed without looking at any other word.

I have my beef too.
No one bothered to give me a full package of any kind.
I still don’t have many candidates’ phone number.

That shows where I stood in the TEAM.
But buck still stops with me.
That is the honor as party candidate to be Mayor.

I take a chance with my 2 signatures.
Legally I have to take the full responsibility.
Mayor candidate must have the heart.

But as human being I have to think.
If I feel shaky, then how are our voters?
What could assure them to trust us?

The thought is clear now.
TEAM wants to win seat 3 years later
Now it is time to build vase not later.

Allow me to point it out.
Let us start with heart.
Passion, relation and trust is the only way


Election is over.
I have no regret on losing.
Time was not on my side.

I was in Asia for 4 months.
They called me at last minute and rushed me back on Oct. 13.
I made registration on 10/14 in the afternoon.

Never thought I would run.
But they wanted me.
I made sure all Asia things wrapped up by 10/12.

Jetlag got the best of me.
Shaw interview was right after I registered on 10/14.
All I could say was principle of things in politics.

But I was sure of one thing.
Burnaby must be an Asia Pacific city.
Yet that never took off with public.

But I did my job.
That was giving TEAM a face.
Corrigan and group didn’t like that.

The first thing he said to me was.
Tom, you find a party.
No, I replied, party finds me.

Rest openly questioned me.
Where is R?
I said no idea.

Appointments were plenty.
I didn’t get to meet TEAM candidates until much later.
Leadership was no way mine.

However, I did live up my Canadian Dream.
That was the first party Asian candidate as Mayor in Burnaby.
I had my place.

And I exercised my belief and faith in Canadian Value.
That is “check and balance”.
We can only trust the system but never the human in politician.

Lower vote turn out was again.
The indifference in people is a serious issue.
But no one want to go their.

TEAM never did touch their soul.
We assumed too much.
Lazy for easy out got the best of us.

One can always visit the dark side.
You can claim losing faith in people.
Double faced seemed to let us down.

You don’t have to believe in people again.
And there is government element.
They supposed to uphold rules and regulations.

But we saw no enforcement.
Our legal candidates didn’t stand up.
There must be a good reason.

It was obvious.
All were waiting for some fool to be the bad guy.
Reality was an insult to any one honest.

Voters were no fool in this.
They are who they are.
And we didn’t inspire or excite them.

No one can afford to believe again.
Power at end had the final say in everything.
And majority voters stayed away.

One from HK said it the best.
Just vote one with white face will do.
That is what we have on hand.

Winning is everything.
You can’t help but to think.
The whole world is just a big con game.

And it is working.
Some call it maturity.
You just deal with it and move on.


Save on Food got sale.
I never fail to take the advantage.
But one price difference ended up in confrontation.

I just returned the item.
Rebate on my credit card is on again.
I didn’t get any back in last 4 times.

It can be the credit card company.
But store were negative.
They replied “check with head office”.

They always blurt the issue on price tag posted.
What we see is what we pay.
That is never true to them.

Again I couldn’t buy that.
And I knew I was right.
I went back to the rack to check 2 more times just to satisfy myself.

I then went back to information desk to tell them so.
But the “stone wall” face surfaced right away.
She told me “what she saw last night” to correct me.

I had to remind her of my sighting was minutes ago.
She just ignored me and walked away.
But I noticed her direction.

Yes, she went to the rack area where I spotted the item.
When walking away, she dropped something.
I could tell it was a price tag.

I immediately asked for manager to another staff near by.
But, sadly, I got her again with a male assistant manager instead.
Luckily the guy I asked for manager stayed.

The assistant manager totally ignored my fact.
The price tag there said only $1 for the whole space items.
But he insisted I had to compare to other area in the store.

They then just walked away again.
The “good guy” was still there.
He saw me steaming mad.

Then manager walked by with a new store lady.
Both totally agreed with my view.
And one even insisted me getting it free by store regulation.

I said no.
My stand was for the principle of thing.
And staff at assistant manager level behaved like that was not acceptable.

Union power is running the system here.
Service mentality is word only.
Other wise, something ought to be done there and then.

What sad me the most was the people around.
All appeared the wiser and ignorant.
There is no right or wrong to them.

And look at the new comers in town.
They speed even in parking area.
Some young female drivers made the worst examples.

We speak of decency and good manners.
And also there is law and order.
None apply anymore.


Editorials are making loud noises.
And focus seems in school bully.
But is that all?

Election just folded.
Bully was displayed plenty.
Candidates couldn’t help but just BE themselves.

What was shocking was.
They were the ones running for school trustee.
That is example for kids to see.

No wonder bully goes on.
They practice what they saw.
That is to control and keeping upper hand.


Yes, as party candidate, I had to let go my personal opinion.
Now the election is over.
I can speak freely now.

First, why can’t Burnaby be one Asia Pacific city?
I made connection in 2005 to attend the Asia Pacific Cities Summit as candidate.
Why no effort to make it real now?

Van magazine had cover stating failure to keep our young talents.
But it didn’t make the issue in election.
No wonder we had an even lower turn out.

And economy and jobs couldn’t make municipal issues.
But they ought to.
That is if we can connect Asia Pacific economically to local jobs.

Province had cover story on “stealing to stay alive”.
My son’s friend got mugged from Sky Train to home few days ago.
So, safety still is an issue which I had warned since 2002.

Money section in paper clearly told us all to cut debt.
And here came the Black Friday.
Who is kidding whom?

EP warns of double-dip recession.
And Harper is turning to China to sell oil sand.
Isn’t city ought to wise up with own Asia Pacific policies?

OECD warns no one will escape the slow down.
So, to hold on tight to your cash is not enough.
Creative and outside the box economic tie to Asia is a must.

Geological Survey of Canada warns us on big earth quake any time soon.
If Richmond and Vancouver all falling victims, survivors will rush to Burnaby.
Where is the city hall coordination for public law and order?

Taiwan develops quake warning system to allow 10 minutes time.
It was in local Chinese press for month.
Are we in touch to see if we can get that valuable 10 minutes too?

Van Sun pointed out “gun violence” met with “silence” in this election.
Ok, all can say Federal and Province must step up.
But isn’t there any municipal responsibility at all?

We saw stocks down 223 points.
Crisis in Europe and Egypt are getting worse.
How soon our city will feel or suffer full impact?

And our dollar is down hard.
So what goods can we take advantage for export market?
Where will be our city links to help to Asia Pacific market?

Vaughn Palmer is saying.
Transparency is lacking in how legal bills of civil servants are paid.
Wonder how “home run” election result will help?

Province had editorial on how municipal auditor desperately needed.
Clark is fast to follow up.
But nothing will move fast in Canada.

And here we are.
Xmas spending is urgent and present.
How will that justify on debt to reflect true economical well being.

Believe it or not, China is about to face serious labor unrest.
I do pray to God.
Hope our new city hall can handle all are coming.


Politics is never fair.
Winner has the last word.
Corrigan did it.

They had organization, strategy and execution.
Union machine was at its best with money and man power.
And they have recruited past critics well.

That ad on bike romps and city hall garbage bins is good.
First impression works even in grey area.
And construction work timely gave the base early Xmas.

Corrigan got smart too.
He did make mistake by getting back at a teenager.
But he later learned fast by leaving the debates early to control his temper.

Even Chinese voters got played beautifully.
Press was first to dictate the winner from day one.
That was a great handling job.

Opposition is divided as ever.
By number, TEAM, Parents Voices and Green combining is larger.
But each as one lost poorly.

As TEAM candidate for Mayor, I take the full responsibility.
The buck stops with me.
I couldn’t create issues with leadership or get financial backing hurt.

But this can be the beautiful start for 3 years later.
Corrigan is already getting the message by promising transparency.
Let’s check on his accountability from now on.