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April 2019
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There is no one to trust in politics.
Each is having his or her agenda.
The best we can do is the less of two evils.

Transparency and accountability is a dream.
And it is wake up time.
Right to know can be twisted to no answers what so ever.

Not to vote is option.
But do we really will give up?
Or we have to test our smart with the crooks.

USA is flatly broke.
But election ready Obama is having $3500 a plate dinner.
That kind of election spending expectation is sick.

Harper is having the edge by the pool for majority.
Canada finally will have its own Bush.
You vote him in then take the consequence as well.

Taipei is serious of a lady Presidential candidate.
She is pretty much shoe in now for Opposition.
Rumor has it that sexual preference a hidden agenda.

Trump is making his presence as a potential Republican candidate.
He perfectly demonstrates the old Indian saying.
That is white man talks with fork tongue.

All these change the course of China.
Democratic open society is in doubt.
The window for China is closed.

The world is still wild on democratic freedom.
Middle East is front and center.
Libya will be the total focus.

Times front page photo is saying “why Civil War still”.
US major parties indeed are at each other like war.
Tea Party is the perfect spark.

Politics after all is to win at all costs.
US government was at brink of shut down.
Play chicken made perfect example.

Decency needs new definition.
Civil courtesy is lost art.
Trust at best is a damaged good.

Yet, politics goes on.
And civilized world is brutal than ever.
Libya situation will show the worst.

All public cries ignored.
Lawyers turn politicians make the best usage of language.
They are the best at confusing the public.

Canada Conservative is “law and order”.
Yet, in power for 5 years, they use the same line.
That is only if they get re-elected.

Liberal is human right.
“Due process” and “respect of the law” are best quoted.
We see only the bad guys with all the benefits.

Conservative explores the situation.
They take the full advantage with immigrant voters.
But Canada is under their watch, and they didn’t do much.

NDP is riding high with the young.
Layton of late appears to them.
It may help to make them the biggest Opposition.

Taipei will be a killing field.
Both Presidency and MP election will be on.
That will be January 2012.

Candidates are all running hard.
It is all fire on all fronts.
Finger pointing is a daily exercise by all.

“Right to know” is beaten by personal privacy.
Suddenly it is the one and only big issue.
“Right to know” got creamed.

One has to wonder.
Since when, we lose the right to know with public figure?
It truly is a mad world.

And we have to ask.
How far human right and personal privacy can go?
There must be room for discussion.

Imaging this is Taipei.
Democracy is relatively new.
Isn’t right to know a part of democratic process?

Ok, it is a simple issue.
The sexual preference of the female candidate is the question.
It is a fair one anywhere.

But public opinion is strong on her side with sympathy.
She easily dodged the issue.
And public went wild on the whistle blower.

Frankly that is democracy going negative.
In open society, she may get more votes due to that.
Then why is she playing “no comment”?


Obama’s “change” is playing its magic again.
This time no #1 or #2 seed team is in the Final Four.
And 2 teams are from outside of power leagues.

Yes, this is why NCAA basketball has been so magic for so many years.
The old saying is right again in every way.
The ball indeed is “round”.

The unpredictable “out come” is best for the tournament.
It is ever more exciting.
And we are forever looking for impossible.

But one virtue does stand out.
That is the surprise team VCU.
They are in the running with senior players visible.

NBA has long taking talents out of NCAA after a year or two.
We were rubbed the games with seasoned players in maturity.
Now we are getting it back even if it is for this one time only.


A bomb car is waking everyone up.
If there is one, more will follow.
And US top officials are playing down.
That is as telling as the event.
They have no idea how and what.

Many didn’t realize.
India had made a warning.
It called for US, Canada and Australia’s attention.
Pakistan terrorist will strike.
Now we see the follow up.

And Pak is making claim.
One thing is clear.
We in Canada must be on alert.
And there is G8 and G20 coming up.
Focus is pin-point clear.


US are in the dog house.
Security is a total failure.
They let people into the White House State Dinner Party.
President and intruders had picture taken.

That is an insult to visiting India PM.
Crashers are crazy.
They are playing the law and humiliated the country.
Jail time will not be enough.

This is good for Canada.
Harper will host Olympics and G20.
It is a good wake up call.
All professionals will be on their toes.

Obama spending is at US $3.5 trillions.
Fingers were pointed at Wall Street fat cats.
Lavish White House expenses need re-considering too.
It will be the best example by leading.

In fact, the world debt will reach $49 trillions next year.
Dubai is perfect as a reminder.
The banking system definitely is losing our trust.
It is sad China the only one left standing.

The 45% emission cut promise by China caught all by surprise.
Obama will attend the Copenhagen.
Harper is fast at fallowing the lead.
Earth can be different by it.

More jobs lost in Canada.
Roger’s 900 and Bombardier’s 715 made the news.
Van Olympics will have 14,800 polices with 750 in waiting.
Is there room for those un-employed?.
BC banks lumber sales to China.
Sizing is in the way.
We are too used to others suiting our way.
It is about time for Canada to re-learning customer is always right.

November 5, 2009

US top 500 companies are holding on tight with their cash.
That is the highest in last 40 years.
The amount is US $994 billion dollars.

Play it again Sam.
This is not Casablanca.
It is Michael Jackson Medley.

That is Yale student Sam TSUI.
He was singing as 6 Michael Jacksons.
Million watched on YOUTUBE so far.

There is Joe Wong.
He is a stand up comedian.
He made his mark on David Letterman Show.

Now he is getting invitation for White House performance in March.
They both did what I couldn’t in my younger days.
I like what I am getting.

China now becomes the top market for BC forest.
Sale is up 420% from 2003.
It will reach 4 billion board feet by 2011.

This year along by August is $200 million dollars.
Minister Pat Bell is visiting with delegation.
60 to 70% are beetle infected wood.
180 million cell users are on line with 3G in China.
That is 16% growth in 2 months.
News is the top spot with chat and search second and third.

The market is so big.
One trillion is the expectation by year end.
Canadian ought to get ambitious.
The over all confidence in China also reflected in real state.
For some time now, investments were all in lesser cities.
But now, all are back to top cities.


It is being kind to Taiwan.
Swine Flu is headlining the world.
And Taiwan timely is getting to go to WHA as observer.

It is the first time after 38 years to be in any world organization.
I still remember how proud my father was when he was a delegate to UN.
This indicates the up coming of Taiwan of 2009 will be strong.

China investment is allowed in Taiwan now.
News alone is boosting market over 300.
And cross strait business ventures are all over news.

Luck seems to challenge Obama.
Flu is his current big test.
What a reverse of fortune it is comparing to past SARS days.

Taiwan’s Far EasTone secures strategic cooperation with China Mobile.
Can Canada’s TELUS be so lucky?
And Taiwan financial markets allow China investors.

One thing is sure.
China will buy up any China named business in Taiwan.
Political determination creates financial opportunity.

Tomorrow will be count down day for Shanghai EXPO 2010.
It will be the largest ever.
Over one million jobs are secured with benefit estimated at US $40 billions.


Opportunity is at our door step.
It is up to us to act.
BC government does set up offices in China and India.
But is that enough competitively?

Taiwan is fast changing strategy with China domestic market.
That is to take full advantage on new tech.
Products are selling fast by using China internet giants.
Canada can do too.

It is political correct.
It works for Taiwan.
The better relation already gets 13,000 Chinese taking cruises to Taiwan.
That is $700,000,000 dollars business.

460 China traveling officials are visiting Taiwan now.
They will be the one to instruct and prepare Chinese travel agencies.
The package will be major for Taiwan.
Will our Olympic people learn the same here?
England is closing one of their two offices in Taiwan.
By no mean that is a relationship down.
In fact, Taiwan is getting visa free statues.
The office is a waste now.

University invites CEO to teach new classes.
Top students will earn employment after graduation.
The program is officially full credited.
Tim Horton can do the same.

Oh, yes, student here is finding new ways to get credits.
That is by helping local business creatively.
Laundry business is up by 50%.
SFU and BCIT ought to inspire students to do the same.

There is JOB CLUB in US.
It is perfect for current situation.
Obama can use this HOPE initiation.
The trend is surging.

And government VOUCHER works.
OUTBACK and Burger King are taking full advantage.
The ad in local English newspaper catches eyes.
They all want your voucher to be spend in their house.

CeBIT is a big world event in Germany.
Taiwan companies make the best presentation there.
All products look great.
None is well known in Canada market.

Schwarzenegger is there to push “going green”.
He makes big slashes at Taiwan product booths.
LA and SF will see those products fast.
And the price is an offer no one can refuse.

Taiwan is 2nd cheapest in telephony globally.
That is declared by Geneva based ITU.
150 countries involved.
The notable competitive edge is what Canada needs.

There is this startup loan.
45 to 65 old can get a million NT dollars.
No string attached and interest is low.
Government agencies’ consulting is free.

Local Save on Food alike is going internet.
All transactions are done on line.
Saving on gas and time is obvious.
Home delivering is fast and free.

Finally, it is the terrorist issue at our Olympic.
Domestic ones is a major concern now because they are not in control in Canada.
The Sri Lanka cricket team is a perfect example.
The security has to be in control locally first.


No guts no glory.
Liberal can’t handle the economic crisis.
It is better to dump on Harper’s lap.
This shows the leadership in Opposition.
Like the “chicken” play, Liberal blinked.
Canada’s economy is in the hand of luck.
85 billions means benefits to those who can find way to channel in.
That is bad news to the public.

London is thinking to pass the 2012 to Beijing.
No money is the main thing.
But Van is stuck with 2010.
With unlimited borrowing power, tidal of debts will be on the way.
It takes gut to say no and cut all losses.
None is there for us tax payers.
May election will make things worse.
There will be no one accountable afterward.

Obama is having tax evader to handle the economy.
That puts situation right along Bush and Chaney.
And the worst is the lobbyists blending in.
Change turns out to be the best political con.
He is taking his time to call China.
Now he lets VP to be the point contact in the future.
That is hell of a loose mouth.
The best combination of Chinese cash and US ingenuity is doomed.

Reality is illustrated by facts.
The whole world had disaster in Xmas sales.
Yet China domestic spending in 7 Chinese New Year days is $50 billions US.
Yes, poor people are plenty in China.
But the spending power is real.
I am single minded here.
Canada goods with creative re-packing in Taipei will be competitive in new China domestic market.
That will be my resolution for 2009.   

XMAS 2008

It is a year of change.
But the trust is the worry and an issue losing ground further
US as the only super power of the world made top the list.
That is done by Chicago politics and Obama.
The simple fact of transparency and clarity missing is casting doubt.

After all it is Obama’s seat.
And he is the President-elected.
He has to take notice.
If not, then his ability is in question.
Or we will have a trust issue on hand.

Politics can be the best of con artist.
People can be fooled most of time.
But it is never all the time.
This makes him damaged goods now.
Let’s see how long the charade will play out.

Harper may be Man of the Year in Canada.
But his political reality wipes out any claim of decency.
Senate seat is a party politics correct issue.
But the spirit of democratic process ruined.
What an educational example it is just before Xmas.

Economy situation makes perfect cover.
Check and balance is hard to carry out.
US bank bailout is a perfect example.
Harper’s “institution strong” in election time is forgotten.
Only history will indicate it happened on whose watch.

The Golden Obama team didn’t see the crisis coming.
We can only hope for the best.
That tells the outcome future.
World economic recovery needs to look somewhere else.
It is opportunity time for thinking ahead.


Harper finally comes clean.
It is recession time and deficit a reality.
But like the good old Canadian ways, details will have to wait.

That will be in next budget.
The reason is simple.
They need to know how US will proceed.

US are in political vacuum.
But our urgency is real.
The inaction will cost us dearly.

BC economy is stated from sunshine to stormy.
And $1 billion surplus statement in September is valid no more.
One has to wonder how cities will tell their part.

US Today talks about surviving the pink slip season.
And Global Mail has pink slip survivor’s syndrome.
Lot jobs will be lost.

Many in Asia will ask what is pink slip.
That is the official notice of your job stopped.
It means income lost.

Here comes the needing a hand or waiting for hand out choice.
And the ones got the pink slips need a hand.
Hand out can be a forever liability.