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March 2019
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It feels like state of war.
World Cup is one big gang.
But it is firework sport mixing with city riot and tear gas.

The unrest is due to the cost and corruption.
Home team can’t afford to lose.
Passion will fire back hard.

Luck will be the key.
Winning helps.
Then it simply will be gracious sport war.

But Iraq one is real.
Some call it brink of Mid-East meltdown.
The worst is yet to come.

CNN live made it famous in 2003.
That was US fire power lighted up the night sky.
Many had hoped it was a quick in and out.

They pointed out ground troop and long stay would be deadly.
Vietnam War was a lively reminder then.
But Bush had his own decision.

Now we see how US losing economically big time.
It is back to square one again.
How ironic it is historically.

Order, discipline and hope are totally at loss.
That can be the whole region.
The shortage of oil is already affecting the world.

And Syria can be next in focus.
There is Ukraine and Russia situation.
Can Egypt be next?

Asia offers no comfort either.
Japan, Vietnam and Philippines are targeting China.
That is the “re-balancing” effort by US.

RIMPAC is a military exercise.
China is taking part for the first time.
That was a good sign.

But Japan is pushing.
They move strongly on military build-up and international extension.
That definitely heat up the tension.

And there is shooting in Oregon high school.
Obama cried out loud on gun control.
Solution simply is not in sight.

Tea Party victory made top news.
It shows change or maybe out of control in US domestic politics.
GOP House second in command is out.

That is not making Obama a happy guy either.
We can be sure of one thing now.
More surprises can be expected in November.

57,000 vets still await initial medical visit in US.
That is not making Obama Care promising.
It is like speaking with a folk tong.

That means sounded great but not in end result.
Then it is a joke to public.
You can tell how year-end election will be like.

We saw report of death on waiting list resulted in top guy resigning.
We fear.
That will be the future of Obama Care too.

The point is.
US government is stretching thin.
Yet global push is on all fronts.

Out of control is a reasonable doubt.
But no one seems to be aware of each’s own limit.
State of war is very possible.


Japanese younger generation puzzles.
They wonder.
Why all the noises.

That is the hate of Chinese to them.
Why can’t all be like people in Taiwan?
How they savor the culture and trend of Japan.

But to world Chinese, there is no closure yet.
That is the Second World War crime and comfort women.
The vacuum in Japanese youth mind angers them even more.

The military intention of today’s Japan leader makes it worse.
US as Captain American insist life goes on.
They didn’t have mass bloody massacre in civilians in record.

On the same token, leaders of China must realize.
Don’t be like them.
6/4 did happen.

It was a moment in history.
It still is vivid in mind.
And there is no way we can forget it.

How often you see in history.
An ordinary guy stood in front tanks.
He was blocking the way.

It was so stupid.
Yet it was so real and unbelievable touching.
Human spirit was triumphant again.

The whole world saw it.
My friend was traveling by my agency and stuck in Beijing.
We were trying our best to get him out.

It is true.
Younger generation Chinese today can care less of 6/4.
So are the Japanese youth on War crime and comfort women.

There is no double standard here.
All Chinese are legit to be angry.
So, the reality is.

We better face the 6/4.
And it is sooner than later.
Nothing more is there to say.

CIA is hard working all over the world.
That is all in the name of American interest.
It is the justice of Captain of American.

And FBI charged.
Chinese military is cuber-espionage in Shanghai.
Victims are US companies operating in China.

I clearly remember.
USA and USSR rushed in to split German scientists.
Then there came the atomic generation.

Call it raid or looting.
And it was at war.
But you can’t deny it happened.

There is no way you can say that.
6/4 didn’t happen.
And it is not funny.

Face up now and only then you can let go.
Remember the comfort women.
You better be able to see why.

China Dream will be real.
But before that there is a need in maturity.
Closure is a must to all past necessary evil.

That is in near future.
We all can calmly talk about how and why of then.
It did happen.


Movie often marks its time and place.
We saw The Day After.
Now it is Days of Future Past.

It says.
Let’s go back to re-do it.
We make change in outcome.

Bush never appears to us as tough guy.
But he really tried.
That was a disaster for US.

Obama now is Bush like.
He played tough on Putin.
It didn’t work.

Now he is aiming at China.
He starts to use word to prove his power.
He doesn’t have to.

But he did it anyway.
It is his West Point graduation speech.
That surprised lot of us.

He called China invasive.
Funny he was the one as no war candidate.
Now he is trying hard to provoke one?

That didn’t stop there.
It was well coordinated.
His Secretary of Defense and Japan PM second him.

Next day, Hagel followed in Singapore called China “destabilizing”.
Abe of Japan vows to be counter weight to China in South Sea.
Both really have no business in South Sea.

The funny thing is.
Japan was the invader in Second World War in the area.
And US followed to dominate the area after.

US left when other area heated up like Middle East.
Yes, it is always the fight for resources.
And now it is back to Asia long after Vietnam War.

Both Japan and Philippines had complained about US military base.
And they managed to get many out.
Now they want US back with open arm.

Yes, US are back in the name to re-balance the area.
Frankly all are actually for the deep sea oil.
All national interests are resource and commercial.

US still can make us proud.
Sunday morning CNN Global Public Square pointed out.
Obama’s display may not be the best US interest.

Ike was quoted as the best example.
He was general helped to win Second World War.
Next he showed how best to be a President.

Against the tide asking him to be tough, he stood firm.
He managed otherwise.
That was to work things out in patience and negotiation.

China, like knee jerk, re-acted.
They responded not skillful.
Nor were they poised or polished.

They just called US “bully”.
It was militarily simple and direct.
They mean what they said.

Kennedy was famous with Cuba missile crisis.
He fully displayed his readiness to go to war.
Cuba then had to let go of Russia missile.

Now Japan and USA both are outsiders.
They are not legit South Sea countries.
Yet they both are forcing their ways to seek a major role.

One can’t help but to think.
Isn’t it time for China to play out Kennedy role?
CNN did see the irony of it but not openly say so.

It is all of politics of resource interest with no moral justification.
And there is never principle.
This makes another event standing out.

Where were they in recent Vietnam violence?
Taipei investors lost US $150 million in Vietnam riots.
And USA, Japan and West media were silent or down-played it.

Later they called it anti-China sentiment.
Statement like that was displayed in stern face.
It bluntly showed us what double standard is.

Modi as newly elected India leader plays it smart.
He displays wisdom otherwise.
He invites China leader Xi for visit.

Peace is the foundation for good trade and business.
7,000 Chinese visited LA and spent US $ 10,000 each in one day.
US luxury houses have it the best with Chinese buyers.

Chinese students in US are buying up cars.
They spend big too.
That is US $15.5 billion, no kidding.

US also are seriously changing visa rules.
All related departments are coordinating with each other.
That is to best to accommodate and attract more tourists.

We have to wonder.
We see how tight US are in own territorial water.
There is no but for the issue.

Isn’t that why China has to stand up to be counted?
It is true.
They need to learn to play power game smoothly.

BBC called the exchange in Singapore an image display.
China definitely was not in good manner.
That was to cut off other’s speech.

And they also implied.
That was the US inability in sexual term.
The statement definitely will not win them friends.

And Taipei actually is placing “front and center” historically in this issue.
Yet it gets no part to be on the table.
To be considered militarily weak is the reason to be sidelined.

No wonder.
US old western TV show said it the best.
That is “have gun will travel”.

June 6 is “D” Day remembered.
6/4 is the 25 years’ sour spot for many Chinese.
Do we need to go back to “Future Past” to find direction today?

World Cup 2014, Brazil will start on 6/13.
FIBA World Cup Spain 2014 will be in 8/30- 9/14.
NBA Final will light up all in the month of June.

Youth Olympics 2014 will be in China 8/16-28.
Asian Game will be in S Korea 9/19- 10/4.
COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 is now in June 3-7.

Oh, China cell population is 519 million strong.
HK had China tourists reaching 40 million plus in 2013.
That is prosperity vs friction play hard like “sweet and sour” mix.

Ok, it is 3- day long weekend in Taipei.
Festival and events are lot.
They are all well-commercialized.

But regrettably there is not much on the origin of the holiday.
Yes, dragon boat race or wrapping of rice dumpling is mentioned.
Past really is lost in present day.

Many point it out.
This is anti- China practice at play.
Politically it is in good practice here.

But it is ironic.
We do remember.
That was not in so distant past.

American got really hot on “root”.
Yet Taipei is so pro US or Japan never China.
Days of future past can be very confusing somewhat.

500,000 youth went to street.
That really is a modern day copy of Chinese 5/4.
But none was mentioned either person or event.

The cut-off was a great success of ex-President Lee.
It was and still is a great political maneuver.
And that is making Taipei “lonely” and “isolated”.

The cut-off created current historical and social isolation.
Asia orphan now is a worldly.
Isolation and loneliness breed the like of MRT cold-blooded killer.


In my younger day, US youth was “hot” at playing “chicken”.
Then in Top Gun, we saw Tom Cruise did it again with MIG.
Now Japan military plane was doing it 30 meters from China one.

In Second World War, Japan made famous of suicide plane.
We can’t help but to think.
How disciplined are those involved?

Malaysia Air missing is fading in public eye.
Korea school kids on cruise tragedy started more with now 21 dead in hospital fire.
Youth public random killing from Taipei to Santa Barbara shock and puzzle the world.

“Earth quake like” is the expression of Europe Union election.
Political landscape changes drastically.
No one is seriously in charge of anything.

US lost credibility with Snowden and NSA.
FBI charges China military spying in Shanghai.
Will CIA be charged in every other country next?

Obama in Memorial Day visited troops in Afghanistan.
He pointedly hinted.
That will be last of US military presence there.

But now we see there will be 9,800 leaving behind.
That coincides with Russia and Ukraine.
Who really can point finger at anyone else.

We see more actions in Asia.
Military exercises are plenty.
US play key role with Japan, S. Korea, and Philippines.

Vietnam is playing tough and pushing.
China makes it big with Russia.
And Japan tries to be Top Gun.

Summer is coming.
And US are warning all about “road rage”.
What if this rage is going world-wide?

Flooding is like yearly event.
It shows how we never learn.
Wild fire from San Diego to Arizona is another.

May be it only reflects the individual few.
Mudslide from Washington to now Colorado is not.
We really are living dangerously.

Face of evil is what press tagging.
We can see why.
It is so clear from all the youth mass killing.

They all had made statement.
That was way before their actions.
Why public just hear no evil?

12 more cases followed in Taipei.
They are after transit mass killing.
Vancouver downtown also had 5 men stabbed.

One thought comes to mind.
Military youth and those acted are all the product of our society.
Fail Safe is next topic in mind.

The danger is how they view their moment.
Government management is a failure and public blind.
We indeed are boarder line at battle cry.


It is back to school time.
Summer is done and Fall in.
Change of season seems in everything.

39.3 C heat is gone.
22 C is a clear indication.
The world seems is doing the same.

US are holding with Syria situation.
Obama was a candidate to get US out of war.
Now he is about to start a new one.

UK is a stark indicator.
The Parliament “braking” is a telling tale.
Alliance with US indeed is past tense.

And France is driving.
It is all about money.
There must be serious investment involving.

That makes Russian strong.
French is sucked in and needing US badly.
But Obama is already a lame duck.

China is “watching”.
There is no need to rush in.
It is perfect timing to deal with other concerns.

Japan and Philippines give plenty of reason.
They are extension of US new Asia-Pacific game.
Now it is bargaining time.

China is strong with new economic growth.
They can be strong as power broker.
But they also have internal worries.

The recent political court performance indicates trouble.
Bo is not done.
Coming back in the future is not totally out.

People of his ruled city clearly say.
9 and half out of 10 are missing his policies.
His economic policy is staying put with other area copying.

US paper was a main reason again.
They are fueling with stories.
That keeps Bo’s presence solid in public eyes.

This makes ruling in China more complicated.
The fundamental support of old school is real.
The power struggle goes on.

Ma in Taipei clearly is in big trouble.
Military dirt lost public trust and respect.
And solution is not in sight.

Now a nuclear level scandal explored.
It will be 3 ways ring among justice, legislative and administrative.
Damage is already not repairable.

It is a major crisis.
But it also is time of opportunity.
Total clean-up once for all will be the best.

Ma seems out of China’s favor too.
That historical opportunity as first to meet China leader is done.
Taking US side also will start the split inside the party.

2014 will be so political.
Out of control will be everywhere.
One can’t adapt or change is done.


That is 5 days and 24 hours coverage on Boston.
And Texas explosion fire was a side show.
Earthquake over 7 hit China and Japan.

There are people not aware any.
Each region as of human nature just focuses on own situation.
Asia is bird flu and conflict of Japan and China tension.

India and China are having military situation at boarder.
And press is also making connection on Boston Bomber and Russia.
Can it be any crazier?

This Boston thing is a domestic thing by American citizen.
Melting pot is getting negative.
And now it is only April for this year.

Ok, N Korea was bluffing.
War didn’t happen.
But it was tight.

And bird flu is less reported in the West.
But it does not look good.
It can be people to people by some report.

There is no cure so far for this new one.
And today’s world is so well-connected by so many airlines.
The worst is summer coming.


Politics is the biggest turn off this year.
You can call it the necessary evil.
But it is testing our limit.

Fiscal Cliff is temporarily off.
But “Cliff Hanging” is world-wide.
Everyone is pushing to extreme.

US White House is central staging “gun control”.
But budget is the one worrying the rest of world.
Clearly GOP is digging in deep to hold strong.

Old Chinese saying comes to mind.
That is “middle the way”.
But that can be the hardest to all this year.

Party line for one seems universal.
It has long the one seriously dividing us.
Compromise is a dirty word.

Both sides are at their extreme best.
Yet the saddest part is.
Rest simply is silent even in majority.

We were in shock to see the movie “the day after tomorrow”.
And here we see the worst storm in US.
Russian is now showing us how real how real the threat is from outer space.

But we still can’t get it.
That is to really let go the difference and work together.
Outsmart the other side still is king.

US TV is arguable the best.
They are the fastest at where the action is.
But big question is.

Too many are happening.
That makes it tough on following up.
Public are overloaded and easily forgetting.

We, in all, lose objective quickly.
Many can’t even manage rational objective.
We lose priority totally.

Matured or thoughtful is what we expect from others.
Ego trumps all.
And selfless individual focus simply has no way to formulate.

My question is.
It has being there for a long time.
But all are failing to face and ask.

Did we ever care or aware?
What is the real “stance” or “feel” of our “law-obeying” majority?
We seem never to have the clear picture of the mind of gun owners

Plenty had being said but all on political side.
They merely emphasize experience and “practical” necessity.
It all ended in “no result” and “no way”.

Pop is stepping down.
China and Japan are at game of chicken.
N Korea is all nuclear.

We do have a lot to worry.
New China leader will go to war.
He has no choice in keeping with internal unity.

Japan makes it the hardest by constant hard line.
It is do or die for new leader too.
West is mute at G-20 in taking side with Japan’s foreign exchange “game”.

Pop is stepping down as the first in 600 years.
It marks the time and demands.
What a busy start for 2013.


We can’t put our trust to anyone any more.
The word is not what it used to be.
We have to be on guard to all at all time.

Bank was trust in old days.
But now AmEx pays US $112 million over late-fees, deception.
Honor is a joke now.

US Navy is heading China Sea.
Back up to Japan is clear intent.
Fair, just and what is right as basic value do not count here.

Taipei is thrilled to be the #37 for visa free to US.
Clearly Taipei card is at play for strategic position.
It can be the best of time along with the worst.

Ma’s new government post for China relation is in trouble.
The new guy can’t even recognize the top third guy in China.
This administration is losing trust and respect totally.

It is unbelievable to see this report in paper.
Taipei’s London office dared to ask citizen to do the dirty work.
That was one volunteer at London Olympics on put up Taipei flag.

Depressed we are.
But that will not help anyone in any way.
Luckily NBA story points out idea.

Bonding is the word.
Celtics won championship in 2008.
They credit it on training camp in Europe.

The same is repeating now.
May be that can be the way.
Why not give it a try.

US can use Camp David again.
Honest and sincere will bond.
That is better than Navy ships for insurance.

Ma can put all his members of government together.
May be it is the best on each weekend.
That will stop them being like a circus.

And all government must make stand on banks.
If there is no honor and trust, close them.
Trust we must have again.


A flexible China on sea, urged Clinton.
But US were solid rock when going after Wi-Ki Leak.
And she is persistent everywhere in Asia Pacific.

US shadow behind Philippines, Vietnam and Japan.
It is in the name of America global interest.
That is of resources not on American soil.

US debt hits US $16 trillion.
And military suicide is “One a Day”.
There are 20 million unemployed.

And here comes Latino Obama in spot light.
America Dream is alive.
So is the nightmare US had started with Iraq War.

China is yet to announce starting date for congress.
Balance of power is at stake.
That makes Hilary visit particularly interesting.

Nixon had insisted.
Face to face is vital at high politics.
Body language does not lie.

Taiwan remains 13th in World Economic Forum competitiveness ranking.
That is the only focus of the local press coverage.
Readers have no chance to learn why other 12 on top.

Ma expresses surprise and shock on corruptions.
Monitors in every government agencies are plenty.
Why no one spotted the wrong doing.

He really is out of touch.
French king did ask for wine not water in extreme thirst.
Ma just showed us the modern version.

What people anger the most is.
He complains the corruption and him the last to know.
We the voters did vote him in as President to clean up not to complain.

He appointed lot posts.
But public rarely had anyone to cheer on.
The administration is combination of huge failure.


Newsweek front page says.
7 places you must see before going broke.
One has to wonder the subconscious of the content.

For the status of the magazine, it is a statement.
Can it be a warning of things to come?
And how will we deal with it?

New civilization is clear on one thing.
Survival is for the fittest.
Best to prepare is the only way and game to be.

To do that is not easy.
No matter how great you had being.
To let go the way we were is a must.

There will be no new winning formula.
All start anew.
Past sure things must go.

A new circle is in our face.
Fear will be real.
But courage and cool head we must.

Smart ones are making move.
Hilary is fading out.
She is contemplating her next step.

There is nothing at present post to keep her on top.
She needs space and time to get ready.
Rest of Obama group can be heading down.

IMF head, timely or not so timely, simply point out.
US economy is at risk.
Job is the focus and luck not on Obama side.

Europe is no better.
Situations are failing with borders quietly tightening.
Italy and Spain can be worse off than Greek.

Canada was US and NATO traditionally.
But it has late to warm up to China boom.
Yes, resources sell.

But China has own situation now.
Political development has off-set the economical priority.
To deal with corruption can fatally undermine the economy.

There are plenty domestic situations too.
Transition of power is on hand.
Direction will be a first decision.

All situations concerned.
It is truly a global village with butterfly effect.
Everything is inter-connected.

Greater Van prematurely has sales all over.
Major locations surprisingly have visible vacancies.
Many bus stop benches are looking for advertising too.

Each quoted is an indicator of the state of local economy.
And we then must wisely prepare for the worst.
Even our BC government “too broke for raises” makes a perfect example.

But on the same token, old saying is true.
The worst of time can be the best of time.
That we must be super evolving to be creative and explosive.

Gone with the wind is to the old.
Think outside the box is the key.
You can be the one to make the game new and exciting.

But at same time, beware of all down sides.
For new winners there must be lot losers.
They can be the new trouble makers.

Risk will be real.
But rewards will be great.
The new circle is new order in town.