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April 2019
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People went sleepless.
By time zone, people here had to watch games after midnight.
At end of each game, it was time to go to work.

Restaurants and 5 stars hotels were high on business.
Packed house was the least of it.
By products were in high demand too.

Taipei won big time as well.
That is “all-business” MIT.
Simply put, it means made in Taiwan.

Nike, Adidas and Puma covered 90% of Cup foot wears.
Taipei managed 70% of them.
One maker is doing 300 million pairs of shoes yearly.

And those colorful faces products were MIT too.
3 million sets of crayons were sold in 2 months.
And there were uniforms.

10 teams used MIT.
That came to 30 million sets.
The special-made “materials” had all best interests.

Yes, it is blazing hot out there.
Temperatures are average at 35 C with high at 38 C.
We expect 40 C sometime soon.

That is where the materials are special.
The cooling effect is a must.
And they are light and comfortable.


Beach parties are from top of island down.
One just packed 280,000 fans.
Another one made 880,000 in 5 days.

And culturally local made it shine too.
That is Cloud Gate dance troop.
They had 30,000 outdoor too.

Beers and ice creams had their moments too.
German one covered lot local events.
Next on will be computer show.

Top Korea and Japan entertainers pocket big money.
Live concerts are by 10,000 at gate.
Old US stars make a killing too.

Locals are smart to move into charity.
One ends donating NT $56.94 million.
There are all kind sport events too.

They are gulf, tennis and volleyball.
One foreign girl player made to international news.
That is by her beauty.


It indeed is a pride of Taipei.
The Mayor can’t brag enough.
Daily rotation is average 12 times.

It is made easy.
That is to use the city travel easy card.
The card is for all transportation and convenient stores.

But I hate it.
Too many riders are on people’s walking lane.
They are bullying walkers as if it is their right.

No one respects regulation.
Confrontations are often.
One can feel like “slashing” for the moment.

It is flawed like the MRT transportation system.
They are the best with 109 stations.
But 38 stations are without emergency exit.

Priority seat on all public transportation is another.
It was designed when Ma first as Mayor for needed.
But in all 14 years young and powerful abuse it.

Same can be said on intersection walking lane.
Ma wanted civilized order.
But it is still not fully respected today after 14 years.

Year-end election will be the time to re-visit those issues.
People are patient long enough.
Candidates better be aware of them.


It is not looking good.
National interests are muddy.
They are clouded by greed and self-interest.

National unity is ruined by political interest.
Common ground is avoided by all at best.
And public is willing to be fooled by lies.

World Cup has no China team.
But China investment and made-in-China are all over there.
Latin America begs China to invest in all developments.

China leader will visit UK.
There will be near US $40 billion dollars investment.
That includes a France join venture nuclear power plant.

Words are cheap.
Obama is best at it at the moment.
But in real world, hard cash is power.

China is claiming US $ 4 trillion foreign reserve.
US are changing visa process to get to that money.
And US real estate is aiming at 9.8 million potential China immigrants.

Taipei on the other hand is doing the best.
That is to stop China tourist and investment.
Go figure.

US did re-build Germany and Japan.
But US also are running out of gas.
It can be China’s turn now.

You can attack China all you want.
And I grieve for 6/4 too.
But what good will there be if China collapsing now?


Reform will not do.
It is the corruption of mind.
And we see no hope in sight.

500,000 youth went to street.
Many asked why.
I was eying only Law and Order.

But a month in Taipei tells me more.
People had it.
Government machine was out of touch and out of control.

We witnessed international airport security screw-up.
That was to let the cat and container of gasoline pass.
And both were on different occasion and time.

It simply can’t happen but did.
You can’t call that a mistake.
Human factor and system wrecked all public trust.

And then there came the MRT transit killing.
The 21 years old university sophomore was a devil and lost soul.
4 lives lost and 22 wounded.

The whole city was in shock and no one feeling safe.
Then there was police with machine gun in public’s eye.
Crisis got worse.

It shows knee jerk reaction with no one prepared.
And indeed city needed leadership, guiding and in control.
Then it resulted into police outfitting with hand gun.

540,000 by far decided not to take the transit.
Bus again packed returning as main transportation.
Fear is real and staying.

There are families of victims.
MRT handled them coldly and processed like machine.
Families, definitely handicapped, feel helpless.

They felt life is cheap and gradually getting very angry.
Then there is the lie.
Public clearly see the stone cold government side.

President came to public’s eye days after.
There is no calming effect after tragedy.
No one is filling the role to lead and guide.

Now I truly understand.
Youth saw no future and left with no outlet.
To be out in the street was the best they could.

Law and order still is vital and a must.
But there is priority.
Response and solution visible to public are urgent and immediate.

It is true.
Few youth did have their own motives and interest.
But who gave them the cause and opportunity?

It is painful to turn on the TV.
They just keep yelling at each other.
There is no solution only accusation.

All things are skin deep.
Vision and wisdom are all at loss.
Turn them off is the best one can do.

The truth is.
All they showed are the root of all evil.
We all are the cause of what is happening.

Yet, we all are pointing the finger at others not self.
It became a vicious circle with no end.
Only revolution will make a difference.

The dark side of human nature is riding high.
Ugly display is a norm.
Lost soul we all are.

Partial change as reform will not do.
All destructive fiber must be removed as cancer.
Revolution is the only way then.


Yes, it was horror of public transit mass killing.
And there are tiresome MPs and media slanders.
Yet I am still here.

Yes, fear to step out was there.
But life goes on.
I still enjoy the lively and affordable Taipei.

The cheapest bubble tea in Van is at T&T.
It is Can $2.99 plus tax.
But in Taipei is NT $35 total.

Mac full meal Taipei is NT $76 total and Van Can $5.99 plus tax.
Lunch box at Taipei 7/11 is NT $60 to 70 total.
That will be Can $6.99 plus tax in any food court in Van.

And there are so many fancy food courts here.
They are good-looking and restaurant-like if in Van.
And meals are NT $120 total.

French red wine last year in Taipei was NT $199 total.
This year it is up to NT $299.
That is inflation but still cheaper than Van.

I quickly picked up 3 bottles yesterday.
This new French brand is NT $199 and discounted 5% if buying 3.
And one full little scotch is NT $409.

Movie is another treat.
Seats are clean, nice and comfortable.
Cost is NT $310 and senior $135.

You can choose your seat.
And movie houses have so many eating places around.
People do dress a little when going to movie.

Plenty of high living is in Taipei too.
Top 10 world expensive houses have one in Taipei.
And a new 6-stars hotel just opens here.

I took my wife to dinner at NT $5400 each.
And the meal at top of the world 101 restaurant is from NT $1200.
Yes, there is 10% tip in service fee automatically added.

City bus is free for seniors.
And MRT is 50% off.
There are plenty bicycles to rent everywhere.

My hotel is NT $1600 a day.
They offer free breakfast and simple afternoon tea.
Sheet and towers are changed daily.

MRT practically is like in the basement.
It gets me anywhere in the city quickly.
Cold or hot weather even storm means nothing to me.

Pool is NT $50 per visit for seniors.
Sauna and steam room are better than standard.
Water spa is super.

Taipei is all commercial.
Events are plenty each weekend at many public areas.
People simply don’t have the energy and time for all.

And there are surprises too.
Remember the 500,000 youth protest in the street earlier?
The memorable one last year was 250,000.

And this is election year here too.
Creative political show-off will be plenty at display.
And now it is only May 24 in the rain season.


Strike 3, you are out.
It all came in 24 hours, 240 seconds and another 40 seconds.
Hell broke loose in the period.

5/20 is the day marking President Ma 6 years in the office.
5 days forecast to start the rain season dimed the mood and all expectation.
Pouring rain by night made it miserable to all.

The rain pounded into day light with no stopping in sight.
Past 107 years total May month rain record smashed in one day.
Cities were seriously warned of flooding.

Then in the morning, there came the 6 earth quake.
The rest of day was still in pouring rain.
People thought that the worst of it.

By night fall, news blasted the transit stabbing.
4 were killed and 21 injured at rush hour on moving MRT.
Some said no wonder such pouring rain.

That was a horrible 240 seconds in 6 moving closed compartments.
Then there followed with 40 sec confrontation by other passengers in the car.
Police came about 20 minutes later.

Taipei claims to be international city.
Yet citizens really are in isolation and never seriously caring anything not local.
Half million youth took to street was major.

But how many realize the Boston bomber.
And there were that many high school killings in US.
Youth has long a serious world situation.

It is a serious change of mind situation.
Past moral and lawful standard are out.
They no longer influence the young.

It is a serious 2 mind sets in one world.
Yet old generation still hold on hard of past standard.
Young simply trust none.

In the news, we were shocked by news of our airport.
That was a serious security breach by a Japanese passenger.
He carried plastic container full of gasoline got on flight.

This no longer is just screw loose.
It really is a total social collapse.
The wake-up call is already late.

Paper called it a time of open society.
But we are not aware of isolated youth.
No wonder there is another college kid killing girl friend’s grandpa.


India is changing big after election.
Dynasty family is no longer working this time.
Economic urgency takes top priority.

China is in transition.
Reform and anti-corruption are tops.
But being the largest domestic market safely and quickly matters.

Japan is ambitious to branch out.
The hidden military intention worries many.
But US the one will make it a reality.

Putin visiting Beijing now and the join military exercise gets all interests.
Vietnam smashing invested Taiwan factories reveals the hidden vicious side.
China is set to go military.

Both Koreas are facing domestic public safety tragedy.
Screw loose is clearly the source of sad situations.
That means more will be on the way.

Malaysia flight is still a mess.
Rumor now has it a victim of US and Thailand military exercise.
No wonder so far all focus is about searching not why and how.

Vietnam is showing the military and communist violent nature.
Cover-up on the corruption and balance of rich and poor went over-board.
Now the tarnished image reminds us paper tiger.

Thailand just declares martial law.
Prosperity definitely is on hold.
Democratic 2 parties system is making all a cut-throat.

Trust is missing.
But no one seems to care.
Go to extreme is all are now.

Taipei is losing all drives and confidence.
Youth are eying hand-out.
Leadership is only to please the public.

This really can be a turning point to all.
Hope is always there.
Learn to trust each other can be the first step.


Taipei used to complain being orphan of Asia.
Now it is worse as being orphan of the world.
Humanity for Taipei by the world was none in last few days.

Taipei’s investment in Vietnam totally reaches US $28 billion.
But there is no protect.
Reality is cruel than expected.

Taipei papers yesterday reported.
At least 25 Taipei invested factories were ruthlessly raided.
Evening paper front-paged it Vietnam’s “patriotic robbery”.

International media had no coverage.
They seemed suddenly invisible.
Turkey’s mine tragedy and runner’s trail were all there were.

By today, we finally get some.
All speaks of China- Vietnam situation.
English paper in Taipei front-pages it severe anti-China unrest.

Taipei TV was all the burning and raiding in film.
But that was not in international coverage.
Taipei government also looked disappeared.

One would expect.
Taipei leader stood up strongly for the occasion.
Plane or planes would be sent immediately.

After all, there are 30,000 some citizens in business there.
They are in fear of their lives.
Their properties were burning right in front of their eyes.

International Presidential press conference follows.
It is time to show the legal presence.
Justice must meet.

And there are that half million youth.
They took to the street to show passion and will power.
Again they can do what they are the best.

Strangely they were not responding either.
What they excelled during the famous event didn’t surface.
That was to put voice out through internet.

Sadly what was hot on TV talk shows was.
It was President Ma’s US green card and his IRS back tax bill.
That was the mind-set and priority politically here.

That is real mirror reflection of Taiwan now.
Everyone points finger at Ma.
And all are doing what Ma is doing.

History told us.
United we are strong.
Divided we all lose.


BBC named it Nota.
And it is “the” variable in current India election.
It is remarkable in every way.

This indeed is an election year globally.
That makes all things unstable for the moment.
Europe, US, India and Taiwan all will face it.

Nota will be a new telling tale.
It will be a clear indication.
Voter can vote to show they have no one to vote for.