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March 2019
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Election was done and position decided.
It is time to see real action.
We expect breakthrough and priority.

Economics is in everyone’s mind.
Revenues need to be created without raising the tax.
Cut waste needs transparency and accountability.

Infrastructure will create jobs.
And education with the least cost to student will make generation competitive.
That will be a great start.


It is the coming from behind from 20 points.
And to win the majority is rocking the politics in BC.
All experts’ glasses were shattered.

Now it is another extreme.
All are talking about how Clark won.
But no one is wisely trying to learn from loser.

True, it is tough for loser to be rational and level-headed now.
They all are trying to be civil and yet to re-group at first instant.
But their hardest learned experiences are the most valuable ever.

That know-how is golden.
We need to start with in-depth understanding.
And how to use them wisely in the future will be next.

It is a resource truly being socially discarded in the past.
Press for one never really intended to give much coverage.
So any in-depth study and self- examining emphasis were lost.

Now everyone is pointing out.
It was the image of poise, telegenic and laser pointed focus won.
Job and economy were keys.

Yes, there was smart focus on voters.
Older and women were the ones.
They were more inclined to vote made the difference.

Conventional logic stands too.
In the best of economic time, one can win with more hand-out.
But here and now, economy is shaky and uncertain.

Safety on economy was the choice.
Fear stopped people in taking chances.
The one with better economic experiences won.

Yet, there were missing issues.
They are global positioning and edges of competitions.
That is in the best interest of Canada and BC.

No one was openly pin-pointing BC for Asia-Pacific importance.
But Clark’s India film festival and energy exporting were evident.
Dix was having past China communist member as candidate is another.

IRS in US is embarrassing Obama.
But it is IRS’s duty to check anyone illegal.
The missing point is the balance in fairness.

Fresh and new are media interests.
That was what Clark couldn’t impose.
The blind side from media made Dix’s felt falsely safe.

NDP will never be in power.
That is if not getting economical trust from voters.
They have to know where to find money not just taxing.

Asia-Pacific interest and strategy will be keys.
China leader just visited India and will be in US in June.
We are already late in connecting to get bibber international market shares.

Union needs to think global interest more.
Lay-back and gets everything days are over.
It is all in the name of competition.

Both China and India are in as Artic observers.
South Korea does the same.
BC needs market share in China, India and ASEAN in reverse.

炮灰candidate was a shame.
The day to be seeing as casualties of war is gone.
Diversity of multi-cultures will shine if we let it.

The link of their Asia-Pacific back ground is golden today.
They ought to have clear purpose for BC and Canada interest.
It is time to see where Richard Lee and Gabriel Yiu will be.

World Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver will be on May 26 and 27.
We like to see both parties involvement.
There may be fresh faces as star candidates for next election.

China will be an aging nation soon.
Canada know-how in senior tour will be a marketing tool.
And NFL is too expensive and making CFL a bargain.

Surrey will host International World MUSIC Marathon in September 29.
Taipei has lot runners.
Why not make it a starting point to target China next?


Am I glad I am not running this provincial election!
Public ignorance and press cynical are killers.
Pity is all I have for some participated.

Seasoned reporter and TV critic are cold.
May be they think they are on reality side.
Calling 炮灰< sending to be killed> is mean.

Ironically establishment loves to say otherwise.
To participate is courage and honor.
How extreme can it be!

Chinese press is helpless to encourage more readers to vote.
Yet they are seriously mocking some candidates icily.
One major party candidate was even “not mentioned”.

There is no leadership in sight.
Nor there is any inspiration.
Economics and environment stand for 2 sides.

Corporates and unions interests are clearly divided.
They both “bully” in its way.
There is no true public interest.

One is in slogan for strong economy and secure future.
But that is for corporate interest and profit.
We see no jobs and wagers’ “fair” share.

The other is on “changes” for the better and “one practical step” at time.
We, in 4 years, saw Obama’s “change”.
And “one step at a time” says long way to any solution.

One is to make rich richer.
And the other is passing out more hand-outs.
None will make BC competitive.

This is the age of Asia Pacific.
BC is part of the region.
No party is seeking the role as major player.

Liberal had made play with both China and India.
But none makes any candidate a player for the role.
ASEAN is totally ignored in the process.

Both China and India are fighting for ASEAN market and influence.
Canada is already losing in time and market shares.
US with Clinton already made big in-road for a year.

And seniors vote is not focused.
Ambulance times are all at 20 plus minutes.
Save lives is really by the seconds.

ER waiting time is deadly.
Space is another issue.
Yes, let’s be a step at time.


Yes, I am not in yet.
Split of Chinese votes is a concern.
But what is the best for BC is where I am at.

Dix gets my attention.
He was diabetes type 1 at 28.
And he didn’t die.

That has to make him strong on med-care.
I am diabetic too.
We are on the same side on this one.

But I don’t like NDP economically.
They are too much a hand-out party.
BC can’t afford to be Santa Claus at this stage.

NDP had their turn.
I was new here then.
But disaster was real.

No “spender” ought to be winner in this election.
It is for who can create wealth for BC.
That is where NDP is weak.

BC must be a part of Asia-Pacific.
Mainstream of East Coast first mentality is wrong now.
Change is a must if looking for better future.

Safety of neighborhood is a joke.
Shooting in the public parking place said it all.
Bad guys don’t think much of law enforcement.

It took such a long time to determine the airport death a homicide.
The new immigrant was murdered.
The law and system is outdated.

BC Hydro bill will go up.
Up-date infrastructures are important.
But $4 billion piling debts and still growing is not acceptable.


Yes, I know the feeling.
I was blocked out at provincial before.
I had no party to back me up.

People had no chance to hear me out.
And I had plenty to say.
But reality won.

Less to compare only help the power few.
That is democratic in name only.
Party power backs up candidate’s standing.

You can call that ability to government.
But be it absolute.
Next can be corruption.

The system is to safe guard for no one to abuse the power.
Then let May speaks up.
She indeed was talking things average people can understand.


We hear this for a long time.
Sure, seniority with experience has its value.
But once it became absolute necessity.
There comes the absolute power.
Corruption is inevitable.
We do have a perfect example on hand.
Campbell’s long term makes him arrogantly stupid.


As good a speaker he is.
The voters are not buying this time.
Ability to manage and get result is not there.
Change is in order.

Do you have experience?
That is the first question to be asked in looking for job.
American dream is great.
But Rome was not built over night.

And there was that old Indian saying.
That was white man talks with forked tong.
Obama did better than that.
The whole world was under his spell.

Hilary was experience and more so with Bill at side.
But American didn’t want that.
The most valuable asset was down played.
Oh, yes, Kennedy did the job.

Obama victory was a great lesson.
The last power Kennedy didn’t have it.
He was not good enough himself.
His king making is not working out so far.

Power of word had all of us.
Believer we all became.
All hopes were up.
But at end, experience matters.

Demand of result is top.
It doesn’t matter how bad Bush made it.
You have to deliver when job is yours.
The buck stops where job is.
Campbell resigns.
That is smart.
He learns fast from Obama.
To let go serves him the best.

Now he is off the hook.
The party is free with breathing room.
There may be other things we are not aware of.
But step down will help.


Politics can be high art of con game.
People get fooled most of time.
But it is never all the time.

NATO official says.
Bin Laden is in Pakistan living in comfort.
That makes all things after 9/11 a joke.

What is wrong with all the USA effort?
Canadian soldiers died too.
What interest have they served?

France is in domestic violence.
Cars burned and police injured.
It is all in the name of protest.

Canada military is looking really bad.
A ranking officer has secret life.
He is a sex predator and killer.
BC Rail case finally concluded.
It is a blow to taxpayers and RCMP credibility.
That is the statement of editorial of Van Sun.

Columnists have their say too.
Even it is way after face.
It is called tainted from the start.

That is 7 years.
That is the system competency.
Is there any shame?

Gang execution was in Burnaby.
And Mexican cartel is active in BC.
Is there connection?

Delta girl is news no more.
Where is the accountability?
How easy we forget.

“Slow boat to China” was old joke.
But it did get there.
Can we say that for Canada’s justice?

Due process is not working.
If there is any shame in us, change we must.
But do we?


Province article pointed it out.
Look to Asia for future.
That is of BC growth.

And editorial in Van Sun stated.
Entrepreneurship is a vital.
It is the driver of innovation.

The UN bit stinks.
But it allows us to see who we are in world eyes.
Still, government started with party line to mark the failure.

It is the policy.
Government points out.
Principle was the base.

Now another voice is up.
It is the support from US.
Harper is not getting it.

Asia is the next century.
China and India are taking the lead.
Singapore and HK show small can be beautiful.

And there come the Indonesia and Vietnam.
Even Cambodia is making headlines with cell usage.
Burma will not wait long.

Also in the news is.
BC based motorcycle company doesn’t sell product in North America.
The big market is China and namely Africa and Brazil next.

Reality doesn’t lie.
Asia is definitely immediate future.
Canada West is today.

And BC is front and center.
But how ready are we?
We can see people of yesterday are not.

Bad news is.
Time is not on our side.
And Canada is not in Asia interest yet.

BC also has the 5 of 10 the worst city in crime.
That is a big minus for BC to continue a sustainable prosperity.
Green power and new policies can help but not covering that.

Ok, there is Pacific Gateway phase two.
Provincial debt will be looking at $60 billion.
And how is our Olympic balance sheet in viewing state of Olympic Village?

The latest is spy conspiracy.
That is indirectly pointing finger at China.
That is interesting for not mentioning of US, Russia and other world powers.

Both federal and provincial officials involved.
But all statements seem passing the buck.
It is like the old Chinese argument of white horse is not horse.

Campbell is a damaged good but fighting hard.
But this is not the same as Chile miner.
He has trust issue.

We are not ungrateful.
We do remember how he turned around the big NDP debts.
But power does corrupt him and making his arrogance worse.

The current state is.
He totally lost public trust.
That was when by pass to tell the truth.

But NDP is as helpless.
The unity is the issue.
And it is ironic in comparing to Chile miners.

This leadership challenged is at the wrong time.
It creates doubt.
Is that a start of power struggle even before victory?

That is casting negatively.
That is both on leadership and principle.
Or simply political mob mentality is at play.

This makes Pacific Gateway Forum 2010 on Oct. 29 interesting.
It is vital.
We like to see a worldly BC vision.

The Chile miners 33 can’t come at a better time.
The spirit of never give up in unity is vital.
Discipline and team work are the reality.   


Chevron Burnaby is reported leaking oil into sea.
This is bad timing when US having the worst with BP.
But what surprised all is provincial official statement.
It insisted the leak only a 50 lit. situation.
They see no need for a public statement.
But Van Sun front page says.
Oil, gas from Chevron refinery in Burnaby has been flowing for weeks.
Who is really on taxpayer payroll now?

Well, there is that $560,000 for Olympic “volunteers”.
And BC had more than $7 millions on ads on CTV.
NBC got US $17.255 millions.
That includes a mention of BC in hot TV show Office.
BC also is “left” $860,000 in San Francisco.
Federal spending on G8 and G20 is top 1 billion.
And the original estimate was $197 millions.
Now the next big one has to be the true cost of this Olympics.