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March 2019
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Safety was my issue in my 2002 election.
Sadly it is worse than ever today.
And no one is facing the responsibility.

Press reported.
Richmond had near 100 breaks-in last month.
And Burnaby is a very close second.

It is a 40% increase.
And it is over 3 in every 24 hours.
That can’t be tolerated.

I was a victim in 2002.
It was daylight at 3 pm.
And I lived on 12th floor.

Law and order is a joke.
Neighbors are far more distanced.
Management is strong on need to know.

No wonder bad guys have it easy.
Everything is aiding their way.
City hall and police are playing deaf.

There was this Burnaby apartment building fire too.
Bad things seem to come in group.
Residence has reason to worry.

Now we have this one and only city 39 floor building evacuation.
It was due to a dynamite find.
No damage follows.

But that makes it serious.
City is not equipped to fight fire at that height.
And this is borderline terrorist act.

Community is loose.
And neighbors are more foreign to each other than ever.
It is the design of management.

What worries me is.
When there is one, more are expected to follow.
It is a matter of when.

And city comes up with more high rises.
Is fire department ready to handle that height?
We can’t just wait for it to happen.

Provincial election is coming up.
Budget is focus of all attention.
Isn’t safety a more urgent one now?

Oh, there is Safeway burger recall.
It can be E. coli contamination.
Ha, that is an Federal issue, speaking of passing the buck.


Bangkok blast is vivid in everyone’s mind.
Open society and terrorist don’t mix.
But it never was seriously thought out in Asia.

Taipei had Tibet group protesting Beijing city Mayor.
No one takes it seriously either.
But it is an opening as hole in security.

In my foreign student days in US, we were seriously warned.
That kind of participation was a big no-no.
Deportation was the consequence.

Oh, I was an anti-communist for many years.
So I am not for communist China.
But visitors in Taipei must respect the law too.

After all they are not the citizen here.
That freedom of expression can’t cover such activity.
And local law is getting soft too.


Save on Food got sale.
I never fail to take the advantage.
But one price difference ended up in confrontation.

I just returned the item.
Rebate on my credit card is on again.
I didn’t get any back in last 4 times.

It can be the credit card company.
But store were negative.
They replied “check with head office”.

They always blurt the issue on price tag posted.
What we see is what we pay.
That is never true to them.

Again I couldn’t buy that.
And I knew I was right.
I went back to the rack to check 2 more times just to satisfy myself.

I then went back to information desk to tell them so.
But the “stone wall” face surfaced right away.
She told me “what she saw last night” to correct me.

I had to remind her of my sighting was minutes ago.
She just ignored me and walked away.
But I noticed her direction.

Yes, she went to the rack area where I spotted the item.
When walking away, she dropped something.
I could tell it was a price tag.

I immediately asked for manager to another staff near by.
But, sadly, I got her again with a male assistant manager instead.
Luckily the guy I asked for manager stayed.

The assistant manager totally ignored my fact.
The price tag there said only $1 for the whole space items.
But he insisted I had to compare to other area in the store.

They then just walked away again.
The “good guy” was still there.
He saw me steaming mad.

Then manager walked by with a new store lady.
Both totally agreed with my view.
And one even insisted me getting it free by store regulation.

I said no.
My stand was for the principle of thing.
And staff at assistant manager level behaved like that was not acceptable.

Union power is running the system here.
Service mentality is word only.
Other wise, something ought to be done there and then.

What sad me the most was the people around.
All appeared the wiser and ignorant.
There is no right or wrong to them.

And look at the new comers in town.
They speed even in parking area.
Some young female drivers made the worst examples.

We speak of decency and good manners.
And also there is law and order.
None apply anymore.


Call it anything.
May be it is coincidence.
But many think it God’s tease.

Ex-President near 90 is facing the court soon.
This is already inflaming the society.
And it will affect the coming election in every way.

And here is another.
It is like the bomb throwing in fire.
This is bigger than the Extra on President’s court news.

Can it be coincidence again?
It is so unlikely.
Again one has to think God is trying something.

That is the naming of prosecutor.
They are not appointed here.
The system goes by draw.

Public couldn’t believe whose name came out.
And it can’t be any more scandalous.
The team and the main guy are the best and the worst for the situation.

They were the one all in the other ex-President case.
Public was outraged.
He let the other ex-President went free.

That was twice and on different accounts.
How the same group is a team by draw again?
What is the odd?

How the same team will do again gets everyone’s attention.
Even they can’t believe how this is possible.
Will it be another political verdict not judicial?

It definitely will test the system and integrity of everyone here.
What the society is made of will be nakedly tested.
It will be a show-down of all time.


Kind of expected Canucks would lose.
The power and control are not in the final full package yet.
The learning and building experience is golden.
But the riot was something shouldn’t happen.

First thought was “how come?”.
Police did warn the possibility.
That means by professional standard.
Law was prepared.

That is all talk with no action.
It is not acceptable.
Union now says.
It was under-staffed.

Playing politics in this kind major event is not acceptable.
Waiting or wishing in this case means failure by all.
And my latest observation on homeless in Burnaby did worry me.
Many rioters on TV news looked so familiar.
They are indeed looking and acting much younger.
And they are hungrier comparing to the past.
Cheap items in Save on Food do not interest them.
And they acted out in group with cell phones and car.

The riot now is an international headline and public joke.
Even in 35 C Taipei got full coverage.
Maybe the lover couple got more space and attention here.
Vancouver got ruined.

Police’s mention on few familiar faces made many asking me how come.
Why there was no alerting system when they were spotted?
Or as always, simply police just waited to check the films afterward.
That is what I call the sickness of glass half empty mentality.

Where was our police defensive strategy?
Didn’t we hear defensive and preventative driving?
Why it didn’t apply here for this world watching event?
Van lost the best self promoting opportunity.

We the greater Vancouver citizens deserve better.
And it shame us for not able to control a small element group.
This reflects something more serious.
That is our “not my department” mentality.

That is what we need to face and improve fast.
Riot is a done deal.
Police simply failed as professional.
It is what they will do counts the most now.

And we citizens all have to face the consequences as whole.
It is our town.
We all are a part of it.
Even I am a Burnaby residence.

We can’t play “cope out” game any more.
That will not do.
This “not my department” mentality must go.
And doing “told you so” game now is cheap.

And we have to think why many stood there “watching”.
That was the worst for world to see.
Where was the pride in our own hometown?
It was a disgrace.

We did have the best in Olympic experience.
City claimed many under our credit.
We are capable as the best.
That had justified many tax money invested. .

Did Vancouver “played” the money and didn’t learn?
Or was that another “out-sourcing” operation for us to pay up?
We have reason to be angry.
Police has no excuse what so ever.


How right it is.
But will human right be the issue in the way again?
Do people automatically enjoy all rights?
Or we have to fulfill responsibility first?
Election time now is perfect to test out public sentiment.


Yes, it is the law.
And obey we must.
But logic and common sense are missing.
All we can think is “cover up”.

We had believed in police as guardian or even public’s nanny.
We saw them as final protection and social fiber to up hold community.
But that is not so in reality.
Distance and even arrogance has been the feel.

Time shows how perception can be true.
They are in supreme power looking down on us.
Yet elected officials kiss up their foot.
That much is for check and balance.

Absolute power lulls absolute corruption.
We had it coming.
Airport Taser case shocked everyone.
Yet the FORCE fights on.

Media had Frank Paul case since 2001.
Fresh set of eyes didn’t see him any better.
That is the top billing of Van columnist’s article in Nov. 5, 2010.
Province simply printed “top prosecutors stuck together.

Canada is preaching human right all over the world.
Yet we don’t see that at home.
And law enforcement is glorifying self openly.
RCMP tops are perfect example in the news.

Is there shame?
I have to ask.
What is left for us to teach the young?
No wonder hypercritic we all become.

That has to stop if there is still hope for any of us.
But we can see elected officials not on our side.
No one is seeing thing people first even orally so daily.
It is the “system” they are up holding as priority.

They are not competent to fix or change it.
At best they are stone-wall themselves in.
Cover up seems logical.
We have to get people first ourselves.

New comers display no discipline.
No one taught them before showing up here.
Old timers here feel squeezed by less room and freedom.
They together are making the worst of no law and order.

Civil courtesy and decency are foreign to many today.
This is shocking for a country proud by compassion and tolerance.
That is no longer in our daily life.
Fear and suspicion are “in”.

A man got beaten by police in his own home.
And, by newspaper account, police went to wrong house in mistake.
But now policemen are cleared by own investigation.
Yet editorial printed “the finding fair” with word police “mistake” stood out.

Old age drivers are roaming the road.
The reflexes and judgments are screw loose.
But the mobility is total necessity.
Public safety is another story.
Young drivers go wild.
Good reflexes and bad judgments cut corners.
The WILD WEST is in display.
And ENFORCERS we can’t be.

Politics can be an ass of art.
Compromise is the game.
But party line takes over with only conflict left.
Canada justice has to wait.


The mob and police “team” work is the root.
People at top can be good and decent.
But they are totally out of touch with grass root.

Police work in present system is hard on police at bottom.
There is no “power” back up for them in the system.
Their frustration is understandable.

There was this police killing two snitches.
It was in cold blood.
Now, all dirt is in the public.

No wonder they are saying.
The system is set up to invite corruption.
Again we have to ask “where were those commentators before?”.

But it is the central government angering the public the most.
The best they are doing is “chopping” heads.
All experts call it “paper exercise”.

Man at top needs head change.
It was their “result only” mentality to lead to today’s practice.
“Result only” without over all consideration is bottom of the matter.


The $100 billion HK dollars court decision declared.
Many see it as a victory in justice.
Columnist praises it legal professionalism.

It is not easy from a traditional Chinese society.
Rationality never was a strong point.
But this time is different.

Reasoning with clear head rationalization stands out.
That is not only rare.
It is near impossible in emotional Chinese tradition.

Family affair is the hardest for any fair judge.
This is a break through.
A new generation is taking their place.


Slow boat to China was a common used phrase in my younger days.
Now I am learning the slowness of justice in Canada.
And there is no time limit.
This is how I feel of 2009.

A man died.
He committed no crime.
But law enforcement is the cause of his death.
In many other part of world, this is called murder.

But here in Canada, we are still in the “process”.
Provincial legal system from Braidwood Inquiry to BC Court of Appeal takes a stand.
Now it is considered as a possible misconduct case.
Immediately, federal law enforcement declares no judicial ground.

That arrogance of power is making any decent rational thinking person angry.
How can we look at ourselves and think us a human right society?
The blind eye at life lost indicates nothing but a major cover-up.
System is corrupted beyond repair.

And columnist can only write.
Mounties should just take their punishment.
That kind of “light footed velvet touch” reflects the mainstream cowardice.
Justice is a word only and a lip service now.

It carries no power to smooth the fury in people.
That is bureaucratic incompetence.
Smart ones knowing all the loop holes can get away with anything.
If that is what civilized is all about, our future is limited and doomed.