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March 2019
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“All about you” is how best commercial is doing to us.
“Political correct” is a reality check.
We the public is right in between.

Hilary is all about Taipei and Beijing.
Taipei is doing-good so far, she said.
But it can be a turning point if not careful, she warns.

If any closer to Beijing, Taipei can be vulnerable.
Be careful and be smart, she advises.
“This far” but “no farther” is highly recommended.

And unintended consequence is mentioned.
This can be next US President talking.
And that is American interest.

US have long selling out-date weapons to Taipei.
They all are in above market extreme high prices.
That is fair trade with friendly relation.

In truth, many here see it as insurance.
We are blackmailed to give US military business high profit.
And they contribute heavily in election time in US.

Taipei is a loser all the way.
What Taipei wants is routinely rejected.
That much is for Taipei interest.

And it is in the name of “all about you”.
One can’t help but to remember.
That is a saying.

It was best repeated in old western cowboy movies.
White man speaks with folk tone.
Now we have in Obama and then Hilary.

She was brilliant as Secretary of State.
For American business interest, she was close to China.
And for American influence, she started re-balance in Asia.

Her new book is a venture into her Presidency.
Her wealth and health are doubted and a public concern.
I do come to her defense.

That was indeed in debt after her husband Presidency.
Law suits and lawyer cost had put them in deep hole.
This really had help to keep them stay married too.

But we have to ask.
What will her be to world interest?
Is a first woman President good enough for all?

We ask real world peace not pure America dominance.
Abe in Japan ignores all issues with Second World War crime.
Simple human right like comfort women is best avoided in every way.

US are all silent and deaf.
That is taking side with only self-interest.
No world leader is allowed to stay away from real justice.

People my generation grow to trust US with a protection mentality.
Yet we remember how past S Korea and S Vietnam leaders ended.
Trust US blindly can be deadly.

Iraq is a new example.
Is it a new Iraq or new Vietnam?
Many are asking now.

And who started it?
We have to remember the weapon of mass destruction.
Can there be no consequence?

What happens now is.
Re-balancing Asia is in.
That is how US blind-sided in Middle East.

That is not all.
Military aid to Egypt ended in press arrested.
US are in deep water this time.

India is another story.
New power structure will be business friendly.
And they are sure pretty happy to see Pakistan in trouble.

It is time for Taipei to think deep and hard.
Taipei cries for identity and independency for decades.
Self-centered isolation blinds and blocks all creative thinking.

The real situation is.
All leaders live with US-interest first mentality.
And rest is heavily with great Japan influence.

Younger generation simply is lost.
They are confused and blindly seeking true self.
And they refuse to hear anything others are saying.

My hotel staff makes perfect example.
She is new, young and hard working.
But her mind-set reflects the society.

She was asked why breakfast kept having one vegetable.
Answer was she likes it.
And newspaper talked about cancer related food.

Why they are the main ones in variation?
She said.
She is not afraid to die.

Her case makes us aware.
It made sense why the MRT transit slash happened.
People here are truly world apart with each other.

How could this happen?
Fresh news report helps.
That is the “first ever” China official visiting Taipei.

Ex-President Lee is caution public.
Stand firm on Taiwan is Taiwan.
And help the visitor to have a head cleansing process.

Then he said next day.
We need to cool down to conduct good conversation.
That is a double talk in high art.

It is his 20 years makes Taiwan today.
And his influence is still strong.
The shortage of judgment in thinking process is at its worst.

Taiwan ROC was called Republic of Casino before.
Now it really is a republic of confusion.
All are the best at accusing never solution.

“It is all for you” blinds us.
All are confused at the reality check.
Disaster is just starting.


It is a serious election year.
They are the one is and will make the difference.
All politicians are anxious kissing up to them.

So far, they seriously do make or break a candidate or even party.
Euro and India are making perfect example.
And more are coming until end of the year.

Young voter wisely assert more power with demands.
The cry for “right” is sky high.
But how prepared are they in term of responsibility?

Lower age to vote is demanded.
But there are 2 sides of any issue.
We fail to see the mental depth and discipline.

Politics is all about transparency and accountability.
Younger voter is a scary thought.
They demand transparency but showing no sign on accountability.

And current voting system is flawed.
Voters are better to come up with counter strategy.
Recent India election did.

That is NOA, none of the above.
At least it will not be a simple yes or no.
Record will show the third choice as bad and bad never less bad.

We really don’t need many in current position now.
They are doing us a dis-service.
NOA is the best to reflect that sentiment.

New York Times made a point on 6/4.
They think we are at a turning point.
That is to “re-think” the universal democracy as we see it now.

Ukraine and Egypt election made perfect examples.
Syria result makes it a joke.
And Euro election was less than 50% in turn out.

The system is not working.
We are at loss both in its spirit and cause.
Current results all prove deadly.

There is no difference.
We can see them as fraud.
That is the cruel reality.

Youth voters are frustrated about it.
Changes they demand.
Yet they are dangerously pushing at all directs.


BBC named it Nota.
And it is “the” variable in current India election.
It is remarkable in every way.

This indeed is an election year globally.
That makes all things unstable for the moment.
Europe, US, India and Taiwan all will face it.

Nota will be a new telling tale.
It will be a clear indication.
Voter can vote to show they have no one to vote for.


That will come eventually.
It is better to start thinking “how” right now.
And timing is perfect.

India is steaming hot with national election.
That is 814 million eligible voting.
It is 8 phase process from 4/7 to 5/12.

And vote will be counted at 5/16.
Complicated is the least we can say.
We can study now on how that will be in China.

9/11 TAIPEI, 2013

It was a bloody day.
And it was all political.
It was the dark side of human nature in display.

One may joke.
We are witnessing what Taiwan is the best.
That is how best to make the worst for other side.

And it turned the island up-side down.
People observed the best and the worst.
It is judgment day of human nature.

It is fair.
We each are making decision on our own.
We will live the consequences accordingly.

It seems like.
God is playing a joke on us.
He makes us to choose with the hardest choice.

Everyone is blaming Ma for everything.
Yet everyone lives and acts just like Ma.
Now everyone is forced to decide if Ma made the right decision.

The irony is huge.
The silent ones are the story.
We will be the victims of our own decisions.

Network of personal relation is on top of everything.
It is not the best or brightest.
It is who you know.

Justice is for the connected.
Top one percent is on top of everything.
The rest is all about luck.

Ma is a fool but brave.
He steps on the biggest bee nest.
The backlash is ugly and just starting.

One report says.
60% of people didn’t agree with the way he handled it.
And no one openly clear-cut said what he did was right.

Ma canned the house speaker in thundering manner.
His defensive line is the holiness of justice.
He left no room for passion and peace.

Speaker at 72 clearly made a mistake.
He got caught on record.
That was vital in the worst way.

One can’t help but to think.
People do get careless when in the highest of power.
No matter how small the mistake, no cover up can help.

President tried to get support on his stand in principle.
But he burned too many bridges.
He ends up fighting it alone.

The speaker gets sympathy.
It pays off due to his long years of best organized friendship.
It seems everyone owes him a favor.

The defining point is the due process of the law.
Speaker broke the law.
And President failed in due process.

Everyone has to take a stand.
It was not a comfortable feeling.
Some of us ended up re-examining ourselves.

It is how we would be.
Could we be different?
Our choice defines the world we live in.

It is who we are and what we believe in.
We then realize.
It is between the ruin of a party or the country.

Suddenly we see.
Many of us are among strangers.
And that may be we ourselves.

The self-realization can be very discomforting.
People of politics made the worst of themselves.
We never thought they can be this ugly.

Even stayed silent ones made us shattering.
Accusing fingers flied every ways.
Civilized society is a joke.

Dark side took over.
TV took center stage.
Some scenes from Tales of Two Cities came to mind.

Smarts got field day.
There was no intelligence or wisdom.
That can be very dangerous.

Everyone is forced to take a stand.
I then realize.
It also is a moment of life time to see who I really am.


July is done with temperature at 37 C in Taipei.
China had it in 40.
Heat increases temper, and violence can lead to war.

US announce travel alert throughout August.
Many foreign offices are closing in Middle East and Africa.
Terrorist is strongly in everyone’s mind.

Today Taipei streets will be full of 100,000 peaceful protesters.
It was 30,000 last weekend.
More will follow in August.

The death of a soldier is the focus.
He died 3 days before the release of his military service.
That enrages all in this island.

It is not only the military in question.
The trust of government and President are worse.
Demanding truth and justice is in everyone’s mind.

The current ruin was not one day’s work.
You can trace back at least 20 years.
But it is now the breaking point for public wanting total clean up.

Parliament was in brawl too.
And it is just the beginning.
Nuclear energy or not is at stake.

It is the crossroad.
One side wants the safety for generation to come.
The other is talking about the survival of economy.

But the truth is.
It is all political.
All are aiming at the incompetency of the President.

Opposition barricaded the Parliament.
It was a wrestling match with water fight.
Yes, they got good TV faces to show their supporters.

Editorial is mocking.
It is the reflection of the so called evolutional change in Parliament.
But sadly it is kid-like “occupation” of chair of chairman.

The demonstration of peaceful protesters in the streets is far more serious.
Only 10% believe in government honesty.
Rest is totally fed up.

The truth is clear.
Death is real.
Why President and military can’t see that?

Mother asks.
Is my son’s death “deserving”?
Show me the truth and give me justice.

President got in the Office by over 6 million votes.
By his incompetency, people had it.
It is his “delay” in the name of due process of the law.

His only chance now is a truth committee in full power.
It is best to be headed by his opposition Presidency candidate.
And ruling party heavy weights must participate.

But no one is thinking him to do that.
Storm is gathering.
It will be 6 million in the street by the time of October.

Taipei was never short of religious leaders.
They do claim world fame.
But they are indeed silent so far.

It is a war state.
And crossroad confuses many
But indeed it is a turning point.

Face the truth is a start.
Total government clean-up is a must.
People must keep the will strong.



It is the coming from behind from 20 points.
And to win the majority is rocking the politics in BC.
All experts’ glasses were shattered.

Now it is another extreme.
All are talking about how Clark won.
But no one is wisely trying to learn from loser.

True, it is tough for loser to be rational and level-headed now.
They all are trying to be civil and yet to re-group at first instant.
But their hardest learned experiences are the most valuable ever.

That know-how is golden.
We need to start with in-depth understanding.
And how to use them wisely in the future will be next.

It is a resource truly being socially discarded in the past.
Press for one never really intended to give much coverage.
So any in-depth study and self- examining emphasis were lost.

Now everyone is pointing out.
It was the image of poise, telegenic and laser pointed focus won.
Job and economy were keys.

Yes, there was smart focus on voters.
Older and women were the ones.
They were more inclined to vote made the difference.

Conventional logic stands too.
In the best of economic time, one can win with more hand-out.
But here and now, economy is shaky and uncertain.

Safety on economy was the choice.
Fear stopped people in taking chances.
The one with better economic experiences won.

Yet, there were missing issues.
They are global positioning and edges of competitions.
That is in the best interest of Canada and BC.

No one was openly pin-pointing BC for Asia-Pacific importance.
But Clark’s India film festival and energy exporting were evident.
Dix was having past China communist member as candidate is another.

IRS in US is embarrassing Obama.
But it is IRS’s duty to check anyone illegal.
The missing point is the balance in fairness.

Fresh and new are media interests.
That was what Clark couldn’t impose.
The blind side from media made Dix’s felt falsely safe.

NDP will never be in power.
That is if not getting economical trust from voters.
They have to know where to find money not just taxing.

Asia-Pacific interest and strategy will be keys.
China leader just visited India and will be in US in June.
We are already late in connecting to get bibber international market shares.

Union needs to think global interest more.
Lay-back and gets everything days are over.
It is all in the name of competition.

Both China and India are in as Artic observers.
South Korea does the same.
BC needs market share in China, India and ASEAN in reverse.

炮灰candidate was a shame.
The day to be seeing as casualties of war is gone.
Diversity of multi-cultures will shine if we let it.

The link of their Asia-Pacific back ground is golden today.
They ought to have clear purpose for BC and Canada interest.
It is time to see where Richard Lee and Gabriel Yiu will be.

World Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver will be on May 26 and 27.
We like to see both parties involvement.
There may be fresh faces as star candidates for next election.

China will be an aging nation soon.
Canada know-how in senior tour will be a marketing tool.
And NFL is too expensive and making CFL a bargain.

Surrey will host International World MUSIC Marathon in September 29.
Taipei has lot runners.
Why not make it a starting point to target China next?


Am I glad I am not running this provincial election!
Public ignorance and press cynical are killers.
Pity is all I have for some participated.

Seasoned reporter and TV critic are cold.
May be they think they are on reality side.
Calling 炮灰< sending to be killed> is mean.

Ironically establishment loves to say otherwise.
To participate is courage and honor.
How extreme can it be!

Chinese press is helpless to encourage more readers to vote.
Yet they are seriously mocking some candidates icily.
One major party candidate was even “not mentioned”.

There is no leadership in sight.
Nor there is any inspiration.
Economics and environment stand for 2 sides.

Corporates and unions interests are clearly divided.
They both “bully” in its way.
There is no true public interest.

One is in slogan for strong economy and secure future.
But that is for corporate interest and profit.
We see no jobs and wagers’ “fair” share.

The other is on “changes” for the better and “one practical step” at time.
We, in 4 years, saw Obama’s “change”.
And “one step at a time” says long way to any solution.

One is to make rich richer.
And the other is passing out more hand-outs.
None will make BC competitive.

This is the age of Asia Pacific.
BC is part of the region.
No party is seeking the role as major player.

Liberal had made play with both China and India.
But none makes any candidate a player for the role.
ASEAN is totally ignored in the process.

Both China and India are fighting for ASEAN market and influence.
Canada is already losing in time and market shares.
US with Clinton already made big in-road for a year.

And seniors vote is not focused.
Ambulance times are all at 20 plus minutes.
Save lives is really by the seconds.

ER waiting time is deadly.
Space is another issue.
Yes, let’s be a step at time.


At this moment, it is pretty bleak.
Another President’s inner circle one is top news.
Power corrupts indeed.

West learned long ago.
Only system can do better.
Human nature is too unpredictable.

You can call Ma dumb or blind.
But it is clear.
Those close to him think so.

And all of them were best at clean image.
But greed still had better of them.
Ruling party is doomed.

Ma lost his historical moment when first happened.
Now this one is even closer to him.
Even resign now will do him no good.

He will be smart to let party leadership go.
At least party then will have a chance.
Public trust is the key.

His mistake is focus on what he wants.
But his appointment or decision simply is not what people want.
He still has time to give life to his party.

The worse of time can be the best of time.
Change at turning point is key.
It is time for fresh new thinking.

It is said long ago.
Taiwan’s livelihood is at sea.
Sea research and development will be future.

Conventional nature resources were none.
Past prosperity was by hard work.
High tech manufacturing is facing bottleneck.

Export was the reason in Asia 4 Dragons.
But China rising erases all the advantage.
You don’t compete where they are strong.

Pacific is where the future is.
That is one territory China can never overcome Taiwan.
And it is now or never.