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April 2019
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Investors need safety and confidence of law.
And businessmen are sharp at changing winds.
That is why Cambodia situation confusing.

Destructive violent was major.
That was on many factories inside and outside of economic zone.
Investment confidence is definitely in question.

And it is curious.
Korean interest was not touched.
The impression is Taiwan group targeted.

It is important to point out.
Many Taiwan investors are US citizens too.
US government will step in to safe guard citizen’s investment.

US are currently taking strong position in Asia Pacific.
That has been fairly demonstrated.
Burma visit and N. Korea nuclear position turn many heads.

Cambodia situation definitely will be a concern.
Investors when see no solution will turn to them for protection
An official statement may be in the way.

There are numbers of Chinese workers in the attacked area.
The situation will call on both US and China’s concern.
Union ought to see that not in the interest of Cambodia.

Investors still have faith in Cambodia.
But information is making them thinking Burma.
It can be a competitive and comparing situation.

Cambodia government can’t afford to discourage foreign investment.
Rest world is fast catching up.
Wise decision and clear signal both are must now.




China individual traveler will not feel alone in Taipei.
Hotel is ready with a cell phone.
That will be a 24 hours companion for everything and anything.

282 of them got here on June 28.
China already beats Japan as big sender here.
That is $3997 per day over $2222.

One bakery was a $10,000 a day operation.
Now they are a 12 stores with a million a day sales.
They deliver to hotel now and planning to make it to “home” next.

Beef noodle restaurant gets 2,000 China customers a day.
That is $150 per order.
You can re-fill noodle, soup and even side dishes free of charge.

This is what they did in HK in 2010.
That was $323.34 billion dollars in total.
Shopping was $237.865 billions and hotel 34.155 billions.

Job market here suddenly feels the 50% shortage.
Hotel and restaurant have jobs plenty but no staffs.
Shops up the wages try to keep the current personals.

This is only the try-out period.
Only 3 cities can make the trip.
They are Beijing, Shanghai and Shamen.

That is a drop in the sea for China population.
Suddenly all eyes are wide open here.
There is no more resistance at least for now.

Medical check-up and real estate as the reason for trip stand out.
Both have large help-wanted ads out now.
What had happened in HK will be many times over here.

Young and energetic have other plan in mind.
They will hit all night spots.
Ages 21-30 are 61 and 31-40 69 with 41-50 56.

Real estate side has 38 people.
Many are developers in China.
They call the trip “The first year, Taipei”.


They had the worst after the Second World War.
But look at what they did.
They also recovered from another big quake faster than all thought.
People already think how to benefit from this one.

Clearly the tsunami footage makes the best gift to scientists.
And many governments are re- examine how each is prepared.
China is re-thinking of nuclear power policy.
US are up-staging China in exercising pulling out citizens.

Adam Smith said.
No nation can be wiped out just like that.
Short term pain will be long term gain.
And the basics of Japan are sound all around.

The world is all US and China now.
Re-building can be the best for Japan as right time.
The world sympathy is Japan’s best friend.
Changes in the right direction will make wonder.

Taipei will be Japan’s shortest road to China market.
Many productions can use this convenience.
We are seeing movement at medical and old age industries.
China market will welcome those made in Taiwan.

One thing stands out in recent news.
A company has no self produced items.
Yet the Taiwan owner puts a China made drug the best sale in China market.
30 % market share proves the changes current and immediate.


Taiwan is making a push.
A major investment breakthrough is expected.
Team of 27 manufactures will go from June 27 to July 02, 2010.
My friend’s Cambodia economic zone will be a major benefactor.


We do have indicator.
That is Mac.
On the day of Chinese New Year, they made a record.
That is NT $100 million dollars sales in one day.

And there are beach concerts.
They are going to do NT $1 billions.
Indoor old timer concert also did NT $40 millions.
The old timer donates his share of profit to charity after his token $1.

Shanghai Mayor is in town.
His immediate interest is EXPO.
But there is political ambition too.
After all this is Shanghai to Taipei.

It will be a new chapter to old tale of two cities.
Two are playing a complicated game facing Beijing.
Both have EXPO as the top priority.
World EXPO can carry Taipei’s Flora EXPO.

It is creative here.
New items keep popping up.
Window shopping with courage helps old to stay young with trend.
I Pad, smart phone and new digital cameras dazzle old heads with sparks in the eyes.

The one the coolest is new name cards.
It is creative in the form of candy.
The cost is worth it.
How can anyone is capable not to make a strong impression.
March Madness in business is in Taipei too.
The monthly export is 18 month high.
That is at US $23 billion dollars.
And it may last 6 months.

People are spending.
Ladies under wear is at NT $200,000 a set.
That is special hand made with gems.
And the waiting list is long

There will be gourmet “Taiwan strategy”.
Both Thailand and S. Korea had done it with great result.
They are internationally working and successful.
Well, it is Taipei’s time.


After BRICK venture, now they are planning a “STRIAT SUMMIT”.
That will include CEOs and heads of heavyweight tech companies Taiwan and China.
The meeting will be on March 22, 2010 in Taipei.
This is seeing as key to China equity market to base in Taiwan.
US $100 billion assets companies will attend.


Dear Sir,

China is where the action is.
And leisure industry there is making a serious presence.
We already see action in railroad building.
That took care of “land” development.
There will be 4 major rails connecting to Europe.
And we see private jets moving in.
It is time for waterway to make its splash.

My name is Tom Tao.
I am the “on duty” Chairman of International Leisure Industry Association.
This is a China rooted organization.
I help out on international connection.
Organization Chinese website is

A meeting will be in Beijing.
It will be on January 22, 2010.
Your company’s presence will be welcomed.

You will learn first hand who is who.
It will be great saving in money and time.
You will learn about our May event.
That will be at a coastal sea and island city.
We intend to introduce the waterway leisure life style.
That will be our first Leisure Boat Life Presentation.

World EXPO will be in Shanghai.
And a boat show will be in April.
But it is high price marketing there.
We can do so much yet cost much less but just as effective.
You will learn it all in January meeting.

Yes, our next presentation will be in Hainan.
You can think it as China’s Hawaii.
And our organization has strong local base there.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Truly yours,

Tom Tao


China is still the best in yearly return at 68.08%.
Russian comes in second with 42.27% but was one month down at -22.63%.
India is steady with 41.71% and Brazil 30.96%.

Taiwan market is down hard 239.04 points today.
The cause is delay in policy.
MOU dream has to wait.

And the nightmare creates public concern.
Investors don’t wait.
Patience never was their strong suit.

Still the real estate is hot.
Best in Taipei is at $1.5 million dollars per ping unite.
The lowest is at $450,000 per ping.

China tourist was down in June.
That was due to their student examination period.
It will turn up in July.

And the second China “buy-Taiwan” wave is coming.
At least US $200 million dollars is expected.
The buying 15 districts is 54% of China population with spending power at NT $20 trillions.

There is talk of bubble danger in Taipei real estate.
But even so the price will rise before being bubble
That assures us a certain grace period for a higher price than now.

LED plus solar is the hottest developments topic here.
They are blazing at many magazine covers.
But none shows the application on taxi top.


No one dare to ignore India now.
They are showing the best investment gain.
India funds are hot for last 3 months.
They are up more than 100%.

The landslide election result helped.
That day alone, stock was up 17%.
And there are more.
All major development plans are on the go.

That includes huge infrastructures in power plants, ports and transportation.
The largest world young work force for decades to come is major.
And their IT industry is one of world’s best.
Consumer’s desire in India is at all time high.

Political situation is predictably stable.
That assures the world investment there.
China is hot but India just starting.
Next 2 years, they will stay on top.