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April 2019
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Taipei Blue

It is mid-age crisis.
China is already too old if over 30.
That is soft comparing my younger US days.

Job market said then.
Company wants potential.
It was 25 or under.

China now says.
You are all good on record.
But it is old if 35 and more.

The fear is real.
They are afraid mid-aged to slow all down.
Their goal is to catch US and more.

Taiwan youth sees no future.
Mid-aged block all positions.
But Universiade let them see hope and potential.

But sadly direction and focus are not clear.
Politics is in the way.
That is the ghost of independent nationalism.

The President and her government indicated.
They are anxious in waiting.
That is to make it a reality.

Some warned.
Without blessing from China, the event wouldn’t happen.
They are the one calling shot today.

You can look back.
China near didn’t come.
World is not in full strength here either.

And we don’t seems to be able.
That is to repeat this.
Strait relation is the key.

We must think hard again.
It is urgent and must.
That is to re-built Strait relation.

We don’t need to kiss any asses.
Honesty to the root will do.
Rest will be positive honourable competition.

That we can do and must.
We need to look back.
There were things we did badly.

Tennis had the court like hell.
It was “pan-fry” to all.
But player shines in spirit and endurance.

Badminton was a bright spot.
The queen was all professional.
She is glad of her decision to say home to play.

Rivalry in tennis revealed truth.
Federation was short on fairness.
Rule matters.

World is not at peace.
North Korea rattled the world.
Japan and South Korea could only react.

Trump went low.
He is on receiving end.
War is out and peace is the choice.

Harvey made the Texas miserable.
30 death and 6.8 million affected.
That is a “climate change” warning to Trump.

India and China break the stand off.
Both ready to move into BRIC meet.
Diplomatic skill displayed.

September means back to school.
Taiwan is cursed with Literature teaching.
Taiwan independence and erase-anything-China is front and center.

I am watching all.
There is nothing I can do.
Wish them best of luck then.

The day after

Taipei is safe.
Terrorist didn’t show up.
What a relief.

Holes were there.
Why it didn’t happen?
Stories are plenty behind the scene.

North Korea helped.
It was US and China.
They would not allow any incident.

Universiade Taipei is done.
That was our month of August.
Taipei steps in new time zone.

September is back to school.
Fall is showing its colour.
Temperature turns cool.

The Closing was a let-down.
Visitors were all Taipei.
But local was Taiwan.

It is disappointing.
They visited Taipei.
We didn’t help.

That is to create reasons.
The incentive will help.
That is for them to stay longer to see Taiwan.

Cities and counties, none came to Taipei.
There was no trying.
All were thinking of a free ride.

And there was the a Closing.
It was Taiwan alright but all aboriginal.
There was nothing Taipei.

Politics came in fast.
Youth showed new hope and new life.
But old politics stinks.

The Universiade was glorious.
Suddenly our public realize.
We are capable to do world event.

We placed third with 26 gold and all in 90 metals.
We had plenty youth and energy.
The shine blinds all eyes.

People did sit back and enjoy the closing ceremony.
Parade followed.
Wonder will long live in our memory.

Two things is for sure.
Sport spirit is alive and shining.
Parliament passed sport new legislation to show that.

And we better not take it for grant.
But we did and are.
All want a piece of benefit.

The Vice President was odd to appear.
Yes, he was make-up for near silent President as Opening.
Taiwan independent was all over.

The speech didn’t help.
It was a bad example in self glorification.
None belonged here.

And mayor made it worse.
We see him confident.
2018 is in the bag.

And he is aiming at 2020 too.
He didn’t say much of Taipei.
But he really named Taiwan plenty.

Sounded as if he is Taiwan.
He has no need of China now.
That is not in immediate future.

Deep Green surfaced.
Politics is back.
Divided Taiwan returns.

After all, election will be on.
Deep green is his base.
He fooled China.

Itu Aba

It is all because of South China Sea.
And what is under it.
Resource is the key.

Game is on to make claims.
Chinese interest is thorn to all.
US Navy use the freedom of sea to be there.

Japan and India watch closely to look for opening.
Philippines made claims.
Vietnam has no position but trying hard to makeup.

Taiwan has claim but hard to maintain.
History and documentation are on hand.
But independent Taiwan people can’t wait to pass on to US or Japan.

Treason it is in my opinion.
That is by any international standard.
Especially it is done by the one and only local English news paper.

The island is called Taiping Island officially.
It didn’t come easy.
It is the only ticket for Taiwan to have a claim in South China Sea.

US love to have it as military foothold.
Japan is standing in line.
China is pissed for no way in.

Taiwan has long proud to have it in hand.
Weak but persistent was Ma in the past.
Now, new President can’t wait to let US have a say.

You can cover up or package it any way you want.
It is Taiping Island.
Itu Aba will not make it Japanese.

It is unbelievable.
Why not use the official name here.
After all you are an English news paper in Taiwan.

Let us say.
And be careful.
Intent is crystal clear and heart felt.

Or you simply don’t care.
It is to lose all just for the sake being independent.
Sadly that will never be.

US need the island militarily.
Japan wants a piece but can’t.
Taiwan is legit but plays weak.

It is extreme sad.
Taiwan people is doing this.
The government is doing all to erase anything China.

Taipei boiling

Closing ceremony will be tomorrow.
Many finals will be today.
B ball men’s gold will be between US and Lithuania.

That reminds us the old rivalry of US and Soviet.
The best was Tokyo Olympics.
Lithuania stars had the better of US.

Lithuania took Silver in Jones Cup.
Can they be gold here?
That is an expectation.

After all, US is only Purdue.
The depth is not enough.
After all, ball is round.

Last night, local women B ball won over Russia.
That is Bronze.
They were down 19.

But one local girl made the difference.
She had 34 points to change the outcome.
10,000 plus fans went wild.

The bronze marks a new age.
Size didn’t win this time.
Speed is in.

18 golds got everyone excited.
Hero parade will be on 8/31.
President and mayor can’t wait to pick the fruit.

The main thing is.
Home court helped.
But we win fair.

And athletes surprised us all.
We need the inspiration.
This is going to be great.

Mid-summer Taipei

The Universiade is hot right now.
No one could guess it.
Our athletes are top level in the world.

They pop up so many top results.
Public is really excited now.
Total interest is high.

Politicians jump in.
President for one is ordering a parade.
That will be on 8/31.

It will reflect our athlete best performance ever.
Box office is good too.
Now officially 80% tickets sold.

Of course it is no match to US boxing.
Just one match is US $600 million business.
That opens all eyes.

Marathon is doing good in China too.
They are using it to promote cities.
Sport is gold.

And we now can say that for Taipei.
It didn’t start that way.
Confident they didn’t have.

7 golds were hope in expectation.
Now there are 63 medals.
And they are shining with 17 golds.

Visitors athletes think highly of Taipei too.
Food and fans are on all lips.
They love Taiwan.

But not all are great.
And there are down side.
First and always it is the traffic.

We do not breed confidence.
Amazing sight indeed are plenty to many.
Safety is not our best.

The other one is more embarrassing.
This is after all a sport event.
How can we not have enough practice field?

This was voiced by Carl Lewis.
The 9 gold medalist in 4 Olympics is the focus.
He ended up in taxi ride.

Organizer was quick to move in.
Public relation was done on TV with grace of Carl.
But now more voiced the same.

However, it is truly inspiring.
Locals finally realize.
They get to see games rare and cold to them before.

And with the event, many came out.
Track and field made Taipei nights another sight.
That was beautiful and not expected.

Taipei athletes earn the pride.
And they become the new heroes.
It is refreshing after political mess we had.

Oh, I have to complain too.
That is because I am a basketball fan.
We felt and indeed are left out.

Basketball “final 8″ played yesterday.
They were all close games.
Near all decided by 1 or 2 points.

Only US team was down Israel 111 to 107.
That shows.
Games were that exciting and great.

Ticket is cheap.
But they are nowhere in sight.
It is only NT $ 200.

As seƱor, I pay half at NT $ 100.
But sold out I was told.
That is not true.

Special interest like city council assistants blocked many.
And they didn’t show up.
I then hope only TV.

But that was wishful thinking too.
They only covered local played games.
The good one if not local then is tough luck.

Street word says.
What a shame.
Special interest wasted.

Tickets sold out was expected.
But no live TV was not.
It is unforgivable.

The city paid to host the Games.
That is funded by tax payers.
We as fan have right to see the games at least on TV.

There is no print on papers either.
Reporters didn’t write any.
Or they didn’t get to see

Basketball Federation head is at fault too.
He claims to run for next year election.
How we will vote for him then.

He neglects his federation responsibility.
That is to promote and educate.
We have right to be angry.

And Mayor himself will run for election too.
He will not get my vote.
Rest is up to the public.

It is an after thought.
Chinese Taipei we are.
And we are proud.

It is our athletes.
Strength by them is rewarding.
We are confident now.

Who cares.
Our boys and girls are hero.
Pride is all we can think of.

Politicians blindly or purposely did this.
They already killed Republic of China.
It had been a shell only.

To some it is a dream to be independent.
But it really is a game after all.
Power is the reality.

But we are confident.
It is in whatever the name.
Chinese Taipei will do.

Hollywood culture is explosive.
Japanese is delicate in detail.
But China market is lifeline.

Balance is missing.
Time is short.
But wake-up moment is not near.

World is trending seriously.
Chinese culture and language are focused.
But local government is dropping both.

US still speak English.
Shakespeare is taught.
And US are as independent as ever.

Long live the Japanese ghosts is Taiwan.
But Chinese Gods are being eliminated.
“ROC? who cares” says the paper editorial.

Luckily new heroes are here.
Timely they are.
We are in good hand.

It is like a beautiful mid-summer night dream.
We get new life.
At least it can be a new start.

We are not alone.
US is in the shit house too.
43% Americans want to say “you are fired” to Trump.

India is picking on China.
War is on many lips.
I see China will hammer India.

It is to their interest.
India is at advantage in number of youth generation.
War can kill that.

Yes, terrorist is not here.
But it is only 8/28.
To 8/30, there are 2 more days.

Let us weather these 2 days.
And athletes be strong.
God bless.

My Universiade B ball games

Fans are thrilled.
Local B ball bested Korea in front of 11,000 live audience.
And it was live on TV too.

Korea got us on baseball.
This is perfect revenge.
And it is sweet

I am out on whole thing.
Local teams are doing good.
Both men and women are in final 8.

Yes, they are on.
4 days games are done.
And only today I get to find scores.

May be I am old and out dated.
The city, organizer and local federation did nothing to help.
That is to inform.

Paper and TV only report local team.
To get total and full picture, I am on my own.
And I have been away for 2 years.

Clearly the problem is not reaching out.
Organizer is not taking extra steps.
To get by is all they want.

There is no ambition.
That is to the event.
Oh, yes, they do promote the mayor on all cost.

Nothing else matter to them.
But they do get lucky.
Yes, athletes come up big.

With this becoming a trend, public interest is high.
This is the best time to learn.
24 teams means lot styles to compare at least in B ball.

6 close games were there in first 2 days.
I didn’t even knew they existed.
Taipei is not getting the full return on investment.

How I wish more info were ready.
But I am a die hard fan.
It is time to shut up and move on.

24 foreign teams must had lot in-between matches privately.
Each can use own practice time.
They could arrange wisely to practice more with ideal team.

Smart reporters are in lucky.
They have so much to write.
May be a book deal at end.

It worked out in the past.
Public interest would be high.
That is the fruit.

Box office is way up.
The game on TV between local and Korea was a sell out.
With win tonight, rest will be sell out too.

I can ‘t get any ticket.
Luckily TV is live.
And big screen is on next door.

Local men’ team couldn’t get a win in 10 years.
Now they won 3.
So is the women team.

That is the best promotion for local basketball.
Oh, Federation head will run for city mayor.
This really can help.

US, Ukraine, Germany, Finland are also in the lead.
Rest are one win or two losses.
4 groups will have 2 teams out into next round.

I went to first game in 13,000 seats arena.
It was sold out and I got no ticket.
People lined up since 7 am for 12:30 pm games.

I have a girl basketball team staying the same hotel.
They are from south city.
To cheer for local team they came.

There is nothing organized to introduce and compare teams.
Both city and federation could have done that.
Imagine both top guy will run for mayor next year.

Australia, Ukrainian, Lithuania, Russia, M, Israel are in one group.
Argentina, US, Ch, AI, Romania, Saudi are in another.
Latvia, Taipei, Mexico, Hungary, Sweden, Korea are another.

Finally there are Germany, Norway, Finland, Canada, Japan and HK.
They are playing in 4 arenas.
I wish them all the best of luck.


Trump is on the move.
That is more soldiers in Afghanistan.
We can be sure of one thing.

More people will die.
IS will not like that.
And they will kill American to respond.

Taipei unfortunately is on the spot.
It is an ideal place now.
World University Games is here.

There are people stand out.
Host mayor is one.
And US track coach is another.

Internal politics revealed.
Host is not prepared on terror.
The inexperience is making it easy.

President is dividing the country.
That shows one thing.
Scapegoats are plenty.

Police force is exhausted already.
That is by domestic-front confrontation.
They are a mess.

Experienced-eyes can tell.
It is open and easy for any terrorist.
There is no team spirit or unity on local front.

It is obvious mayor an open target.
His self created situation makes it easy.
And he will be world news.

Also he is in a comfort zone.
Fear is not really in yet.
And he has no idea how terrorist is so close by.

But there is even better one.
That is US track team couch.
Yes, carl Lewis is perfect.

He did win 9 gold in 4 Olympics.
Icon he is and more.
Anything happens to him will be felt by all US.

200 protesters practically disarmed the 6,000 police.
That made them looked mighty foolish.
Confidence is all time low.

The in-fighting is still on going.
That is both politically and within police.
None really take terror seriously.

The mayor is a perfect and open target.
And with focus on him, no one will see Lewis in trouble.
How ironic it is.

It is so simple.
News paper casually reported how Lewis out on taxi.
That means he simply is unprotected.

The athletes Village is way out of town.
And all US people demands freedom by nature.
That makes the coach an easy target.

Hey, I don’t like to see it happened.
But nobody seems to care here.
To many, I talk too much.

But I do see it coming
I can’t prevent it.
But at least I can warn all.


That is what is missing.
We spent at least NT $ 17 billion to host the Game.
Our best reward is to see games first hand.

That is performance, sportsmanship and spirit.
And they are golden.
We ought to be inspired.

But our ego got in the way.
We don’t have a total picture with details.
That is why we are dog chasing tails looking for answer.

It is only the second day.
I still can’t get the scores of yesterday’s basket games.
Newspaper and online information only have televised scores.

We can get so much out of it.
But we looked the other way.
Rage is all we have.

Editorial blasted.
Nation’s security weakness exposed.
Hey, before the Game, that Korea thief already did that.

President, Head of government and mayor all condemn protesters.
Mayor even said.
He regrets too focus on “terrorist” and “missed” the protesters.

What a comparison and what a joke this is.
Now we realize what is his priority.
But how can he saw the terrorist if missed on protesters.

We did warned.
Terrorist May be right next to you.

And they are here to kill.
But protester is not.
That is a big basic difference.

He looked at a fly and missed the elephant.
This only shows.
They have no idea what the terrorist is capable.

The gap chills to my bone.
And there is more.
News accused “Taiwan blunder in last play”.

That is how they show support to our team.
They care, yes, but they forgot.
It is just a game.

Can we just appreciate the process?
Win or loss is important.
But civilized appreciation can be more fun.

This is Taipei.
And people all had it.
Now anger is top.

CEO is in tear.
Ok, that was human.
But leadership needs to be cool headed and extreme cold in execution.

Both are needed now.
Organization, chain of command and goal all need in control again.
Time already lost.

The whole island was dying for the whole world to see us.
We blew it the first day.
But we do have 11 more days to be positive and show.

Tear means weak.
Be tough we must.
Remember, it is the end result counts.

We need the world to see the best we can be.
It is not yet.
And now it is how we re-compose.

It is our civilized self to engage and re-connect the world.
We need to show full house.
And we cheer.

Yes, it is celebration.
We blew the first day.
But we come back and smile.

We will cheer our team first.
But we will do more.
Let us cheer for sportsmanship and performance.

Appreciation all around we must.
It is Taipei, Taiwan and ROC altogether.
It is we.

It all just begin

Yes, Universiade Taipei had a shocker.
The opening was delayed for hour.
Protesters ruined the party.

The irony is.
We all knew it was coming.
Compromise and understanding didn’t happen.

President and mayor of course were tight faced.
But both forgot.
Calm on the face never solved problems.

6,000 police couldn’t manage 300 protesters.
There luckily was no blood or violence.
Peace Taipei is if compare to rest world.

Spain is tightening security.
And Assailants end up planning bigger attack.
Yes, all are just begin.

Taipei is calling all on ‘unity”.
It is better late than never.
The key is.

Is there still clear head around?
Island is fed-up.
And government shows no competent.

Image hurts.
But it is done deal.
All point to one thing.

Security is a joke.
Government and city never took it seriously.
And terror element is not on yet.

It is both human factor and system failure.
No one is “really” in charge.
And there is denied rumour on terrorist in.

Yes, we have 11 days to go.
There is no time to point fingers.
Tighten up all loose screws is now.

It is the worst of time.
But it can be the best.
That is if we finally wise up.

It is now or never.
It is time.
All who is who needs to stand up.

It is only right.
This has to start from top and total.
Be true to lead now.

Security Taipei

Now it has everyone’s attention.
President office was attacked.
A guard was cut by intruder.

The guy broke into the military museum next door.
A Japanese sward used to kill 100 citizens in Second WW was taken.
He took it and walked over to attack.

A loser he was.
Out numbered was the case.
The best is to show his mental anger.

We saw this mental state decades ago.
It was common among veterans then.
Kill one you are even and more you win.

Today is the opening of Taipei Universiade 2017.
Terrorist attack was yesterday in Spain.
And local group namely wanted to confront President.

All elements for trouble are in.
The nerve for security reaches the highest.
Yet, still there is no way to control.

The event is now to August 30.
The facilities all spread out.
It is domestic concern plus the foreign possibility.

The black out was warning enough.
Government machine is rusty.
And the Korea thief reflected airport wide open.

Today is the opening day and a Saturday.
I will stay indoor and not going anywhere.
Oh, yes, pool I will and must.

If anything, today we will see something.
I will be ok.
Unless they bomb the MRT under my hotel.