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June 2017
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Canada is 150 years old.
Celebrate we will.
But bad things are in waiting.

UK is a good indicator.
Concert killing was alarming.
Manchester is a turning point.

A statement was made.
They aim at big crowd and large events.
It is ok for them to kill 14-15 years old girls now.

Humanity and mercy are out the window.
Action can be anywhere.
And anyone next to you can be the one.

London scene follows.
It is heavily in our mind.
July 1 is just days away.

Terror attack

World U Games will be here in August.
Problems are plenty.
All missed the point.

No one is looking at big picture.
Terrorist attack is going to be real and here.
This is a big event with good crowd.

UK is a perfect example.
It shows us.
This event in Taipei is an offer no terrorist can refuse.

And Taipei is full of holes.
You just look at the news.
They all focus on little things.

Life is good.
People here are too comfortable.
Entitlement is nature to them.

Security fails.
London is camera everywhere.
But that can’t be here.

There is no time.
And no one takes terrorist serious here.
All we see is lip services

Yet we can see.
Terrorist is prepared.
And they are rocking.

They are young at 22.
And death is nothing to them.
That makes them anyone and everywhere.

The worst is.
Manchester as a turning point showed us.
They now target 14-15 years old concert goers.

Kill is all they want.
World U Games Taipei in August will be delicious to them.

They clearly pointed out.
Big crowd and major events is the direction.
And Taipei is perfect for it.

Taipei again

I left Taipei in November 11, 2015.
Energetic and active was me.
But things didn’t go well back in Vancouver.

I ended up rested in bed pretty soon.
It was the worst ever in my life.
And, believe it or not, my astrology said so then.

It was 18 months long.
I ended up with major heart operation.
Finally I was released.

Rest at home I did.
And that was doctor’s order.
Death was so close.

I was 49 days in the hospital.
Then I got home rested until now.
Wheelchair was my mobility.

Back to Taipei was a big no.
Family are against me traveling.
Lot had went through.

But here I am in Taipei.
It is refreshing.
Changes are plenty.

It is obvious.
Economic downturn is real.
And worst is yet here.

I noticed that even in Vancouver airport.
2 Taiwan airlines have cutback in many ways.
Service is no long top priority.

Both airlines are reverse placing.
They seem to compete.
Less for the customers is the way.

United Airline came to mind.
They don’t even bother to look like giving service.
It is like “gone with the wind”.

The thought is foreign to the new generation.
Hope we wish.
Yet even that is a luxury to many.

Impossible dreams they are.
We realize.
Some serious actions are in order.

But reality is.
It is a total failure.
Government is the first not working.

New kind of arrogance gets in the way.
It is from top to bottom.
And frustration is all we get.

It is unbelievable.
The killing rain showed how nothing working.
And it is worse than typhoon.

Total failure is everywhere.
All point finger at others.
None feels any responsibility.

And solution is no place in sight.
We can see.
The worst is yet to come.

One Belt, One Road

The forum is this weekends on 5/14 and 15.
Beijing is crowded with dignitaries and heads of government.
A new world order seems in place.

Trump is helping with all wrong moves.
He is the best to dis-credit his Presidency.
He can be the worst political mistake.

His rising made the world nervous.
America Dream no longer is positive.
New protectionism turns the country in isolation.

His NATO comment shocked Europe.
The rudeness toward German leader discriminated.
American was losing world leadership.

America First makes all others secondary.
People no longer are looking up to US.
All scrambled to seek new direction.

French election was a relief.
And vote split 60/40.
Extreme was avoided at least for now.

Yes, the right vote up in double.
But there is time and breathing room.
We will learn more in up coming Parliament election.

Globalization was the reason US got on top of world.
But this Trump’s change in PTT made all the difference.
Indeed it is the turning point.

America First won Trump Presidency.
But that diminishes US world leadership.
Universal value in taking care the weaker is gone.

Then he draws the line.
US are demanding responsibility on friends.
That looks like US on one side and the rest world on other.

His hunger for Putin relationship surprised us all.
He turned NATO friends face green.
All are speechless.

He ends up losing the whole world.
And he is not uniting the US.
Obama is enemy not Putin.

Obsession on popular vote is all him.
The White House attacks.
Mainstream media is on his bad side.

Fake news ruins media credibility.
And his base supports him.
US indeed are badly divided.

Republic Party is his hostage.
Politicians are current ugly Americans.
Fake news reveals him a monster in the making.

We see the “old West” snake salesman well and alive.
White Man do “Speaks with Folk Tone”.
It is all “Reality TV smarts” that kills all political common sense.

Respect lost from the least in common courtesy.
His handshake reflected contempt and arrogance.
Resentment is only logical.

It is quietly in international community.
Only Japan is still hot after him.
Trust is for fools.

We can’t help but feel pity to his staffs.
Article in newspaper pointed out.
You have to be a liar or fool to work for him.

Firing of FBI head opens the Pandora box.
Nixon and impeachment are on many lips.
He is killing all things America Great.

He ignores the other half plus 3 million people.
His base is his only support.
They will drive him even more extreme.

The worst is yet to come.
All disasters are in waiting.
Trump already distanced all international allies.

The tie with Putin is no longer in the card.
He tried to put down China.
But reality forced him back to One China Policy.

China is making good use of G-2 position.
One Belt and One Road is new Marshall Plan.
That helped all to re-build after Second World War.

And it is modern day International Great Society.
They are meeting in Beijing this weekends.
Many see it as new world order in the making.

20 plus international leaders are there.
US are still in-fighting.
The focus is of pro and con on impeachment.

US press are ignoring the event.
They reported Putin and other dictators attending.
But West is full presentation there too.

It is a G-8 plus North Korea situation.
China indeed puts money where mouth is.
Hard cash opens all eyes.

China spreads money and know-how to all in need.
Ports and infrastructures are the game.
They are up along sea way and Silk Road.

World talents and man power are fully utilized.
It is not “I” as China alone.
It is “we” as the world together.

France election result in a way unifies Europe.
Trump was down on NATO and Germany.
That lost friends badly.

US are still top and dominating.
But that pretty much is in military power.
And Trump is asking them to pay for it now.

Major war is unthinkable today.
Yes, fight against terror is real.
But no one can afford or want them.

Economy is king.
Developing is calling the shot.
Printing currency at will the US way is no way to fight cash.

BC Election

Yes, it was yesterday on 5/9.
And we have 3 votes in our house.
My son was going for Green but ended up for NDP.

Media had pointed out.
Housing is the issue.
And editorial called the trust is missing.

I badly wanted to know more about all candidates.
But all were in fog.
System never was designed to help on transparency.

Accusations are plenty.
Accountability was invisible as always.
Politicians, we learn, never can be trusted.

Chinese TV tries to help.
But vague is obvious.
Lack of total view is clear.

There are 5 choices in my riding.
But I ended up with no clear vision on any.
Something to hide is the system.

Old Chinese saying told us.
Go for the moral and capable.
But party line blanketed all.

That eliminates anyone true to self.
You can vote for a person.
But party is in full control at end.

I was thrilled in 1998 when resided in Canada.
Freedom was magic word in Charter.
Then I learned the hard way.

Dream it was.
But don’t count on it in real life.
Hope is the best you can get.

Accountability is like slow boat to China.
There are plenty of excuses.
Air India case came to mind quickly.

It became a form in art.
To be vague is the game.
Complexity of depth is the cover.

Big institutions took top priority.
You can look at bank.
Gone are the services and government is seeing no evil.

In BC this election, the game is Housing.
Trump’s “America First” opens doors.
They profit in the name of our patriotic sacrifice.

Liberal advertised on job and future.
But they are not telling us.
How much Trump lumber statement will hurt.

Yes it is Canadian way.
It is all in good nature and kindness.
And it is need to know for us.

NDP is the same old divide between rich and us.
We never are clear where the money will come from.
They never make us feeling confident on their government.

Green still is a side show.
It is like my running since 2003.
To get elected is hard.

Yes, 3 seats to 41 and 43 is big gap.
But this year is the key to minority government.
They are still dreamers and at best the watch dog.

To govern is like to put a teen in charge.
It will be all politics.
Citizens will not benefit.

This is the reality.
No wonder Global and Mail says.
Hold your nose but vote liberal.

In my riding, Liberal candidate is a first time business woman with 2 kids.
I guess she is from China.
That is to counter NDP candidate from Taiwan to get Chinese votes.

She ended up expendable like I was in last city mayor race.
NDP one is 3 terms city council and a teacher.
She won.

She is not mean or vicious like other politician.
Nice and friendly is how she appears.
Her support is from her father’s church and Carrigan city hall.

Green is a male teacher and a father.
Conservative shows nothing.
Independent one is too young.

Sounds like I would vote NDP since I am from Taiwan too.
But her root is Taiwan Independent.
That will never get my vote.

The system is not good.
Full information is missing for public.
My lost lost at end.

Impeach Trump

t is like Nixon time all over again.
I had it all in my Berkeley days.
Here we have Trump filling in.

Trump makes the best example.
He makes “trust” a joke.
And his office is losing all respect.

The old Western movie had it.
The line was.
White man speaks with fork tone.

That is him totally.
Contempt is his body language.
His yanking handshake is a way of aggression.

And no decent person can take him serious.
His courtesy is only to ones stronger.
Rest to him are all pushover.

Yes, we know.
He can care less about that too.
He is like new king with no cloth.

I did predict him winning White House last May.
There is no regret.
He served his purpose.

And life goes on.
Now I can be sure.
He will be impeached soon.

Nixon went down.
It was his own secret taping in the White House.
Trump simply opens his big mouth on TV.

My Vote

Politics reflects time and people.
It is unpredictable in 2017.
Balance seems the thing.

All seem to forget.
There is the other half living.
Divided we are.

And it is all in the name of democratic process.
So we have Putin as the most powerful.
And America First is ME never WE.

British shocked the world with exit.
Turkish surprises after German belittled by Trump.
And France will test us big today.

Trump started the whole mess.
He used the anger and contempt of half.
It was enough for White House.

Sadly he is ignoring the other half.
And he forgot how other half lost.
He is on one direction highway.

Vision and direction are in.
We need sincerity to reach trust.
Respect must be earned.

Yes, it is election time again.
This BC provincial one is close to home on May 9.
And I see many new faces.

The issue caught my eye is housing.
We all need to rest at end the day.
Affordable is a must.

After all I am still renting at $ 1640/month.
And there will be a raise on May 1.
I live at the same place since 1998 under $1000.

I was in bed all 2016.
Major heart operation changed many my outlook.
After operation, I feel refreshed.

My heart is light and mind clear.
I have new eye for all things.
Imaging I was so close to death.

Not running myself, but my heart is.
Yes, wise old man I am now.
At 72, I like to vote for one decent and capable.

It is winner takes all.
Only one seat is for the riding.
And I don’t know much of anyone.

They don’t say much, not even on party lines.
And press is not giving much space and time.
The system is operating in fog with partial clear.

Yes, we love to talk about transparency and accountability.
But no elected one was ever serious.
Finally it was power of party machine or luck.

I am not losing hope.
This makes it more fun.
Twist and turn are best drama.


US side said.
This is our President.
And this our plane.

Chinese side said.
This our country.
And this is our airport.

That does not sound diplomatic.
Actually it was more like face off.
Both sides are ripping each other down.

And G-20 wasn’t starting yet.
This G-2 confrontation said one thing.
They ran out room for tolerance and things could get worse.

Instinctively we can see.
China fight back on US “my way or no way”.
US shows “this is our way for years”.

China is too angry to be civilized.
US failed to see “they can’t call all shot no more”.
It was a new day.

Canada press put it light.
It says.
Obama was snubbed.

Yes, Chinese didn’t provide ladder for Obama to get down.
That is from front part of plane.
And there was no red carpet.

Rice shouted.
This is our President and this is our plane.
How diplomatic.

And Chinese said.
This is our country and this this our airport.
Hawkish line is clearly in place.

This is badly screwed up coordination.
West press called it a snub.
Chinese side simply printed nothing.

Yes, lam duck President still demand top billing.
And Chinese side stone-wall it.
“Push me not”are evident.

Obama played tough on South Sea.
But the truth is.
US are one country did not sign the international sea agreement.

That morally gave US no role in this argument.
Obama also quotes decision by court over China and Philippines.
But US never respect that court’s decision before.

And US were a guilty party many times too.
China is taking it no more.
This makes world a dangerous place.

I often wonder.
Where is the balance?
That is between human nature and human right.

West brag too much about human right.
It is a weapon now more than moral standard.
And all fail to allow room for differences between countries.

No one likes others to tell them what to do.
It is human nature.
We all want to live in dignity.

Then mutual respect is a must.
That is why we call it civilized.
Chinese made it simple.

They call it face.
There is no room for rudeness.
Yet West love to point finger at face.

And they call it frankness.
China had swallowed the pride many times over.
Now they will not anymore.

Face is a funny thing.
Old Europe dueled with sword or pistol to defend honor.
American Western simply were hot with gun fight.

Chinese took face very serious.
It is said.
Patient with revenge, ten years is not too long.

Indeed human right is a universal value today.
But that is not to all Chinese.
The majority of Chinese do not have that in their blood.

And in all fairness, world powers play it in double standard.
Many look it the other way when there is national interest.
Human right is inspiring no more.

Human right is handy more than ever.
Smart lawyers are plenty.
They are so good at using it.

In reality, China is far from ideal.
By nature, they prefer to find their own way.
Yet West demand “my way or noway”.

We do know old style die hard.
Chinese are seeking out their own human right direction.
They had plenty in their tradition.

US have power play in South China Sea.
No Chinese is living well with that.
Bully is all US now.

To really help China, patience is a must.
Rome was not build in one day.
But sadly many prefer to smack down China now.

Some enjoy doing it in-your-face way.
China had good practice in “turn the other cheek”.
But now they are not.

China knows what they are doing.
To reach next level, they must crack down on corruption.
And bad apples are good at tricks and conning.

Smart ones all took cover with human right.
Chinese government has a hard choice.
They have to decide to get it done or wait forever.

We all say.
Obey the law.
But when caught, human right always came handy.

And West governments are very fast to protest and rescue.
Yes, China was easy before.
But Time is changing.

China domestic market is the biggest.
The future world economy depends on it.
US big names tried the hardest yet failed to settle in.

Canada will get less from US after year end election.
British exit is another big X factor.
China is vital to all.

Now G-20 is over.
All things seemed going well.
China is silent but strong.

Obama didn’t say or do much.
Both sides are good at keeping face.
Now it is really G-2 day.

Sad but deserving

News from Taipei is not good.
Trust is gone.
And economy will get much worse.

US government had long demonstrated.
It is how 100 days shaping 4 years.
Evidences are plenty.

It is like a rookie camp.
You test and adjust.
100 days are plenty.

For the seasoned with ability they came out shing.
That is to take shape clearly to public eyes.
But not here.

100 days of new government in Taiwan is doing badly.
Poll is under 50 percent.
And worst is on the way.

The interesting part is.
The poll is done by ruling party themselves.
The root of all problems definitely is anti-China.

People voted early this were fully aware the fact.
Yet they pretend politicians were telling the truth.
It can be normal with China as always.

Voters knew it.
All depend on the conning of new government.
And they blindly believed it would work.

But not this time, Taiwan voters finally got caught.
It is too smart for own good.
It doesn’t fly this time.

New government is doing everything it can.
That is going independent in any and every way.
They simply will not voice One-China.

Now they truly go back to their 40% base.
It is my way or no way.
The other 60% less is really angry.

9/3 is national military day.
But with new government honoring military is a joke.
It clearly is a tool to be used.

Dishonoring is more like it.
They had it.
Now retired public sectors will hit the street together to protest.

And tourism sector will be next on 9/12.
They are facing serious close-down.
That will be before year end.

People are really angry now.
This government let them down.
But they are the one voted this government in.

Come to think of it.
If voters thought hard and deep, they could realize.
Stay normal with China simply was a lie.

Voters took easy way out.
They themselves were not responsible in the first place.
Now to voice the blame is just a bad joke.

G-20 2016, China

80% of world interest will be dealt here.
They will negotiate or settle them in September 4 and 5.
China as host will take the full advantage.

US are the one and only super power.
But clearly down decline day is near.
All are preparing for next round.

World will prepare for days after Obama.
With Clinton it will be much the same.
But with Trump, imaginations are plenty.

Japan just beef up Africa interest.
But China market is real and now.
Then the normalization must go on and military action for eye only.

Russia is happy for the role.
Balancer can be very greased.
Pair with China can bring tons of benefits.

Euro needs China more then ever.
Hard cash has no replacement.
China is a happy shopper.

China becomes new source of arm sales.
Better price and practical speak for itself.
That covers lot third world countries.

Canada wants China’ domestic market.
It relies on past Liberal government’s good China relation.
But it still have to thunder the human right issue.

Base on recent China Foreign Affair Minister’ outburst.
It will be a tough sale.
But Canadian way will go on.

Rio came out pretty good.
Then China can play better host here.
West must yield some say to China.

Yes it is peace rising.
But China needs all taking him seriously.
Major part decision making role is a must for China now.