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March 2017
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US side said.
This is our President.
And this our plane.

Chinese side said.
This our country.
And this is our airport.

That does not sound diplomatic.
Actually it was more like face off.
Both sides are ripping each other down.

And G-20 wasn’t starting yet.
This G-2 confrontation said one thing.
They ran out room for tolerance and things could get worse.

Instinctively we can see.
China fight back on US “my way or no way”.
US shows “this is our way for years”.

China is too angry to be civilized.
US failed to see “they can’t call all shot no more”.
It was a new day.

Canada press put it light.
It says.
Obama was snubbed.

Yes, Chinese didn’t provide ladder for Obama to get down.
That is from front part of plane.
And there was no red carpet.

Rice shouted.
This is our President and this is our plane.
How diplomatic.

And Chinese said.
This is our country and this this our airport.
Hawkish line is clearly in place.

This is badly screwed up coordination.
West press called it a snub.
Chinese side simply printed nothing.

Yes, lam duck President still demand top billing.
And Chinese side stone-wall it.
“Push me not”are evident.

Obama played tough on South Sea.
But the truth is.
US are one country did not sign the international sea agreement.

That morally gave US no role in this argument.
Obama also quotes decision by court over China and Philippines.
But US never respect that court’s decision before.

And US were a guilty party many times too.
China is taking it no more.
This makes world a dangerous place.

I often wonder.
Where is the balance?
That is between human nature and human right.

West brag too much about human right.
It is a weapon now more than moral standard.
And all fail to allow room for differences between countries.

No one likes others to tell them what to do.
It is human nature.
We all want to live in dignity.

Then mutual respect is a must.
That is why we call it civilized.
Chinese made it simple.

They call it face.
There is no room for rudeness.
Yet West love to point finger at face.

And they call it frankness.
China had swallowed the pride many times over.
Now they will not anymore.

Face is a funny thing.
Old Europe dueled with sword or pistol to defend honor.
American Western simply were hot with gun fight.

Chinese took face very serious.
It is said.
Patient with revenge, ten years is not too long.

Indeed human right is a universal value today.
But that is not to all Chinese.
The majority of Chinese do not have that in their blood.

And in all fairness, world powers play it in double standard.
Many look it the other way when there is national interest.
Human right is inspiring no more.

Human right is handy more than ever.
Smart lawyers are plenty.
They are so good at using it.

In reality, China is far from ideal.
By nature, they prefer to find their own way.
Yet West demand “my way or noway”.

We do know old style die hard.
Chinese are seeking out their own human right direction.
They had plenty in their tradition.

US have power play in South China Sea.
No Chinese is living well with that.
Bully is all US now.

To really help China, patience is a must.
Rome was not build in one day.
But sadly many prefer to smack down China now.

Some enjoy doing it in-your-face way.
China had good practice in “turn the other cheek”.
But now they are not.

China knows what they are doing.
To reach next level, they must crack down on corruption.
And bad apples are good at tricks and conning.

Smart ones all took cover with human right.
Chinese government has a hard choice.
They have to decide to get it done or wait forever.

We all say.
Obey the law.
But when caught, human right always came handy.

And West governments are very fast to protest and rescue.
Yes, China was easy before.
But Time is changing.

China domestic market is the biggest.
The future world economy depends on it.
US big names tried the hardest yet failed to settle in.

Canada will get less from US after year end election.
British exit is another big X factor.
China is vital to all.

Now G-20 is over.
All things seemed going well.
China is silent but strong.

Obama didn’t say or do much.
Both sides are good at keeping face.
Now it is really G-2 day.

Sad but deserving

News from Taipei is not good.
Trust is gone.
And economy will get much worse.

US government had long demonstrated.
It is how 100 days shaping 4 years.
Evidences are plenty.

It is like a rookie camp.
You test and adjust.
100 days are plenty.

For the seasoned with ability they came out shing.
That is to take shape clearly to public eyes.
But not here.

100 days of new government in Taiwan is doing badly.
Poll is under 50 percent.
And worst is on the way.

The interesting part is.
The poll is done by ruling party themselves.
The root of all problems definitely is anti-China.

People voted early this were fully aware the fact.
Yet they pretend politicians were telling the truth.
It can be normal with China as always.

Voters knew it.
All depend on the conning of new government.
And they blindly believed it would work.

But not this time, Taiwan voters finally got caught.
It is too smart for own good.
It doesn’t fly this time.

New government is doing everything it can.
That is going independent in any and every way.
They simply will not voice One-China.

Now they truly go back to their 40% base.
It is my way or no way.
The other 60% less is really angry.

9/3 is national military day.
But with new government honoring military is a joke.
It clearly is a tool to be used.

Dishonoring is more like it.
They had it.
Now retired public sectors will hit the street together to protest.

And tourism sector will be next on 9/12.
They are facing serious close-down.
That will be before year end.

People are really angry now.
This government let them down.
But they are the one voted this government in.

Come to think of it.
If voters thought hard and deep, they could realize.
Stay normal with China simply was a lie.

Voters took easy way out.
They themselves were not responsible in the first place.
Now to voice the blame is just a bad joke.

G-20 2016, China

80% of world interest will be dealt here.
They will negotiate or settle them in September 4 and 5.
China as host will take the full advantage.

US are the one and only super power.
But clearly down decline day is near.
All are preparing for next round.

World will prepare for days after Obama.
With Clinton it will be much the same.
But with Trump, imaginations are plenty.

Japan just beef up Africa interest.
But China market is real and now.
Then the normalization must go on and military action for eye only.

Russia is happy for the role.
Balancer can be very greased.
Pair with China can bring tons of benefits.

Euro needs China more then ever.
Hard cash has no replacement.
China is a happy shopper.

China becomes new source of arm sales.
Better price and practical speak for itself.
That covers lot third world countries.

Canada wants China’ domestic market.
It relies on past Liberal government’s good China relation.
But it still have to thunder the human right issue.

Base on recent China Foreign Affair Minister’ outburst.
It will be a tough sale.
But Canadian way will go on.

Rio came out pretty good.
Then China can play better host here.
West must yield some say to China.

Yes it is peace rising.
But China needs all taking him seriously.
Major part decision making role is a must for China now.

Maturity of Knicks Antony

He is the only one said it right.
After gold medal, he spoke of national unity.
You can tell he was passing on the value of team.

For the last game, he was all role player.
Power was there but very little self.
This will make him and his team different.

Remember Kobe?
He was in disgrace.
But he came back using national team as stepping stone.

He played hard on defense.
Team was his way.
And he ended up with more greatness.

Antony now finished his national team days.
He now is all for national unity.
It matches his team play this time.

Kobe reached new high after national team play.
This can be Antony’s turn.
One sees the big picture and step up in unity.

We used to see Antony as me only player.
But this time, he is the only one think of country and unity.
That is never easy coming from a me person.

The national unity statement showed compassion and maturity.
We can be pretty sure.
He will have a great season this year.

Olympics 2016

This can be wishful thinking on my part.
But I do wish well for America.
After all I was there for 15 years.

The way they are now worries me.
They are so deeply divided.
They need something major to unite the country.

Olympics seem perfect.
We don’t need anything planned.
That definitely will turn negative.

The contrast is there.
Violence is front page story again.
Olympic glory is not appreciated by all.

Those medal winner had life time hard work to get where they are.
They brim with tear and passion in glory.
But They are fortunate and better blessed half of the society.

That does not live well with many blacks.
Both side are so far apart.
Why not winners cross over to reach out?

We can see clearly.
None of the medalists reflected on greater passion.
That is to touch those black lives matter on TV.

Sadly the commercial interest is too strong.
The power of TV Olympics is sugar coating everything.
That will make divide worse.

Not that it will works.
But it is only right to show compassion to less fortunately.
The best educated elites missed the moment of their live.

Yes, Olympic is a major treat in every 4 years.
I have enjoyed Phelps glory.
And diving board precision near had my eye pop out.

Then I saw those gold medalists.
They worked hard to get to this moment.
But none remembered the much less fortunate.

How I wished.
One would share the glory for the unity.
But swimmers story makes all impossible.

Many looked like angels with tear in eye.
But I also can see TV images of black youth with hate in their eyes.
This is a moment lost.

I can imagine.
Those have nothing will hate even more.
The opportunity was never theirs to have.

But if one had thought about it and took action.
Not official but just show concern in interview would do.
Now it will take Phelps taking all medalist to visit the conflicted community.

Change maker

Bill Clinton is right.
Hilary indeed is a change maker.
I saw that since my Berkeley days in 1970s.

But what concerns me now is.
Will she be the right decision maker.
An ambassador death is still large in my mind.

Power of speech was clearly on display here.
Obama is the best there is.
But 8 years did pile up many negative effects.

Bill Clinton did TALK to us.
We saw a real Hilary in his word.
But he also lied to us by saying no sex with that woman.

Maybe that is why.
Obama insisted in his speech.
We all had made mistake.

Biden commanded the floor.
But he also showed a very scary side.
That is no sharing and US must be the only at any cost.

That me-only mentality had earned the U S ugly American name.
And in the name of America interest, nothing can be in the way.
Moral values are for the birds here.

Ex-New York Mayor made sharp contrast as billionaire.
But he failed to see.
We all know who and what Trump is.

But Trump did have the 14 million plus people supported him.
Those people had it with current well-off people.
Their reality is change.

And the VP candidate speech was something else.
There was no dignity or grace.
He degraded the position he is aiming at.

US can use a Trump 4 years to face up what went wrong.
And current First Lady is ready.
A first black and female US President will be historical.

I accuse

Yes, Doctors, who really has the final say in my physical well being.
I am pissing blood and suffering in pee blocking.
And I shit nothing but fresh blood.

My pro-state situation runs way back.
I had bladder stone operation oversea in 2014 August.
Then there was one this year on March 22, 2016.

I had my pro-state operation arranged on July 19, 2016.
But my heart Doc asked me to wait another year.
That was just before going into operation room on 7/4, 2016.

And later I then was told.
It was not the operation.
It was due to the pill I will take for the whole year.

Isn’t it logical.
That is for me to finish the pro-state operation first.
Then we can come to the heart part.

As for heart, I see no urgency on hospital side either.
First my appointment was changed.
And in new appointment, I was there from 11:20 am to near 4 pm.

As diabetic, I was not allowed any food or water since 7 am.
No one was bothered with my well-being then.
I was a fool not to walk away as the supervisor had said then.

This is what really burn me now.
The heart Doc check-mated me by asking at last second.
My pro-state operation had to step back because it was my final word.

And my real well-being is no one’s top issue.
My suffering said it all like pissing blood since 7/18/2016.
And no help is on the way.

Ugly American

It was a best seller.
And Hollywood made it to a Brando movie.
It meant to be a wake-up call to many Americans.

American Dream and American Value ruled.
Any other ways to think of America was unthinkable.
The ending with Brando loudly reminding yet fading told the whole story.

I was siding with Hilary over Obama die to experience matters.
But her conduct at Congress meeting changed all that.
She lost her grace and showed contempt with arrogance.

That was “how dare you to question me”.
And a top diplomat indeed was dead on her watch.
She gave us a live new ugly American.

Senator M visited Taipei.
He pointedly insisted.
Taipei must increase buying-US-arm budget.

Taipei so far had bought US arm in the highest in price.
And they were the worst in quality.
Taipei humours self by calling it insurance policy.

And then on TV, the CNN host was high-handed with a guest.
Yes, they had strong different opinion.
But control mentality “my way or no way” was clear.

Then there came the Trump wife speech.
That was all of America value.
I repeatedly learned that in so many Hollywood movies.

Since when, it is only for Obama’s wife?
There can’t be any copy right issue here.
Hollywood did all and more long time ago.

In fact, both ladies used it said only one thing.
Obama wife made us proud due to her being female and black.
And Trump’s wife made it as immigrant.

Rambo and Dallas sniper

Few years back, magazine cover says
One A Day, That was veteran suicide.
But now the number is up to 20.

And now we have this black snapper killing cops in Dallas.
Clearly he knows he will not come out alive.
Yet he did it anyway.

Indeed he was America military trained sniper.
Looking back, Hollywood told us how Rambo was made.
First Blood was killing cops too.

Then Rambo was in Afghanistan.
He was helping locals fighting Russian.
Irony is real.

Ben Laden rumored was a CIA trained.
Yet he damaged the US the worst.
And we always wondered his Bush family tie.

Now we have terrorists born and raised in USA.
With this Dallas sniper, we really wonder.
American interest is really killing the American Dream.

US strongly display super navy power in China South Sea.
China is responding in huge near war like exercise.
None reported here in US or Canada.

Bluffing maybe the case for both sides.
But there always is that if.
And why press is looking the other way.

We can see the reason why Black lives Matter.
Also we understand why the tough police position.
But this black Dallas sniper reflects our time even more.

He is a US military trained killing machine.
But he was a loose end.
And he made a new special One A Day.

Bullied in the hospital

No one can seriously say.
He is comfortable in hospital.
The pressure is just there.

My heart check-up was on June 28, 2016.
Then I was told it changed to July 4.
The time would be 11:30 am.

Ok, I was there 11:20.
And I waited.
By 3 pm, I was still there waiting.

I totally lost my cool.
No one came to me to tell what was going on.
Nor what was there to expect.

I am 72 and diabetic.
I had no food and water since 7 am.
No one showed any concern in the hospital.

I complained and a lady showed up.
She was an Iron Lady.
Tough and she can do no wrong.

She pointed out.
Instruction clearly said.
There can be 6-8 hours wait.

And there were emergencies.
3 plus one had to cut in front of me.
That made my waiting legit and logical.

She said.
I am entitled to cancel the appointment.
But new date will be wait and see.

And she refused to indicate how much longer I had to wait.
I stated wondering.
Was I really in a hospital?

There was no compassion or humanity in her voice.
It was my way or no way.
I really was ready to leave.

I didn’t believe.
My heart condition would kill me then.
But I did prefer to die than taking the bully.

Imaging, I am a patient with diabetic.
And I was there due to a heart condition.
I could be another emergency case right there with her altitude.

Was I really in a hospital?
Where was the professional medical care?
I seemed just a piece of dead meat there.

Ok, finally I got in.
Yes, I didn’t leave.
But maybe I should by later account.

That was a total different world once in.
The kindness of nurses warmed my heart.
They were real and many.

They told me.
The administrated side has no medical understanding.
What happened to me surprised them too.

Oh yes, hospital did call my son they morning.
That was at 6:50 am.
And they asked me to come in at 7 am.

Then next surprise waited for me.
Oh, nurses were as great as they could be.
It was the doctor.

I was asked on the spot.
Can I delay my pro-state operation for 12 months?
That is if I went ahead of my heart process.

They prepared me near an hour.
Now before what I thought was a heart check-up.
Then later I learn the process was a very minor operation.

I had to say yes of course.
I thought it was due to my heart condition.
Only later, I learned it was due to the pill I will take for next 12 months.

And the pro-state bothers me dearly.
I finally had stones removed from my bladder on March 22, 2016.
I wait this long hoping to get it done on July 19.

Now it will be another year.
I really like to get pro-state out the way before heart.
But I was giving a choice at a time of no choice.