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April 2019
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Lee again

Taiwan had President Lee.
He managed to topple KMT.
And it was with in the system.

He is ex-President now.
But he made Taiwan independent real.
The younger generation think not much of China.

Then there is the Nobel scholar Lee.
He was man of all season.
There was nothing he didn’t have his finger in.

He no longer is the head of academic.
But the pay is the same.
And his hidden influence is greater.

Now we have another Lee.
He is in China jail for 177 days and counting.
As Taiwanese, he fights human right in China.

In trail, he admitted guilt.
But not his wife, and she displays support off the court.
Her tattoo on arm made all headlines.

They can make no difference in China.
All their aim is Taiwan.
And they are “die hard” Taiwan independent.

Why not Russia or North Korea?
Some had asked.
They quietly responded.

It is all anti-China.
And it is to get attention and hatred in Taiwan.
And there is no risk of death in today’s China.

To make their point, they claimed.
Freedom and democracy are international value.
The act is to show legitimacy of Taiwan independence.

It is for Taiwan to show outsiders.
They are not Chinese and anti-China.
The wife is capturing all attention.

It is at cost of her husband jail time.
Her hint in public built more negative in China.
One can not help but to think.

There is a chance.
She really wants him dead.
It is aiming for his martyrdom.

No wonder it is voiced.
With wife like her, no enemy is needed.
Really, what is her best interest at end?

Harvey and Irma

Old Chinese saying warned us long ago.
That is.
When eclipsed, beware of natural disaster.

And by science, Trump is snubbing climate change.
Now we see how nature responded.
What next, Trump?

Now we see how both play out.
Harvey alone has 5 US Presidents coming out.
They ask for public to help.

And Irma is just getting started.
That is 7 million people evacuated.
And ocean was sucked dry in one area.

World energy market is scrambling.
Oil price reflects.
And it is September now.

Before cold winter, energy is top in every leaders’ mind.
Harvey the day after indeed is testing.
That is both on the economical system and politics.

Taiwan is a typhoon country.
Tons money spent on flooding.
Result is disappointing.

Shortage of water is a reality.
And this is an island country.

Electric shortage is threatening the economy.
And nuke is a no-no.
Nothing else is in sight.

Big money spent on nuke.
But it is not allowed to operate.
Ideology is hurting the public.

Stubborn still is the government.
It is a face issue.
They want to be something they are not capable.

People are smart and picky here.
Yet, when come to politician, people got fooled easy.
It is blind believe.

They got what they want and deserving.
The wake up is not in sight.
Fate goes on.

DACA reality

To build nation, talent is a must.
But they don’t grow on tree.
The young blood is youth.

Immigrants are a good resource.
US saw that and went after.
It became a policy.

It is unfair for Trump to pull the plug now.
But that is the right of that nation.
At worst, it is unethical.

First among equal

It was a best seller years ago.
I like it for insight of British politics.
It was very rewarding.

It is all the same.
The best are always competing for the final top spot.
Now I am looking at taiwan’s current the best doing that.

It is a pity.
They never can work together unselfishly.
Me first is all they are.

And ego is in the way.
The book had all the best in line.
They did go by the system.

But in Taiwan, all think they are above.
And who can be smarter or wicked is the way.
To win at all cost is a must.

Winner takes all makes the loser the worst.
Civilized humanity is for fool.
That is how they are now.

It is only the first.
And there is no equal.
Killing field it became.

Power and national interest

Trump told South Korea.
Trade deal is off.
That is to punish the secret meeting between both Koreans.

India militarily went into Chinese territory.
The claim is due to request of neighbouring country.
But the country stays silent.

The truth is.
That country wants to be closer to China.
But India considers the country under India “protection”.

All are slaps to freedom and democratic spirit.
It is power in the name of national interest.
China has the right to build road in his territory.

But the reality is.
Once the road is complete.
It will allow China greater border military mobility.

The real threat is.
That can cut India in half.
It is then the real national interest.

That couldn’t be tolerated.
The border confrontation started.
And it will go on.

This is why US Navy active in South China Sea.
It is in the name of free ways of the sea.
Truth is to cut off China influence.

US is self rigorous about this bully act.
Australia and Japan went along.
India is getting in the act.

The claim is to let China know.
India Ocean is part of India interest.
China is not allowed.

Vietnam makes claim in China Sea too.
The irony is.
Vietnam was just a part of French colony way back.

They have no part to play in claim.
Claim actually is an excuse.
They just want a piece of action.

Suddenly I realize.
We need to teach our young the difference in education.
And to stand firm to truth is real courage.

Japan still deny the war crimes.
That is a shame.
Sadly their youth are blind of it all.

Faces I knew

They are in the news lately.
It brings back memory.
How time fly.

Yes, I know 張小燕.
We were in same elemental school.
We both were famous but with different reason.

She was child star to make movies.
I was bad boy to skip classes.
Strangely but logically we never met.

I saw her in news.
And one of my good friend’s wife worked for her.
That allowed me many inside stories.

She is in the latest news.
It is to let go her record company.
It looks sentimental and sad.

But why not.
It is power asset indeed.
She was shaker and mover.

But to be free can be nice.
But she has to enjoy that.
Still can’t figure out why such fuzz.

We pass the 70 mark in age.
Relax is healthy.
She still have TV show to keep her busy.

Then there is 王德威.
Didn’t know he is 院士 now.
He deserves to be.

We did band up on earlier international event.
He was on translation.
And I was escort.

We teamed up pretty good.
It was some experience.
But younger him shines the best.

He is in the news for fighting the survival of Classic Chinese.
It is to oppose government policy.
Anti-China by government is played seriously here.

紀政 is another.
She officially was my mom’s God daughter.
We are the same age and was in same high school.

Glad to see her a part of Universiade.
It is current glory of Taipei.
She was the leading advisor.

Taipei needs to be relevant again

I was 2 years absent.
It is catch up time this trip.
And in 3 months I saw plenty.

It is clear to me.
Taipei is no longer relevant.
But many still are in dream of old glory.

There was 10 years plan as foundation of Taiwan miracle.
And it was amazing as one of Asia 4 dragons.
Then we had peaceful political transition.

But now what do we have.
Yes, they claim plenty.
But the spark is gone.

Now it is just average and some.
Aboriginal is not culture.
Anti-China in everything is losing high ground.

Taking side is nothing but risk.
Yes, old KMT was relying on US before.
But China didn’t have the offensive capability then.

And that is nuclear.
They rank #3 militarily in the world.
And it is the economical power # 2.

We really must take a good look at ourself now.
Practical and honest are vital.
Yet that seems impossible.

We become really good at putting up and making up.
But to lie to all even to self is no help.
And hopeless is all there is left.

How to be relevant again is top priority here.
It is to the island government and the KMT opposition.
It is total wake up and shape up time.

It was said before.
Taiwan is an unsinkable aircraft carrier.
It was the key point to “wall-in” China.

But reality now is.
China is operative in Pacific.
The leader claims Pacific is big enough for both China and USA.

US market is vital to island.
But it is China now the key to island economics.
Yet, Taipei bets everything on US and Japan.

Island independence is the heart and soul to them.
That is understandable but not logical.
Time truly changed.

China grows too big and too fast.
And unification is front and centre.
That is a deadly national interest.

All understand.
It is will of all Chinese.
No leader dares to betray that.

The best Taiwan could do was to buy time.
But that cushion is gone.
Decision is urgent and now.

KMT used to be the logical link to China.
But that comfort and smart went the wrong way.
Irrelevant is real and now.

To be relevant again strangely is top to both.
Yet none are thinking to work together.
That is the biggest mistake to both.

Independent is a impossible dream.
But it is heading ever more firmly.
And KMT is dreaming like a party with wealth and talents.

To be relevant again, both need to face the blunt truth.
Honesty is a must.
Transparency and accountability are keys.

Taiwan is an island of election.
Government is re-grouping just for that.
The future and well-being is always secondary.

All are playing alternative truth.
To get away is the game.
Consequences are for others.

Clinton lost the race due to evasive game plan.
Trump got away with alternative truth.
But trust lost due to no clear honesty.

It is pathetic.
Taiwan youth took in fully of what current government is selling.
They are green guard enacting the red guard of cultural revolution.

H-bomb North Korea

Trump indeed has lot to say.
But it is all words.
Even he is out of option.

Solution is no where in sight.
But it is clear.
That needs the combining effort of both US and China.

Timely US Secretary of State stated.
A 50 years re-examination of new relation is needed.
It will be competition with shared cooperation.

When seriously sit down, they will.
And there will be new world order.
North Korea timely help to open that page.

China showed signs.
That is to rid of the North K leader.
But the power structure stays.

BRICS is meeting in China.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Face of Modi and Putin tell us a lot.

The bigger picture is.
In long run, BRICS economically will pass G-7.
That is reality.

That is why China-India border situation had fast ending.
War is at best to avoid.
Diplomatic is the way.

Many try to pick on the situation.
Negative voices are plenty.
But BRICS will stay and move on even slowly.

Taiwan is the closest in location.
Yet there is no part to take.
This really ticks the opportunistic Taiwan.

Universiade is done.
All credits decided.
What next is asked.

Follow-up is a must.
But what?
That needs honest consideration.

Athletic transition is voiced.
We do have all the facilities on hand.
It is how to keep them in use.

I for one like to see us connected to the 141 counties.
At least we must in sport or at least in university level.
This Taipei city can do.

Our B ball teams both went beyond expectation.
New generation is up.
Stars need continuity.

What for next year is now.
We have the organization on hand.
It will be the will power of country leaders.

August Taipei

This month we witnessed a historical moment.
That is the end of Republic of China.
People are indifferent to the subject.

Nobody cares.
That is the cold reality.
And it is the sad truth.

Majority of people is too numb to respond.
The new reality is natural independent.
They now call it natural independence by birth.

Many are shock to admit.
It truly is one of the most successful brain wash.
Ex-President Lee started it.

Chen followed suit.
Ma just tolerated the best in silence.
Now we have the final product in hand.

Today it indeed appears natural.
I for one have no way to have a conversation with those youth.
And people do consider me good in argument.

The process was bit by bit and inch by inch.
The basic school textbook made the change first.
Now that is done deal.

Majority and public see it as no right or wrong.
It displayed clearly by both central and city government.
Now we can see.

That is.
Why Japanese youth looked confused when talk about War Crime.
Their textbook erased that too.

Taiwan Independent is alive.
China can squeeze and isolate.
The brain wash was total and done.

Now that is new cultural revolution.
Yes, that is to root out anything China in Taiwan.
It is time to erase language now.

The irony is.
World is hot in studying Chinese.
But Taiwan is making it a foreign language.

Classic Chinese literature is front and central to many.
They stood up and voiced their opinion.
Guess what?

Government puts up a 15 years old as student representative.
The boy boldly demand to cut the percentage on classics.
This reminds me of the HK youth on Times cover at 14.

We did have 12 years old in history to be PM.
But really?
Anyone care to let the 14 years old at home to take charge.

August 15, Taiwan faced the black out.
It didn’t affect the Universiade.
But the near 7 million households did.

The case is not closed.
Government wishes so.
But public will not.

Stand off between China and India was front page.
Clearly no one dared to go to war.
It was all smoke and ended in civilized diplomacy.

The BRICS on 9/4 is vital.
Backdown was proper.
But China definitely will build the road eventually.

But North Korea rocket made the top news.
It was a shocker.
Japan and South Korea both had a fit.

North Korea and US are still playing chicken.
US is all word no action.
They run out of option.

We expect to get some where by 9/9.
North Korea will.
That will be a special day.

It is a drag.
Egg is in the news again.
It is food safety.

Government screw up again.
Two branches are at each other.
Each voiced own correction.

Harvey is a wake up call.
Texas hurts bad.
Trump now is all foolish in climate change.

Universiade is done.
But Taiwan is alive with new awareness.
Sport event will go bigger.

Yes, China will not support any.
Taipei mayor pocketed the full credit.
He was confident and didn’t mind to surface his deep Green root at end.


That is life.
It is human nature.
And that is how we are.

I am learning it the hard way.
It is with myself aging.
Double faced is the least in happening.

Each one of us has his or her own stories.
I for one see that in the “we, Taiwan”.
Anti-China is alive.

It is vital to current government.
Truth is the least they care.
Blank-faced lie is normal like breathing.

China root is a total no-no.
Mayor displayed fully in his Closing ceremony speech.
He was “we Taiwan” more than Taipei.

The intention is clear.
He will run the Presidential in 2020.
And 2018 mayor run is set in his mind.

Subconsciously he expressed.
He is “Taiwan” already.
The ruling part is angry but can only watch.

He did thank former mayor.
That is for getting Unversiade.
And the “Ex” indeed is bitter for not getting the credit.

But the worst is the President.
Yes, she is shameless.
It is her stepping in to celebrate and glorify.

That is the heroes parade.
By the way, public didn’t realize.
It is her birthday.

I do feel sorry for athletes.
It is kidnapping.
And it is sad being used and not told.

Those medal moments will long live in our heart.
May be that will be short lived soon.
But they were real and glorious.

Many Olympics greats had same fate.
So did Oscar winners.
People sadly can be ungrateful and forgetting fast and easy.

I always thought I am part of Taipei B ball world.
But that didn’t get me Jones Cup ticket this year.
Yes, I offered to pay in full too.

I knew my experience and ideas was useful to Universiade.
But reality is “who care”.
New generation is realistically ungrateful.

I finally get this and stepped back this time.
Reality did help me to grow even at age 73.
I am grateful of that.

That also help me to see.
That is how others bitter on their ungrateful moments.
What a sight I must say.

Practical we must.
That is to survive.
Next step is anything and everything.

Taipei loves you.
That was the theme of Closing ceremony.
But we didn’t see that.

We ended up seeing this.
Vice President spoke.
He was all “self glorification” and “Taiwan”.

The irony is.
If he could show up and spoke, why not the President.
Effect turned out negative.

It is Taipei.
And the ceremony was not.
That is how the city love the athletes.

The identity was absent.
We missed the punch line.
Taipei needed a face.

And performers didn’t do that either.
Being loud and “Taiwan only” got no appreciation.
Still, we the people are grateful.

Sport spirit did happen.
And we saw it and really grateful.
And athletes’ hard work paid off.